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Mr. Arioch, have you by any chance heard of this? 
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Post Mr. Arioch, have you by any chance heard of this?
There is a sci-fi series called Honor Harrington, made by David Weber. I havent the slightest experience with it, and the story behind what I'm going to present to you is rather long but, in short:

This is a sort of worldbuilding tool for designing an astromilitary with a rock-solid foundation based on fundamental assumptions rather than "ad hoc" theorycrafting from the author:


Assuming you havent heard about it until now, I believe this would be very usefull for maturing your ideas on the astromilitaries of the Outsider universe. It would add some concrete to the design of the Umiak and Loroi militaries, and maybe even expose some new ideas you could use.
It was designed in part by Christopher Weuve, who works as a naval analyst on the US Department of Defense. It's more or less the most down-to-earth worldbuilding tool I've found so far for creating a sci-fi battlefleet.

The illustration on it's own is rather vague, since it's just the sinthesys of multiple discussions and articles made by David and Weuve. This page, however, contains a "brief" explanation of what it calls the "Space Navy Design System", as well as the rundown of two example astromilitaries created with the system.

If you have heard about it (and might even be using it) already, I apologize for being redundant. I just tought it would be helpfull for you to know about it.

Fri Aug 25, 2017 12:42 pm
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Post Re: Mr. Arioch, have you by any chance heard of this?
I haven't read any of the Honor Harrington books, and I hadn't heard of this particular Honorverse companion book, though I am familiar with Attack Vector: Tactical and I know that it has an Honorverse adaptation, and I know that Weber was involved to some degree with the Starfire game. The Starfire New Empires game rules had a significant impact on my thinking about how strategic systems work in Outsider, and I used the Attack Vector rules to help simulate Outsider tactical battles. Given Weber's similar interests to mine in game systems, I should probably do him the courtesy of reading one of his books. I do have Weber's Starfire novels in a box somewhere, but never got around to reading them... I should probably make an effort to find those.

Taking a look at the examples posted in the Atomic Rockets article, I think that all the interesting questions that I see already have existing answers in Outsider, at least to the extent that would be relevant to the story. Do you have the actual source book (House of Steel: The Honorverse Companion), or are you going off the article?


Fri Aug 25, 2017 2:02 pm
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Post Re: Mr. Arioch, have you by any chance heard of this?
Well, I'm coming from the article. I have to admit I've been metaphorically living under a rock on the topic of literacy on sci-fi. If you know about Attack Vector and already visit the Atomic Rockets website you know at least as much as me about this thing.

If you havent used strictly this system for your past schemings, I still recommend you give a quick run trough it for the Loroi and Umiak, just food for tought.
Sci-fi can focus a lot on future tactics and strategies, but an equaly important facet of it all is the logistics of future war. This system asks questions specificaly about that.

Fri Aug 25, 2017 2:26 pm
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Post Re: Mr. Arioch, have you by any chance heard of this?
The first book of the series, On Basilisk Station, is the best one if you plan on reading any Honorverse novels.

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