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[Fanfiction] Armitage (One-Shot) 
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Post [Fanfiction] Armitage (One-Shot)
Alex was impressed. Even by Loroi standards, Cry of the Wind was an incredible ship. That said, none of the wonders he had seen on it could compare to the armitage where he had resided for the past two weeks.

Artificial sunlight reflected across a massive upper dome, combined with devastatingly realistic holographic projections, created the illusion of open sky. Below his feet, actual soil supported just under an acre of real, widely-spaced trees. Blueish-green foliage, similar to that of a weeping willow, swayed in an artificial breeze atop stout grayish trunks. White, two-room pagodas could be seen interspersed between the trees.

As nice as the armitage was, it was the facility’s occupants that had consumed most of Alex’s attention. Here, within this luxurious planetside simulation, lived ten Loroi men. One approached him now.

“Good morning, Alex! Up early, I see.” The silver-haired figure raised a hand in greeting.

The human smiled. Despite just how different they were, Jardin was starting to see the guys here as friends, especially Requiem, the one who joined him now.

“Hey Req.” He glanced at the artificial sky. It was indeed still morning; a distinction impossible elsewhere on the ship. “I guess I just slept that well… I was up well before the alarm.”

Alex closed the book (a physical book!) he was reading, Sun Rise and Sun Fall, the Dawn of the Modern Admiralty, written by none other than the Loroi standing before him.

Requiem gestured to the tome. “How are you finding it?”

Alex tapped the book appreciatively. “My knowledge of the finer points of Trade vocabulary is still a bit lacking, but I know enough to understand most of it. The history and evolution of Loroi strategy is fascinating. Thank you for lending it to me.”

The Loroi laughed. “Thank you for reading it. Outside of the gentlemen here, who I am positive do it just to humor me, there’s not much of an audience for the written word other than the Barsam, and they don’t care much for anything that doesn’t involve their prophets.”

Last week, the offered book had been a double surprise for Alex. First, he hadn’t seen one since he was a child. Second, in the six months he had known the Loroi, Alex hadn’t met a single one who used the written word for anything other than signage and instrument panels.

When he had asked the unlikely author why he had taken up such a hobby, the slight man had simply shrugged. “I enjoy the challenge of translating thought to word. It is too easy to simply pass off everything to a Listel. To write, you must first truly understand.”

That had been the start of Alex’s true appreciation for, and understanding of, the very odd creature that was the Loroi man.

As he drew closer, Alex could smell Req’s distinctive soap, which meant he had just bathed, which meant…

The human tried not to think about it. It was hard enough to keep his libido in check after all this time.

“Already, Req? Little early for callers, isn’t it?” he asked, adopting the Loroi’s term for their visiting women.

The man returned a knowing smile. “A favor for a friend, not off the books but certainly off the schedule. I also got some information for you, I might add…” Requiem winked slyly.

Alex raised an eyebrow. “I thought you weren’t supposed to kiss and tell.”

That only caused Req’s grin to widen. “Oh, no, nothing of the sort. This is hardly a state secret… merely… gossip and conjecture. Though if it turned out to be right…” he trailed off.

The human rolled his eyes. “Alright, what do you have, oh master of court whispers?”

Requiem sat down next to Alex, propping himself up against the trunk of the massive tree as well.

“Looks like you were right as to why you’ve been kept here ‘on ice’ as you say. The reaction to humanity is indeed a highly charged one. Sanzai images of you spread like wildfire, even amid the chaos of these past few months. The notion that there might be a template race for the Loroi is about as controversial as it gets. The Emperor is letting the rumors fly and burn out before giving you a formal audience.”

Alex feared as much. Short of throwing him into the brig, which the Emperor was not about to do to a de facto ambassador, the armitage was the most secluded place on the ship he could be kept. Of course, the various callers were able to catch glimpses of him as they went to and from the pagodas with their hosts, but perhaps that was by design. Maybe the Emperor was slowly warming her inner circle to the notion of humanity in general and Alexander Jardin in particular.

