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[RP] Incursion (OOC)
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Author:  TheUnforsaken [ Sun Aug 07, 2011 5:56 am ]
Post subject:  Re: [RP] Incursion (OOC)

Gudo wrote:
Reading through BESM, looks fine to me.


Hmm...maybe Admiral Vandermeer will have a pet Umiak then? :P

F: Nom nom nom...
V: :shock: Ack!... Et tu Fluffy? (Expires)

Well, if everyone is happy to use BESM that's good :D Now we need to figure out how many character points you're going to have access to. I've done a bit of number crunching with the equipment in particular, trying to get a reasonable reproduction of what I've got in my head using the game rules and keeping the points cost reasonable (be thankful Items are 1/2 price). Keep in mind that according to the BESM system an average human adult for the Body, Mind and Soul Stats is 4 each, so thats 120 points just for that. And using the below equipment for a standard human marine with armor, rifle, sidarm and knife you hit 156 points without any Attributes or Skills...so I'm guessing we'll be using in excess of 200 or more (which is well into the Heroic level of points totals). I guess it doesn't matter so much since I can level your opponents to suit but I don't really want a bunch of demi-gods running around either ;)

Loroi Armor:
Item, 1/2 cost
Lvl 12 Armor, 24pts DP, 24pts

Total Cost: 12pts

Human Armor

Item, 1/2 cost
Lvl 10 Armor, 20pts DP, 20pts
Jump Lvl 1, 3x normal distance, 2pts
Land Speed lvl 2, +15kph, 4pts, Half speed off-road, -1pt
Special Movement Lvl 1, Balance, 2pts
Super Sense Lvl 2, 100m, 4pts, Passive 1
Super Sense Lvl 2, 100m, 4pts, Passive 2
Super Sense Lvl 2, 100m, 4pts, Active, Detectable, -1pt

Total Cost: 18pts

Item, 1/2 cost
Lvl 12 Armor, 24pts DP, 24pts
Land Speed Lvl 1, +8kph, 2pts
Super Sense Lvl 2, 100m, 4pts, Passive
Strength Lvl 1, +250kg, 2pts
Accuracy Lvl 2, ?, 4pts

Total Cost: 18pts

Item, 1/2 cost
Lvl 14 Armor, 28pts DP, 28pts
Super Sense Lvl 2, 100m, 4pts, Passive
Strength Lvl 1, +250kg, 2pts
Accuracy Lvl 1, ?, 2pts

Total Cost: 18pts

Laser Pistol
Item, 1/2 cost
Lvl 4 Weapon, 8 pts
Lvl 2 Range, 100m, 2 pts

Total Cost: 5pts

Laser Rifle
Item, 1/2 cost
Lvl 6 Weapon, 12pts
Lvl 4 Range, 4pts
Hands, -1pt

Total Cost: 7pts

Combat Sliver Knife
Item, 1/2 cost
Lvl 4 Weapon, 8pts
Lvl 4 Penetrating, 4 pts

Author:  Markward [ Mon Aug 08, 2011 12:47 am ]
Post subject:  Re: [RP] Incursion (OOC)

TheUnforsaken wrote:
Added a few important locations (under Ships). Sephal (AKA Drizzle) will the the major location for events in this phase of the RP.

Also: Does anyone object to using the BESM system (minus the distance and time rules)? Because I'm thinking that it is the best rules system for us. I'll help out anyone having trouble getting their hands on the 3rd Edition.

I have revised Second edition, and game stores don't carry 3rd edition.

Author:  sunphoenix [ Mon Aug 08, 2011 4:00 am ]
Post subject:  Re: [RP] Incursion (OOC)

Yeah, because its out of print. I have Third Ed. on PDF so if anyone wants a copy... make up a throw away e-mail address at Yahoo or G-mail and I'll zip it and mail it to you. I believe 'Guardians of Order' is no longer a Game Publishing Company.

I have all three editions, all in Physical Copy original prints and I think all of them in PDF format as well.

Third Ed. is significantly different enough from 2nd Ed that they are not really compatible as 3rd Ed. is an open ended 'roll high' exploding system while 1st and 2nd Ed are still a capped 'roll-under' system.

