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[RP]Cydonia Rising [IC] 
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OOC: Finally a new part.

For the Loroi:

{If it comes down to the mission being jeopardized by 'Snow-White'.. I will deal with her as needed... if that includes a blaster shot to the head... I'll not let our mission fail!}

The well trained Mizol easily found out about Sonnis uneasy feelings. She had been in such situations before: was stuck between a rock and a hard place, as the humans like to say. Or as they say at the Mizol academy: The mission comes first, allways! It was a hard lesson for her to lern, back then and she couldn't help but feel sorry for that Teidar. But there wasn't any other choice. In an emergecy, she had to stop that thing at any price.

{Good.} was all she could add to that topic, at leas for the moment. After a while she added, in a much weaker sanzai: {Just remember: we Loroi warrios and if we fail, the Union might do so as well.}

{Icosahedron? Is it some Umiak technology they have seized? If it is Terran technology.. does it matter, they are so behind us in technical advances there is little we could learn from any of their obsolete technology, other than the curious novelty of it?}

Twilightsaber didn't answer at first. But then she decided to explain some things to her, she had learnd from that Human captain:

{From what I know, it is nothing the shells or the Humans have build. They apparently found it in this system. The captain wasn't willing to tell me more about it and I got the impression, that he didn't know more about it. However, it was so important that they took it with them and its now aboard this ship. So.... if its neither Human or made by the enemy, who could have build it and what is it? I would like you to find out.} She made a brief pause in her monologue to study her reactions and then added: {There is something else. Something you should keep in mind, that is the whole reason for my interest in that object. You know how long it took us from the first primitiv flying machines to the first object we had send into Deinars orbit? The humans needed less than 54 years to do that. Impressiv, isn't it? Now imagine how long it will take them to close that gap... Yes, their technology might be primitive now, but who knows howlong it will stay that way?}

A few hours later in the cargobay:

A frezy of activity filled the area. The chief had managed to bypass at least some of the SHI securitysystems and had managed to activate the elaborate sensors around the Icosahedron. Some of those scanners seem to have been modified extensively or even been invented for the purpose of scanning that thing. Abramovic wasn't even sure what he was looking at, most of the time.

[Hm... according to those readings here, there must be some kind of energysource inside. Somthing powerfull, yet small. But I am sure it does more than that... Hadrid, you mentioned Science Fiction before. Aren't there sometimes forcefields in those stories? Could it be something like a forcefield generator?]

The Chief starred at the strange object for a while and added:

[Maybe we can pierce that shield? Or should we wait for that encrypthed data from SHI, so we know better what we are doing?]

An eletronic voice could suddenly be heard over the ships speakers:

[Attention! Five minutes till Jump.]

Chief Abramovic grunted: [Seems we have less time than anticipated.]

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[RP]Cydonia Rising [IC]

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Sonnidezzi pondered the implications, {Do you think it might be ...Historian Tech? I'm Teidar... perhaps I should have one of the Doranzer Techs accompany me?}

Stormrage considered Twilightsaber's discoveries about the rate of human technical advancement...

Sonni replied {That is not just impressive it 'seems' impossible considering how long it took the Loroi Union to make the same advancement... which says to me.. outside help! But who and why? They claim that the only alien contact they had was recently with the Orgus? Do you think they are lying? And if they are not.. why is their benefactor choosing to remain hidden perhaps even from them? Many questions my Mizol... answers I'm not sure we'll be getting for some time yet.}

Sonnidezzi stands speaking, "I am unsheathed... always. I will accomplish our mission, and endeavor to get some clear answers."

Sonni leaves the Mizol's quarters her thoughts troubled thinking, {... is there some as yet shadowy alien manipulation going on behind the scenes that has not yet revealed itself? But Who... and more importantly Why?}

Sonni approached the Doranzor lead Technician using Sanzai, {I require the assistance of one of your technicians for a task Twilightsaber has assigned to me. I think Midnighteye.. will do just fine.} Sonni indicated the darkhaired but pale blue eyed Loroi woman currently working on trying to help prepare food supplements that were more healthy to Loroi physiology than the human foodstuffs.

Sonnidezzi led Midnighteye from the Loroi living space heading for the engineering... her usual Marine escort had gotten use to Sonnidezzi roaming about the ship but were a little curious as to why she was leading another Loroi woman toward engineering. Likely they were paying more attention to Sonni's shapely swaying hips of her walk... she had learned to use that to distract. Clearly it had worked as she was at the door to main engineering before the Marines were just about to bar her entry, realizing where she was heading too late; when she triggered the comm at the door and spoke, "This is Stormrage, my Mizol Twilightsaber has informed me that you have an unknown artifact that you might require some technical assistance on understanding.. I'm here to offer the assistance of one of our engineers.. with the understanding of equally and fully sharing of information of anything we discover jointly."

That was when the klaxon sounded indicating jump in 5 minutes

Sonnidezzi scowled, {...of all the inconvenient times!}

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