The Loroi picked idly at the grass between his legs. “What’s the rush anyway? You said yourself that your relay tanker took off a long time ago. I’m sure we’ll make contact with your people… it doesn’t have to happen overnight.”

Alex grimaced. What was now being called the Leido Offensive had wiped out any hope he had of getting in contact with the Prabhu. Long discussions with Tempo had led him to the conclusion that the best bet for humanity was to convince the Loroi that it was in their interest to mount an expedition to make contact… before the Umiak did. With all that had transpired and the running retreat that had consumed the Loroi front lines, it would take the Emperor herself to approve such a commitment of resources. Fortunately, Cry of the Wind, had come to bolster the front, which is how Alex found himself sitting next to Requiem today.

He looked at the Loroi, wondering how to answer. The discussion with Tempo, Beryl and the rest had been a difficult one, but in the end, they had understood Humanity’s position. If anything, the men here were more contemplative than the others; Alex was sure they would not react badly.

“There’s more to it than just me trying to find a way home, or bringing my race in contact with yours,” he started. “But, this is something the others may want to hear… how about an early breakfast? Unless, of course, you aren’t the only one with an early visitor.”

Requiem laughed. “No, those oldheads wouldn’t get out of bed at this hour if their lives depended on it.”

Alex shook his head as he stood up and offered a hand to Req. Only among other Loroi would he be considered “young.” Though he looked like a young teenager, Requiem was over three times older than Alex. Even then, pushing 70, he was far younger than most of his compatriots at the Armitage. Rainshadow, the senior of the group, celebrated his 350th birthday shortly before Alex arrived on the ship. The man was a living legend, and had offspring that numbered well into five digits.

The Loroi took the offered hand up, stood, and then followed Alex down the very slight hill towards the open pagoda that served as the armitage’s group dining area and kitchen. The men didn’t cook, of course, a small lift brought food prepared in the ship’s galley below, but the amenities were present for both appearances and special occasions. Alex had surprised them all with his cooking skills, limited as they were. It turned out that egg preparation was truly universal… even if the eggs themselves didn’t agree fully with his stomach.

Jardin assumed that Req was telepathically waking his fellows; as they neared the dining hall, lights began to come on in pagodas across the armitage. A couple callers, sufficiently privileged to rate a full night with their hosts, slipped out and headed for the circular reception hall at the center of the habitat. There they would check out, descend through the main elevator and return to their normal lives on the ship. In a few hours, the hall would start receiving today’s set of callers, and the cycle would begin again.

Alex watched them go as he walked toward the large stone dining table the group used. The reception hall was completely covered in glass; all the better for the guests to take in the beauty of the armitage without disturbing its occupants. Lately though, most of the callers had started looking for – and gawking at – the human who had taken up residence there. Thankfully, the head receptionist, an ancient Loroi matron who made Stillstorm seem like a happy and carefree individual, used her steely gaze to dissuade them. Whatever she telepathically threatened them with, it seemed to work.

As he took his seat at the table – far right, customary for the junior-most – the human watched Req retrieve pitchers, tableware, and the morning’s fare from the kitchen. He knew better than to offer his help. The men all had their routines, and well-meaning though he had been, Alex quickly learned not to interrupt or change them. Some of these men had spent more years in this armitage than Alex would ever experience. This cloistered lifestyle, luxurious though it was, had its difficulties, and routine was one of the Loroi’s strongest coping mechanisms.

One by one, the other residents arrived, nodding to Alex. A few offered small pleasantries, inquiring about his night and health. Aether and Timber, two relatively stout Loroi (though still only two-thirds Alex’s weight) laughed as they sat down. Req relayed the ribald joke to the human verbally, eliciting a second round of mirth around the table.

The group fell silent as Rainshadow arrived, nodding to the elder Loroi in respect. Alex never quite grew accustomed to his appearance. By human standards, he was a strange mix of age and virility. From the distance, he looked no different than a young teen. Up close, a slight set of wrinkles around his eyes and long, knowing look in his eyes belayed his true age. His ears were noticeably longer than his fellows’ and his nose was more pronounced. When he first asked about it, Req had smiled and said they were among the few signs of Loroi aging.