LOL... sort of like D&D in that fashion... but its NOT D20... even though they did indeed make a BESM D20 supplement. Which I also have on PDF... but honestly, if your going to play BESM... why not just play BESM? The system stands on its own... and level based/experience chart systems are... sort of primitive. Points based direct spend Experience points systems are in my humble opinion superior... even though I do really enjoy Pathfinder - and I wouldn't touch 4th Edition D&D to use it as toilet paper!!!

Author:  bunnyboy [ Mon Aug 08, 2011 6:12 am ]
Post subject:  Re: [RP] Incursion (OOC)

sunphoenix wrote:
I wouldn't touch 4th Edition D&D to use it as toilet paper!!!

Glossy paper don't absorb but smear. ;)

Author:  sunphoenix [ Mon Aug 08, 2011 6:25 am ]
Post subject:  Re: [RP] Incursion (OOC)

bunnyboy wrote:
sunphoenix wrote:
I wouldn't touch 4th Edition D&D to use it as toilet paper!!!

Glossy paper don't absorb but smear. ;)

...SEE! Not useful - not even for wiping my ass with!!!


Author:  TheUnforsaken [ Mon Aug 08, 2011 6:30 am ]
Post subject:  Re: [RP] Incursion (OOC)

sunphoenix wrote:
bunnyboy wrote:
sunphoenix wrote:
I wouldn't touch 4th Edition D&D to use it as toilet paper!!!

Glossy paper don't absorb but smear. ;)

...SEE! Not useful - not even for wiping my ass with!!!


Thanks so much for that enduring image guys ;)

Author:  TheUnforsaken [ Thu Aug 11, 2011 12:13 am ]
Post subject:  Re: [RP] Incursion (OOC)

I've done some thinking, done some tests and other things to see what would seem to work ok, so I've decided that for now your characters will have a limit of 240 character points to work with.

Other things:

I have officially dropped the human marine landing force as a player group (for now) leaving the survivor group, if you want to use a human you'll have to come up with a reason for them to be there...trader, scientist, embassy staff or guard (if you still want to play as a marine) etc. Surprise me :)

Organisational Ties is a necessary attribute to get some gear, but it may also limit your choices in some circumstances (civilians might find it hard to get their hands on military armor or weapons etc, then again they can't be ordered around). This won't stop you from picking things up once the RP gets going though...whether your character know how to use it is another matter ;)

Companions are also fine, they will be NPCs run by me with your input if you create them. Which is the usual method, as far as I can tell.

Seconday characters are still a possibility, they'll be up to you to run but since they'll have to be located away from the main action they'll mostly be for added flavour...though anything could happen :twisted:

Oh, feel free to modify the equipment I posted above...It's meant to be the baseline gear, you'll just have to come up with a reason for the improvement (a scope for Accuracy etc.) and increase the cost to suit the addition.

Author:  sunphoenix [ Thu Aug 11, 2011 6:34 am ]
Post subject:  Re: [RP] Incursion (OOC)

I'll get right on it... :)

Author:  Gudo [ Thu Aug 11, 2011 7:11 am ]
Post subject:  Re: [RP] Incursion (OOC)

Right-o, making a character.

Author:  sunphoenix [ Thu Aug 11, 2011 9:34 am ]
Post subject:  Re: [RP] Incursion (OOC)

'Mizol-Lennai' Maiannon "Golden Hair"
Loroi Diplomat/Operative {Male} [Points 240]

Son of 'Teidar Pallan' Nelotris "Sunwarrior"-Bernard. A Half-Loroi/Human male raised by his mother, his father, 'Captain' Travis Bernard, a career solider unaware of his existence for many years. Now a young adult he is a 'sport', ie. a Loroi male who is not 'kept' for only breeding as his half-loroi nature and wander lust have made him something of a embarrassment to his mother. He has taken up work in the ranks of the diplomatic corp in the Loroi military as NO male Loroi would ever be allowed to be a 'true' solider, despite his feisty warrior's heart {from his father... and none too little his mother...}. 'Maiannon' {Pronunced - 'My-Ann-non'} continues to break tradition by training for combat and pretty much rebels against the social 'norm' of the Loroi. His actions have painted him on occasion as an equal-rights activist that many male Loroi wonder at... some derisively and others questioning if he is not truly speaking out for their gender's rights. Maiannon tries to keep his political views concealed, and works well as a diplomat to other races on behalf of the Loroi.

