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Recruiting testers
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Author:  Absalom [ Tue Aug 06, 2019 10:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Recruiting testers

After getting the OK for this post from Arioch (because this is off-topic for the forum), I'm looking for a few testers for a FORTH system that I'm developing. I'm currently running it on a 64-bit Win7, but I'm not ruling out any particular platform.

It does have bugs, hence why I'm looking for testers. If you're unnerved by segfaults, don't give this thread a second look :geek: .

I/O is currently restricted to the standard text in/out only. File I/O will presumably be added fairly soon, and maybe pipes as well, but no chronological timeline is available: it shows up when it shows up. Also, currently text input is per-line: one of my particular interests for the testing is checking character-mode input, on as many shells as I can casually stumble across.

Memory allocation/deallocation aren't currently available, but like file I/O, it'll probably be added fairly soon.

I can't particularly offer anything for compensation. I do expect to make it available on itch.io sometime soon, at which point I'll be able to pass out keys, but for the moment it'll just be via normal download.

So, anyone interested?

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