“Good morning, Alex.” Rainshadow greeted him, inclining his head.

“Good morning, sir.”

Alex waited to say anything of substance until asked, a custom he had found worked well among the Loroi. Plates were passed around and food was distributed. The men all carried on their conversations verbally for his benefit; an incredible sign of consideration that still amazed Alex. All ten were not only fluent in trade, but many other languages of the Union as well. Nearly limitless free time allowed them to pursue all sorts of interests.

When he first arrived, nearly every conversation had centered on him. The armitage’s inhabitants were endlessly fascinated by humanity in general and him in particular. Once those depths were plumbed, though, they had slowly transitioned back to what Alex assumed were their normal topics of discussion: politics, the state of the war, and the most current court gossip. The young Scout Corps officer dreaded the eventual report he would have to write if he ever got back to TCA space. What he learned about the Loroi senior leadership from these discussions would take days to write down. While the men were careful not to disclose anything that came from their sessions with their many callers (an important personal and professional courtesy), open rumor and gossip was fair game, and boy there was a lot of it.

Eventually, the conversation wound down as the plates became empty. Rainshadow turned to Alex.

“So Requiem tells me that you are anxious to get home, and that the reason is something you wanted all of us to hear?”

Alex steeled himself. “That’s correct. Mind you, this is something I’ve already told the Mizol who was in charge of me before I arrived. But, considering how long I have been staying with you, I was hoping you might use what influence you have to help me. As much as I have enjoyed my time here, lives may ride on my return home, Loroi and Human.”

The men looked at each other, raised eyebrows and intent gazes showing their surprise. Rainshadow looked contemplative.

“Our influence,” he began slowly, “is carefully cultivated, slow to flourish, and easy to lose. It is not something that can be used casually, but this doesn’t sound like a casual issue. Please, continue.”

Alex took a breath.

“I’ve explained Humanity’s position to you all before. Until the Orgus arrived, we did not know about any of the races in the local bubble. Until I was rescued by Tempest, all we knew was that Umiak enslaved their subjected worlds, and that the Loroi had ruthlessly exterminated lesser species that worked against them. Enslavement or genocide… with the knowledge that we had to align with one side or the other; neutrality would invite attack.”

He paused, until slight nods or murmurs of agreement indicated that his audience was following.

“As far as I know, I am the only human with knowledge on the actual state of affairs and the nature of this war. It is imperative that I return with this information, because my ship was not the only scout dispatched by Earth. Tell me, in a situation like ours, what would you have done, in the place of my government?”

Realization spread rapidly in the eyes of his audience. Without missing a beat, Rainshadow replied, “Dispatch scouts to contact both sides and determine the best course of action for my world.”

Timber glanced at the older man. Alex had been with the group long enough to know that he was gaining silent permission to speak.

“Are you so sure that your government would align itself with us? Based on what you have seen, I would not blame them for thinking that we are losing this war.”

“That makes my return all the more important,” Alex replied. “While Humanity may not be of much help to you against the Umiak, enslaved humans would be put to devastating effect against the Loroi. Billions of us could be impressed into service aboard Umiak ships, all undetectable to your farseers.”

“I’m sure your Mizol has speculated on whether that’s exactly what we’re seeing in the Leido Offensive,” Codex chimed in from the other side of the table. Of all the Loroi in the group, he was the only one that did not regularly engage with Alex.

Alex met the smaller man’s eyes with his own. “Many times. The only counterpoint I can offer is that my entire mission would not make sense if that were the case.”

“I see how it would be important for us to protect you from the Umiak,” Requiem began, drawing the attention of both men, “but Timber makes a good point. What is Humanity’s incentive to throw in with us? Forgive my bluntness, but sending you home to report what you have seen only weakens our position. Your government would not only learn that we are on the defensive, but that your race is immune to our telepathy; a huge leverage arm for them to use in bargaining with the Umiak.”