Maiannon’s half-loroi blood makes many Loroi ignore him and name him 'Outsider'.

Maiannon has met his father and they have struck up a close relationship... but one of only occasional times to see each other.

His telepathic talents are weaker than normal full-blooded Loroi and he has had to struggle to strenghten them. Though oddly enough his Photokinetic abilities are quite formidable... but as per the norm he has not been trained to use them offensively as 'Males' are NOT warriors. But he practices much in secret.

Truth is Maiannon is an irritant to the Loroi hierarchy and he has been assigned to the incursion diplomatic envoy ...in hopes...he will not return.

Appearance -
HT: 5’10” {175cm}; WT: 165lbs {75kg}; Hair: Golden Blonde; Eyes: Emerald Green ‘Silver’ using Psionics;
Skin Tone: Pale White ‘slight bluish tinge’; Age: 21; VERY Handsome...

Stats -
Spoiler: show
Body: 5, Mind: 5 {6}, Soul: 7 {170pts}
ACV = 6; DCV = 6; Dam MP = 5 x {Weapon Attack Lvl} + ACV
- ACV: Laser Pistol [7]
Movement {per round} / m {kph}:
* Walk = 5m {Indefinite}; Jog = 7m {long}; Run = 10m {moderate}; Sprint = 15m {short}
* Jump = 2m LT x 1m HT/Back {standing}; 3.75m LT [Body check TN12] {run}
* Swim/Crawl = 1m {long}; Swim/Crawl = 2m {short}
Health Points = 60
Shock Value = 12
Energy Points = 65 {75}

Race: Half-Loroi/Human {47pts} “Homo Psyche - modified”
Mind +1 {10pts}
Block Power [Source: Psionics; Deplete -1] = Lvl 1 {11pts}
Energy Bonus [+10 Energy Points] = Lvl 2 {4pts}
Environmental Influence: Light, Dark [Deplete -2] = Lv 2, Area/3 {fr} [10m rad] {2pts}
”Light Shield” Force Field [Deplete -3, Limited/2 ‘Lasers’ -2] = ‘Invisible’ Lvl 2, 8pts AR,
Regenerating <+1>, Area/1 [1m] <+1> {3pts}
Healing [Concentration -2, Deplete -1] = Lvl 1 {1pts}
Invisibility – Sight [Deplete -3] = Lvl 1 {3pts}
Projection [Backlash 'Disoriented: fail by 6 or roll 2'{TN 12} -2, Concentration -2,
Deplete -3] = Lvl 1, Area {5 Base} [100m r], Dur {3 Base}/+1 '+1' [10min],
Range/2 '+2' [100m] {2pts}
Sixth Sense [Emotions; Deplete -3] = Lvl 1 {1pts}
“Photonic Lens” Supersenses-Indirect {Clairvoyance 'sight'} [Backlash 'Disoriented: fail by 6 or roll 2'{TN 12} -2,
Concentration -4, Deplete -3, Recovery -2 = Lvl 5, 1km {1pt}
“Light Burst” Weapon-Primary [Deplete -3] = Lvl 0, Range/1 [10m] <+1>,
Flare/2 [TN 14 Body check or blind] <+2>, Area/2 [3m rad] <+2> {2pts}
“Laser Blast” Weapon-Alternate [Deplete -3] = Lvl 3, Range/1 [10m] <+1> {2pt ‘half-cost’}
“Photonic Sword” Weapon-Alternate [Deplete -3, Equipment: Light Focusing Crystal- “Hilt” -1] = Lvl 3,
Penetrating/2 [-8 Protection] <+1>, {2pt ‘half-cost’}
“Light Aegis” Weapon-Alternate [Deplete -3] = Lvl 0, Aura/2 <+2>,
Flare/2 [TN 14 Body check or blind] <+2>, Area/1 [1m rad] <+1> {2pt ‘half-cost’}
Telepathy [Universal; Concentration -2, Deplete -1, Unpredictable -2] = Lvl 1, +1 Mind, 1 person in 10 meters {1pts}

