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WIILITF: the state of biotech in the universe of outsider. 
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Post WIILITF: the state of biotech in the universe of outsider.
with all the identified genes and CRISPR technology, in the real world...
with dozens of different experiments for various "SUPER-MOUSE" (mice) since 1990...
what do you think might filter down to the populace, in outsider?

What is the DAY to DAy cultural, social, etc. impact on humanity that "wants the best for their children",
but wants to remain... human?

Thu Feb 11, 2016 5:02 pm
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Post Re: WIILITF: the state of biotech in the universe of outside
The priority would be the elimination or minimization to the largest extent possible of the huge number of recessive genes that cause a huge variety of genetic diseases.

Anemia, colorblindness, certain forms of cancer, Alzheimer disease, a huge variety of exotic diseases; people are surprised with how widespread recessive genetic diseases are. Especially in cultures who tolerate marriage between close relatives (1st cousins).

After that would be the slowing down of aging by boosting a certain gene whose work is the continuous maintenance of telomerase.

Just from the above humans would have extinguished a HUGE number of diseases while maintaining a relative youthful populace.

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Thu Feb 11, 2016 5:30 pm

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Post Re: WIILITF: the state of biotech in the universe of outside
I have been keeping up with the idea of china's planned parental Screening before conception, or even assisted conception. The goal is to make a healthier populace and one with advantages changing the game for that nation. I have also kept up with the reported discoveries of "Gene for"X,y.z, and such:
Actn = speed upgrade
Lrp5 = Dense bones upgrade, but penalty to swimming.
Nco1r = X5 muscle development, with a charisma penalty.
Pepk-ck = Extreme endurance, 4x muscle fiber length and density... (*Would look normal, but much stronger and faster*)
Keratin replacement with spider silk genes = Bullet proof tissues (tendons, ligaments, skin, nails, hair)...
the Lean Muscle growth genes = +50% lean muscle growth = being stronger, quicker, extended youth span, higher sex drive,
and well, no obesity.
add in some 500 or so intelligence contributing genes...
(*once all the beneficial enhancements are sorted out and the negatives removed: the effect for society might be like all of your players being told to make a 75 point character with 40 points max for attributes, and then getting a free +10 on almost every attribute afterward.*)

Lemme see If I can grab relevant data from the WEB regarding each of these potential augments.
by the by, a research group in the U.K. has received the "Proceed with caution and restrictions" go ahead to experiment with cas9 crispr Gene editing of human embryos...
Yeah, its gonna happen. (*not cheering for it, but intensely concerned*).

Thu Feb 11, 2016 11:46 pm
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