Alex was taken aback. Of the entire group, he thought Requiem would be the most supportive. He paused a moment to consider his response.

“Simply put, Humanity places a very high value on freedom and individual liberty,” he said, looking at each of the Loroi men in turn. “For many, death is a preferable alternative to slavery. Even if we could broker a ‘good’ deal with the Hierarchy in exchange for our service against you, who’s to say that deal would remain in place after the war, when there would be no more need for us? Who’s to say that they simply wouldn’t conquer us anyway and force us into service?”

No one said anything, though the human could tell they were weighing the merit of his words by their exchanged glances.

“Furthermore, in my opinion, while some humans might value survival over all else and desire the safest possible option no matter the cost, the overwhelming majority would not want to side with what are essentially bugs against a race that looks so very much like us, especially when allying with the Umiak almost assuredly means slavery.”

“You would not be truly independent as part of the Union…” Rainshadow trailed off. “Is image really that important to your people?” he asked.

Alex thought about that for a moment. “Let me answer this way: do you think the majority of Loroi warriors could destroy human ships, knowing that aboard them were men who looked like me?”

The elder Loroi nodded. “They would act as ordered, but your point is taken.”

After a few moments of silent thought, he stood, prompting the rest of the table to rise as well. Fixing Alex with stolid gaze, he said, “Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I’m sure the court is already discussing the matter, but I will see what I can do.”

With that, Rainshadow glanced at a few of the more senior men present, causing them to pick up and follow him toward his pagoda. Requiem, on the other hand, nudged Alex, a practice he had picked up from the human. He motioned with his head, drawing the younger man away from the group.

When they were outside of what Alex now knew to be normal sanzai range, Req spoke up.

“Didn’t mean to question you like that, but those were the issues everyone else was thinking about, and they weren’t planning to voice them out of politeness. I thought it would be better for you to address them.”

Alex laughed. “How sly… well, thanks Req.”

“Anytime, hooman,” he replied, deliberately mispronouncing the name… an old joke. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a full day ahead of me.” The older Loroi winked while making a few obscene motions. He always seemed to delight in making Alex blush. “Want to help me out and take a few off my hands?”

The younger man sighed, rolled his eyes, and walked the other way. Requiem’s laughter followed him as went off to find something to do during the long day while the others were occupied.

Two weeks later…

“Good morning, Alex. It seems that this early rising is becoming a habit.”

The human looked up from the grass knoll where he was watching the artificial dawn. “I’d get better sleep if neighboring pagodas were quieter,” he replied, a hint of a smile flashing as he looked back to the horizon.

Requiem acted hurt. “I am the pinnacle of politeness and discretion at night. My guests, on the other hand…” he trailed off as he sat down next to Alex.

“In all seriousness, I have news,” Req said, his voice dropping in octave and volume. Alex’s eyebrows furrowed as he turned back to his friend.

“What is it?” he asked.

“Rainshadow was out last night, and just returned.”

“Ah.” Only one of the men regularly left the Armitage, and for only one purpose. The Emperor had called upon Rainshadow.

“She is aware of your predicament, and that of your government. For what it’s worth, she supports not only sending you back, but sending sufficient military force to deter possible Umiak expansion toward your homeworld. However, there are very significant political and logistical obstacles standing in the way.”

Alex remained silent, absorbing every word. His fate literally turned on the will of the Emperor at this point.

Requiem continued. “First and foremost, the offensive must be dealt with. We cannot even access your route back home until we re-establish the previous borders. Second, conservative elements and skeptics within the Union must be assuaged and the value of such an effort must be proven. Some still believe you are some kind of Umiak trick; others a Barsam plot to undermine Loroi dominance. Part of the reason you are here with us is to allow senior members of the court to observe you through not only their own eyes but also through ours as we relate with them. According to her, she’s starting to see results.”

“Results? How?”

The Loroi chuckled, fixing Alex with a wicked grin. “Well, you know how we are requested by callers?”

The human nodded, thinking about the board in the reception area.

“Well, your name’s always been on it.”