Occupation: Loroi Diplomat {33pts} "Detective - modified"
Organizational Ties: Loroi Military - Mizol {Diplomatic} Branch, Lennai Operative, Rank O2, 1LT “white” uniform = Lvl 3 {6pts}
Ranged Attack [Laser Pistol] = Lvl 1 {3pts}
Skill: Administration [Negotiation] = Lvl 2 {2pts}
Skill: Driving [Car] = Lvl 1 {2pts}
Skill: Etiquette [Upper Class] = Lvl 2 {2pts}
Skill: Foreign Culture [Loroi] = Lvl 1 {2pts}
Skill: Interrogation [Psychological] = Lvl 2 {4pts}
Skill: Intimidation [Political] = Lvl 2 {4pts}
Skill: Law [Political] = Lvl 2 {2pts}
Skill: Military Sciences [Intelligence Analysis] = Lvl 2 {4pts}
Skill: Social Sciences [Politics] = Lvl 2 {2pts}

Other Attributes:
Features: Appearance/2 ‘Very Attractive’ {2pts}
Skill: Seduction [Female] = Lvl1 {2pts}

Spoiler: show
Laser Pistol = Item, Lvl 4 Weapon, <8 pts>, Lvl 2 Range, 100m, <2 pts>; Total Cost: {5pts}
Loroi Armor = Item, Lvl 12 Armor, 24pts AR, <24pts>; Total Cost: {12pts}

Spoiler: show
Easily Distracted ‘Softhearted’ Always helps those in need or suffering’ [-2]
Girl Magnet [-2]
Hounded: Loroi Military keep close watch on the activities of a ‘male’ in the military even if just a low ranked Mizol [-4]
Race{Ism}: LOROI are Mistrusted by the Galactic Society ‘Bad Reputation’ [-4]
Sex{Ism}: Second Class Loroi Citizen - Male [-4]
Marked: Half-Breed Lori/Human [-1]
Marked: “Eyes Glow brightly Silver when Psionics in use" [-2]
Phobia – Mild [Turning ‘Evil’] [-1]
Owned: Loroi Military - Diplomatic Branch {Mizol} [-4]
Skeleton In the Closet – Involved in Male Rights Activism in Loroi Society [-4]
Skeleton in the Closet {Unknown to Himself} – Subject of Loroi genetic tampering to produce viable cross–species breeding with humanity for increased warfare potential [-2]
Unique Defect: Code of Honor – heroic, protects the innocent, fights fairly, offers mercy, does not harm women, chivalrous [-1]

INCURSION Campaign -
Spoiler: show

Author:  Gudo [ Thu Aug 11, 2011 7:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: [RP] Incursion (OOC)

Bistima Chrysocolla "Garnet"
Loroi Mechanic/Technician (Female) {10pts unspent}

Since her standard education began, Garnet exhibited exceptional intellect. Upon selection for military service, it became clear that with her abundance of brains and lack of brawn, she'd server better supporting the war effort rather than fighting it. Upon completion of basic training, she was drafted as a Gunner's Mate.

As support staff, Bistima technician Garnet has grown used to the (comparatively) relaxed life. Like all Loroi in active duty military service, she was trained in a high stress, ex

Being a technician, Garnet makes heavy use of implants (for a Loroi.) Implanted networking equipment and neural implants allowing direct interface with external networks and computers allow Garnet to download and access all kinds of information from star ship schematics to gaming strategies... Assuming such information is available. Typically, technicians use this sort of implant to download schematics and computational tools from machine-shop or repair bay computers; allowing them to fabricate or service an incredibly broad variety of equipment without extensive training on every single piece. A (physically) small amount of integrated memory provides Garnet with access to information relating to her assigned area of expertise (explosives and guided ordnance) as a fall back for when no networks or computers are available.

Spoiler: show
Stats{140 points}

Derived Stats
Base Combat Value: 4
Damage Multiplier:5
Health Points:30
Shock Value:6
Energy Points:55

Skills and Abilities
Loroi Racial Attributes: {15pts}
Telepathy [Any Mind; Concentration -2, Deplete -1] = Lvl 1 {3pts}
Block Power [Source: Psionics; Deplete -1] = Lvl 1 {11pts}
Sixth Sense [Emotions; Deplete -3] = Lvl 1 {1pts}

Power Flux {78pts}
Power Flux - Creation 3 (Primal: Inventor, Durable +1, Equipment -2, Activation -6) {39pts}
Power Flux - Skill Major 4 (Mind skills, Equipment -1) {39pts}
Flux Skill: Electronics 3
Flux Skill: Mechanic 1
Flux Skill: Physical Sciences 2
Flux Skill: Demolitions 4

Other Skills and Attributes{8pts}
Organizational Ties 2:Loroi Military - Engineering Branch, Bistima, Rank O1, ENS “white” uniform {4pts}
Skill: Computers 2{4pts}
Feature:Implanted networking equipment, memory {1pts}

Laser Pistol, Lvl 4 Weapon, Lvl 2 Range, 100m{5pts}
Loroi Armor, Lvl 12 Armor, 24pts DP,{12pts}

Marked: “Eyes Glow brightly Silver when Psionics in use" {-2pts}
Owned: Loroi Military - Engineering Branch {Soroin} {-4pts}
Inept Attack -1 {-10pts}
Inept Defense -1 {-10pts}
Not So Tough 1 {-2pts}

Character Notes
Spoiler: show
"Bistima" is indeed a Loroi caste, though it's role is presently undefined. See the Loroi Caste Titles (first paragraph.) Since none of the defined castes seemed to have the role to technical support and/or logistics/manufacturing, I decided that Bistima could well be that caste.

Gunner's Mates operate and maintain gunnery equipment, missile systems, turrets etc. They are also trained to maintain and repair the electric, electronic, and mechanical components said systems (though not necessarily the weapon platform.)

Flux Items
Spider Mine
The Spider Mine is an upgrade on age old landmine technology. Equipped with legs, sensors, and a rudimentary AI, the spider mine is far more suited for use in an active and dynamic battle than it's passive predecessors. Typically used in an anti-armor setting, the mine utilizes an explosively formed penetrater to propel a dense core of molten metal through it's target. Mines are generally deployed from behind cover (or lobbed over an obstacle or past a corner.) They will then acquire a target and scurry towards and ultimately destroy it. Despite it's active nature, Spider Mines still retain their heritage as traps. They can be hidden and set to remain inactive and stationary till a target moves within a specified range.

Spider Mines are manufactured in two variations, the anti-armor version as specified above and an anti-personnel version utilizing a high explosive charge in a casing specifically designed to produce the most dangerous shrapnel possible.

Spoiler: show
Spider Mine - Anti Armor - Item {12pts total}
Weapon 5 - Explosive {10pts}
Land Speed 4 (60km/h) {8pts}
Homing 3 {3pts}
Penetrating 4 (reduce target armor by 16) {4pts}
Range 1 (10m) (refers to the distance the penetrater is effective to.) {1pts}
Feature: Negative Size Category (Small) {4pts}
Feature: Basic AI {1pts}

Restrictions{-7pts total}
Activation {-1}
Ammo {-4}
Exclusive:Ground Targets{-1pts}

Spider Mine - Anti Personnel - Item {12pts total}
Weapon 5 - Explosive {10pts}
Land Speed 4 (60km/h) {8pts}
Homing 3 {3pts}
Trap 1 {1pts}
Piercing 1 (reduce target armor by 4) {1pts}
Area 3 (10m) {3pts}
Feature: Negative Size Category (Small) {4pts}
Feature: Basic AI

Restrictions{-7pts total}
Activation {-1}
Ammo {-4}
Exclusive:Ground Targets{-1pts}

AI protocols
The Spider Mine employs a simple AI to handle target acquisition. Anti-Armor mines use thermal imaging cameras to find the largest, hottest mass and attempt to propel its penetrater through where it believes the "engine" to be. Profiles of the most commonly used war machines are stored on it's computer, providing the necessary targeting data. If a profile cannot be matched to the target, the mine aims for center mass. Spider Mines will not target a machine it believes to be Loroi (based on it's heat signature.)

Anti-Personnel mines use thermal imaging to find the area densest in terms of targets.

All versions of the mine use lasers for obstacle avoidance and as motion sensors. If there are no targets on the thermal imaging cameras, the mines will also use these lasers to find moving targets.

Once deployed, a Spider Mine will track it's position and not detonate within 10 meters of it's original position. This setting can be disabled when the weapon is deployed.