What?!” Alex asked, shocked.

Req laughed at his reaction. “Relax, the Emperor approves all liaisons in this armitage, and she’s denied every one for you. The point wasn’t to actually set you up for them, but rather to see who was asking. Once certain names started appearing on that list, she knew that the idea of you was starting to be accepted by elements at issue within the court.”

Alex leaned back in the grass, letting out a breath he didn’t know he was holding. “That’s… wow... “

The Loroi elbowed him. “You know, I’m sure if you asked, she’d start approving those requests.” He grinned lecherously.

Jardin groaned and rolled away, standing up to brush off the accumulated dew that was starting to seep through his clothing. “I’m good, thanks little guy.”

Requiem scoffed at the jab. “I’m told my size is perfectly preferential,” he replied, preening.

“Big schedule today?” Alex asked, offering a hand up. The Loroi took it… he was the only one here that would.

“Not too bad, but I actually should be going, it does start earlier than usual. See you at dinner?”

Alex smiled. “Sure. And Req… thanks.”

The older man waived as he walked off, not looking back. “No problem, big guy.”


Later that day, Alex sat on a hill overlooking the reception area, people watching. As various high-ranking Loroi filed in and out of the room, he wondered how many were asking about him. How many had picked his name from the board, only to be denied. There was a new meaning to all the curious looks he received, and Alex was simultaneously flattered and terrified.

The human did a double-take as five very familiar faces rose up out of the floor in the reception room. As the lift came to a stop, Tempo, Fireblade, Beryl, Talon, and Spiral stepped off and into the glass enclosure. A ripple of excitement and wonder passed through them upon seeing the artificial sky. Even Fireblade seemed to smile.

Were they here to see him? Maybe pass along good news and perhaps take him to the ship that would send him home?

Alex’s stomach dropped as he saw them walk over to the callers’ queue. No mere observation, they were here for ‘business.’ Unbidden, a pang of irrational jealousy flashed through him, quickly squashed by his many years of training.

Of course they were here for a ‘reward visit.’ They had performed in an exemplary manner, getting him out from under the onrush of the Umiak advance. Now that he thought of it, Alex was surprised that he hadn’t seem them sooner. Maybe their comparatively low rank pushed them far down on the list, no matter their achievement.

Where is this possessiveness coming from? he asked himself.

Alex knew Loroi were different, knew that this was not only normal, but a huge honor for them. But even so, the animal part of his brain railed against the thought of them getting farmed out to the old men he had been spending his days with.


Had they asked for him? The thought was… his brain didn’t want to process it right now. Too many other emotions were rocketing through him at once. As soon as the thought arose, though, it was smashed. All five were moved by the matron to stand by the entry door; their request had been approved, meaning it wasn’t for him.

A shout from behind snapped Alex out of his emotion-charged gaze. Requiem was running toward him. The man never ran.

Sliding to a stop, the Loroi turned to him, out of breath.

“Sorry… Alex... no warning… unscheduled… callers…”

The human smiled, standing up. “No worries, Req, do you know who they are?”

“Yes… the… group that… escorted… you to-”

“Yeah, that’s them,” Alex cut in, brushing a few errant twigs and leaves off of Req’s tunic. The man must have been in the small wood. “Listen, friend… I’m glad it’s you. Please take care of them, and tell whoever else is coming to do so as well, OK?”

Requiem shook his head, coughing hard. Alex had not realized just how out of shape he was. He looked up, his wind finally returning.

“No, Alex, you don’t understand… just got word… the Emperor… approved their requests - for you.”

Time stopped. Started. Stopped again. Alex’s brain rebooted. He saw red for a moment.


Then, before Req could answer.


“You know how you’ve pointed out behaviors in me that show my ‘humanity?’” he asked.

Alex struggled to follow, thinking of the various quirks he had pointed out in Req that made him think of an old man. “Yes…”

“Well, and this is from Rainshadow, the Emperor wants to demonstrate your ‘Loroiness’ to your detractors.”