Spider Mines avoid targets that exhibit friendly beacons, RFID tags, etc.

Bottom Crawler
The Crawler is a half-track vehicle designed to crawl along the bottom of a body of water. It consists of a forward section and a rear section, separated by an articulated crawlspace. The forward section is the workhorse. It contains the track, electric engine and batteries. The front section of the Crawler also has a robotic arm equipped with both a gripper and an industrial saw. Notably, this forward section does not have it's own air supply. The operator must either bring her own air supply (such as a personal dive tank) or rely on air from the rear transport section.

On the other side of the articulated section is the un-powered transport section. It is kept off the ground by a large set of wheels and contains the life support system. Essentially, it's just an air-tight trailer with (cramped) accommodation for eight. A basket attached to the outside of the rear section can be loaded with scrap metal or rocks in order to act like ballast. In case of an emergency, the rear section can be sealed off and detached from the forward section. The wheels and ballast could then be detached, allowing the rear section to float to the surface.

Spoiler: show
Bottom Crawler
Forward Section - Item {10 pts total}
Water Speed 2 (10km/h) {8pts}
Land Speed 2 (15km/h) {4pts}
Weapon 3 - Saw (melee) {6pts}
Penetrating 2 (reduce target armor by 8) {2pts}
Feature: Articulated Section {1pts}
Feature: Robotic Arms {1pts}
Feature: Waterproof controls {1pts}
Restriction: Awkward Size 1 {-4pts}

Rear Section - Item {2pts total}
Feature: Extra Capacity 4 (8 passengers/800kg cargo) {4pts}
Feature: Compressed Air supply {1pts}
Feature: Detachable Wheels and Ballast {1pts}
Armor 5 - Optimized vs Pressure waves {6pts}
Restrictions: Awkward Size 2 {-8pts}

Pardon the crude pic. Robot arm not featured. Also, the rear section would be bigger.

Author:  Gudo [ Fri Aug 12, 2011 7:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: [RP] Incursion (OOC)

Well, apart from back-story, my character is done. I would really appreciate some questions and comments, as I've never used BESM before.

Sun, I hope you don't mind, but I stole quite a few things from your dude :O Just tell me if anything I snagged is supposed to be unique to your character, and I'll swap it out for something.

I also have 5 unspent points. I imagine it'll got to equipment I'll need for my Power Flux abilities, but I don't know what sort of equipment that might be. Again, comments would be great. Otherwise, I'll hang on to them for now. Speaking of Flux, the Flux items are the things I anticipate creating fairly often, and the Flux Skills represent my default skill allocation.

Author:  TheUnforsaken [ Fri Aug 12, 2011 9:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: [RP] Incursion (OOC)

Sorry Gudo, I was busy yesterday and slept in today :oops:

Well the BESM book says each level of Power Flux gives the character 4 'Flux Points' which are used up as you use the ability, and then recharge over time. Your spider mines are worth 12 points so thats how many you use when making new ones. I guess if you use it on something else we'll have to work out the cost then.

Just out of curiosity, how large are these mines (you say they can be tossed) and what resources are used in them? What equipment does your character need to make the mines? Or can she do it all with sanzai?

@sunphoenix, are you going to make another character for use on Sephal or are we going to have to find a way for him to end up there...I guess the Loroi delegation might demand that one of their people go down with the marines and you say they aren't too worried about his long-term survival which is why they might not wait for a safe LZ to be established.

Author:  sunphoenix [ Fri Aug 12, 2011 10:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: [RP] Incursion (OOC)

@ Unforsaken: I had assumed he was already on planet actually perhaps one of the initial Loroi survey ships sent to reestablish contact arrived were attacked and Maiannon's shuttle made an emergency crash-landing when everything went to hell in the ensuing space battle... the enemy more concerned about the capital warships than a damaged and crashing planet-bound unarmed shuttle...

So I assumed Maiannon and Chrysocolla met in the ruins of the cities on the occupied world and have been since waging a hit-and-run war on the heavily armed and intrenched invaders...

@Gudo: No problem fella... only one thing... The color I used for Maiannon's name is the color I plan to post his spoken words in so you might want to choose a different color... :)

Its odd how Maiannon is not really a warrior with almost NO combat skills... just a lot of psionic talent and guts really, and how Chrysocolla is no warrior either... merely a technician though a MECHANICAL Genius, yet they are the ones fighting the invaders and not the super combat skilled Teidar and heavily armed Sorin... because they are all dead... lol! Time for some 'TRUE' Heroes to stand forth.

Its not really bravery if you are some bad ass combatant to stand and fight...you do that all the time and are trained to handle it...no... its real courage when your just some average person who stands and fight not because they know they can win... but because they know they must not loose for the sake of others! THATs true heroism!

Author:  Gudo [ Fri Aug 12, 2011 10:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: [RP] Incursion (OOC)

@Sun: The Color I used is the orange I've used on all the other RP chars so far :p I'll pick a different one... Blue-Green.

@Unforsaken: Well, a modern AT4 SMAW (Shoulder-Launched Multipurpose Assault Weapon) has an armor piercing warhead just shy of four pounds. The real weight is in the propellent (total weapon weight is nearly 15 pounds.) I would assume the mines would carry a similarly sized charge with a total weight about 15 pounds as well. The real weight would be in the legs of the mine, electronics are getting smaller and smaller :P

I didn't mean for it sound like they could be base-ball pitched, but a good strong arm (or two!) could get them moving. For reference, an Olympic shot-put weighs 16 pounds (for men) and world class athletes can put them just over 20 meters. I'm sure with both arms, Chrysocolla could throw them about half that.

Equipment-wise, my Flux has a -2 restriction signifying that I'd need equipment that is "awkward to move." So not necessarily a workshop, but a bunch of assorted tools and components, etc. For the mines themselves, they need 4 key parts. The warhead, the leg units, the sensor block, and the control computer. The warhead could conceivably be an IED from whatever around (six fag grenades all strapped together!) and I guess the legs could be anything that allows for locomotion (an RC car or tracks, etc.)

As for the Flux, I have a few other items in mind. I'll get a proper write up before I ask about build/using them.

Author:  sunphoenix [ Fri Aug 12, 2011 10:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: [RP] Incursion (OOC)

@ Gudo: Oh..ok. Well you had that color first so use it. I usually use blue but this time I was shooting for a more gold color. I'm...slightly color blind certain shades of orange and brown mess with me...but I found a color closer to what I had in mind for this character. So go back to orange its all yours! :)

Author:  TheUnforsaken [ Sat Aug 13, 2011 1:08 am ]
Post subject:  Re: [RP] Incursion (OOC)

@Gudo, ah ok, I missed that part about the -2. I look forward to seeing the other items :)

@sunphoenix, it may be best just to have him on the planet the whole time...it would require too much plot twisting and geographic shifting to explain his presence any other way. Sephal is a planet on the very edge of Loroi space and a likely location of attack in an Umiak invasion...a good place to keep a troublesome 'revolutionary' out of sight and away from places he might otherwise cause problems.

Author:  sunphoenix [ Sat Aug 13, 2011 4:09 am ]
Post subject:  Re: [RP] Incursion (OOC)

@ Unforsaken: That's cool too... and works just the same.

Author:  Gudo [ Wed Aug 17, 2011 10:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: [RP] Incursion (OOC)

Anyone else gonna make characters, or is it just us? Markward, Bunnyboy?

Author:  TheUnforsaken [ Thu Aug 18, 2011 12:30 am ]
Post subject:  Re: [RP] Incursion (OOC)

Fusebox said he is still involved in a PM, I think he was waiting for a copy of the BESM PDF from sunphoenix. I tried to zip my copy but it was still over the 25mb limit of my Gmail account, and I don't have an e-mail with no limit :( .

I've started writing the initial story section too, so maybe that'll convince a few more to join. But don't worry, whether there's 2 players or 200 the RP will go forward ;)

Author:  bunnyboy [ Thu Aug 18, 2011 2:52 am ]
Post subject:  Re: [RP] Incursion (OOC)

Nelodez "sun flare"
Former Tenoin Narrat [spacefighter pilot]
Nelodez is 178 cm, and before war she used sometimes "human made" high heels just for fun being taller than most. She was training for fighter pilot and she got great talents, but was small of discipline and that got her in accident. Something broke inside her and she couldn't continue the training. Her future and dreams were gone and she was down couple of years, mostly of it drunk or behind bars. She has broken her relationships with family and friends, and they think her as a failure. Slowly she recuperated, mostly by finding joy using her new skills. She learned to mask her intent to get her targets unaware of her pocketing and bluff of investigators, until she found out that she could do better with burglary.