“I…” Jardin’s brain churned. “I don’t follow her logic, and I certainly might have been consulted or at least warned.”

Requiem glanced over Alex’s shoulder, his eyes widening.

“Well,” he replied with a shaky voice, "you can always refuse… you have that right and we will support you, but I can only assume that the Emperor is doing this for a reason. I’m not sure what the outcome would be if you said no.”

Alex looked back, following the Loroi’s gaze. The group had exited the enclosure and was now starting towards the hill where he stood with Req. Beryl was in front, blushing furiously and being pushed along by Talon and Spiral, who were both laughing uncontrollably at some unheard joke. Tempo trailed behind, shaking her head at their antics, though even at this distance, Alex could see a small smirk on her face. Next to her, Fireblade strode confidently, wearing an unreadable expression. Catching his gaze, the Teidar waved.

Jardin dropped an F-Bomb under his breath.

Req laughed, “Yes, that’s the general idea.” Alex forgot he had taught him that particular English word.

Before he could say anything else, he found himself being pulled along by Requiem, away from the group.


“You’re in Pagoda 12. Come quickly, they’ll catch up. I have much, much, so much to tell you before we get there, and no time. Now listen… when dealing with Teider, you have to know that…”

Requiem’s voice faded into the background as Alex began to visibly sweat.

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Post Re: [Fanfiction] Armitage (One-Shot)
Giggity. :twisted:

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Post Re: [Fanfiction] Armitage (One-Shot)
Oh Alex, you must be regretting your decision not to read Requiem's treatise on the subject when he offered it to you.

Thanks Orion, that was really nice. I loved the description of the matron and the nuance of the group.

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Post Re: [Fanfiction] Armitage (One-Shot)
The story started very nice. And it got very... entertaining, once a certain group appeared.

I like the different small things you added, like a certain Listel blushing but being pushed to "go ahead", a smirking Tempo, and even a Teidar that waves.

I wonder if this group is sent only to signal that now real applications are open, and have actually been asked to not go ahead, as a further sign of the Empress checking out the applications.
Once word gets around that Alex receives calls, I bet the applications will multiply.

And maybe the Empress thought, that familiar faces might help him a bit more to get around to the idea, and teach him how things work.
Because by now Rainshadow must've told the Empress that Alex does observe, but not to a degree that he would actually gain any knowledge, even less "hands-on" experience. And that Alex finds Loroi attractive.
And since Alex doesn't seem to be inquisitive about these things, this is why Req must now hurry in teaching.
The Empress is pulling quite some strings, here.

Thank you very much for the very entertaining and enjoyable story, orion1836!

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Post Re: [Fanfiction] Armitage (One-Shot)
Nicely written.

One could see the end coming a parsec out, but nevertheless very entertaining.


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Post Re: [Fanfiction] Armitage (One-Shot)
This is excellent.... and a nice possibility with regard to the other story thread.

I like the personages you developed and the solid thought process for Jardin getting the Men involved. Very well done.

I wish this was not a one-shot... but thats life.

It sorta is a kick to me to get an idea down on the OTHER side of things- the Humans waiting for answers... and a Female fleet captain who would be in whatever picket on location when the Loroi do show.

Damnit... time to do research. :)

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Post Re: [Fanfiction] Armitage (One-Shot)
orion1836 wrote:


But seriously this was a good story. There was previously a writing prompt thread (the one where he managed to clog up the scrubbers in the communal bath) where Alex's sexy time is treated as a sort of magic unlock for sanzai and other plot stuff which always felt a bit contrived even if it was enjoyable. However this one feels a lot more interesting and realistic, with a political and cultural angle to it that has a lot of potential. It really makes me interested to see an exploration of how Alex might deal with mating being a 'cultural' component required for the unique and extremely urgent diplomatic situation he's in. He needs the Loroi government to trust him and just as importantly want to help him. With the survival of his race on the line the most prudent course of action may be to at least partially adapt to their expections of what a male is.

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Post Re: [Fanfiction] Armitage (One-Shot)
Nice. Very nice... this was Well written! Thx Orion!

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