She had admired human culture and values, believing that being lonely and dangerous make her popular for humans. Her bride is her martian motorbike and she is occasionally doing dangerous stunts with it. Her bike is like herserf, made to gather gazes, when she want it. Now after incursion she isn't sure of her values.
Spoiler: show
Body 6, Mind 5, Soul 4 (150)
Attack combat value 5 (spacecraft 7, hand held lasers 6)
Defense combat value 5 (driving 7)
Damage multiplier 5
Health points 50
Shock value 10
Energy points 45
Talents (39)
(4) Combat technique [Lightning reflexes, Steady hand]
(2) Heightened senses [Hearing] Bonus +3
(2) Organisational ties [Black market]
(6) Ranged attack [Spacecraft] +2
(3) Ranged attack [Hand held lasers] +1
(6) Ranged defence [Driving] +2
(6) Sixth sense [Emotions] 10m, Soul +2
(10) Telepathy [Universal] range 100m (+1), area 10m (+3)
Skills (38)
(3) Acrobatics [Balance] Body +1
(2) Burglary [Breaking & Entering] Body/Mind +1
(4) Climbing [Vegetation] Body +2
(1) Cultural Arts [Rare object appraisal] Mind +1
(4) Disguise [Telepathic] Soul +2
(4) Driving [Bike] Body/Mind +2
(2) Electronics [Security] Mind +1
(2) Foreign Culture [Humans] Mind +1
(2) Languages [Sanzai, Trade, English] Mind +2
(2) Performing Arts [Dance] Average +2
(4) Piloting [Spacecraft] A.Body+Mind +2
(2) Sleight of Hand [Pick pocketing] Body +1
(6) Stealth [Lotai] Body/Mind +2
Items (14)
(5) Laserpistol
(9) Mishima BioElectric Motorbike
(10) landspeed 250 kph; activation, half speed offroad
(8) armour 5; partial
(1) Features [extra capasity 1]
Defects (-3)
(-3) Vulnerability [atmospheric changes: severe storms, high altitude, flying]
(-) Owned or Red tape [she is known and maybe watched by enforcers of law]
Unused (2)

Edited bit of items and defects.

Author:  Gudo [ Thu Aug 18, 2011 9:45 am ]
Post subject:  Re: [RP] Incursion (OOC)

@Unforsaken: Upload using http://www.filesonic.com/ You can do it without registering and they've got a pretty big file size limit.

Author:  TheUnforsaken [ Thu Aug 18, 2011 7:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: [RP] Incursion (OOC)

Thanks Gudo, that could come in handy :)

Author:  Gudo [ Fri Aug 19, 2011 11:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: [RP] Incursion (OOC)

I'm going on a short vacation, I'll be away till Tuesday. If you guys wanna start, you can NPC me till I get back. Nice character there Bunnyboy btw :P Do a rad flip!

Author:  sunphoenix [ Sat Aug 20, 2011 9:08 am ]
Post subject:  Re: [RP] Incursion (OOC)

Indeed awesome character... at least we have one Combat oriented character who has been 'formally' trained.

BTW...I think your Base Attack Combat Value and Defense Combat Value are off. Your Body, Mind and Soul together total 15... so your average should be a Base ACV / DCV of 5... not 4.

EDIT1# : Oh. Not to be nit-picky Bunny... but I think you spent too much on your Sixth Sense and Telepathy. You may be using the 'Guardians of Order TriStatdx Sourcebook'.

Sixth sense is 2pts per level and each level gives you a extra sense you may take to be able to sense...evil, magic, undead...etc... Though the GM may also rule that each level simply adds to your sensitivity ...in effect boosting your Soul or Mind... whichever stat you use for sensing.

Telepathy bought Universal is only 6 pts per level. Telepathy has a builtin Variable of Range/1 [10meters] to increase that to Range/2 [100meters] is only +1pt!

Just thought you'd like to know! :)

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