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[RP]Cydonia Rising (Characters) 
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Post Re: [RP]Cydonia Rising (Characters)
Total points spent: {320}

Michael De Ruyter
Etymology: "The Riding Patron Saint of the Soldier" or in Loroi-Digestable terms: "The Riding Warden of the Soldier"
Human, Age : 24
Height : 179 cm
Weight : 60kg
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Position : "Radio Operator" (Intelligence Officer/Communications Officer, Scientific Adviser)

"Look at a single ant! How he labors, how he toils! Look at how mindlessly he works himself to death by the whims of his Queen! Oh, how I wish to be that mighty ant..."

Spoiler: show
Lightly built with an average height and a light complexion. His earlobe length hair, though it has no curls, has a springy volume most women would kill for. Underneath that he wears a small and properly kept goatee and wears a set of thick rimmed black glasses or, when he's on duty, long lasting contact lenses linked to his Personal Computer, giving his usually light brown eyes a bit of a blueish luster. Michael is photogenic by nature but comes off to male colleagues as a spoiled pretty-boy, and to most female grunts as somewhat of a pushover physically.

Spoiler: show
Michael is remarkably good looking with a delicate build and attractive mugshot. It's clear that he's had plenty of time to master the art of vanity. Factor in that he's remarkably intelligent, and it's hard for people to find any real flaws in him at first glance. Over time though, the cracks will become visible to any but the most forgiving person. Michael is polite, but evasive to those he does not wish to be around. He is respectful to authority, but only when he is required or expected to be. He works hard, and makes incredibly intelligent observations on a daily basis... But only when someone is around to make note of it. Otherwise, he spends his time doing the absolute minimum required, often selling his capabilities short to stay out of the spotlight. Michael never finds the motivation to excel, though to the frustration of his tutors, he has all the makings of an excellent science officer.

Being born in a nationally famous family has it perks. Michael has always had access dinners with important political figureheads and never found himself wanting for any luxuries. On top of that, he had all the free time in the world to use the Internet and follow whatever university course he found interest in, mainly to keep his family off his back.

His father was a great admiral in years past, one of the pioneers of strategic spaceborn warfare. The man was much loved in his home country, where he represented a return to times half a millennium past, when great sailors fought wars by wood and cannon. Like many smaller nations, his country of the Netherlands had lost its sovereignty to the greater European Union, and suffers from a national identity crisis. Now that his adored Father has retired, the eyes of the nation are upon him to project their national influence into the Terran Colonial Authority, with high hopes that he'll be able to prove himself not just as a fine crewman, but as a man with eventually an influential position in the Authority.

These constantly applied pressures often encourage a streak of rebellion in him. When informal, he spends his time speaking with unhealthy doses of sarcasm. At night, they manifest in nocturnal fits of stress and anxiety, swinging his normally always-in-control attitude to bouts of Insomnia and debilitating nightmares. Luckily, he is a deep sleeper, and does not keep his bunkmates awake when he's having an episode, usually awaking silently, though horrified, and spends the rest of the night reading or mulling endlessly, contributing to his antisocial mood the following day.

Spoiler: show

ACV: 4+8+5/3 = 5.667 + 1 = 6.667 = 7
DCV = 5.667 = 6
DM = 5
SV = 9
HP = 4 + 5 x 5 = 45
EP = 8+5 x 5 = 65

{10pts}Race: Human
{Human-Base} {Lotai 'Untouchable'} Block Power [Source-Psionic: Telepathy, Sixth Sense, Super-senses] = Lvl 5 {10pts}
{10} Heightened Awareness: Lvl 5, You wouldn't know what the information age does to that squishy little mind of yours...
{2}Organisational Ties: Lvl 1 His fathers reputation precedes even his offspring...

Spoiler: show
{10}Navigation: Space - lvl 5
{24}Physical sciences Lvl 4 (Astronomy, Engineering, Mathematics)
{24} Military Sciences- Lvl 4 Intelligence Analysis, Strategy, Tactics
{16} Biological Sciences- Lvl 4 Genetics, Xenobiology
{8} Physical Sciences: Planetology – Lvl 4
{8} Computers: Databases – Lvl 4
{8} Electronics: Communications– Lvl 4
{8} Electronics: Computers– Lvl 4
{6} Computers: Programming – Lvl 3
{5}Cultural arts (History) Lvl 5
{2} Gaming: Computer Games – Lvl 2
{4}Languages (English, Trade, Dutch, German, French, Afrikaans, Chinese)
{3}Ranged Attack [Pistols] - Lvl 1
{1}Etiquette (Upper class) Lvl 1

Spoiler: show
{-2} Recurring Nightmares: Aside from general insomnia, the expectations put upon him by his environment has a tendency to express itself in horribly graphic nightmares.
(-1) Red Tape: “Science officer” on board a military vessel.
{-4} The Skeleton in the Closet: Was most likely given his assignment as a political favor, and though he is certainly capable, he never had to truly compete. There's a difference between it being an unspoken possibility and a well known fact. It would certainly hurt his already meager pride, were it to come out.

Spoiler: show
{8}Personal Computer
Uniform, Boots, Comm Device, Personal trinkets, Pistol/Sidearm (Chemical)

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Post Re: [RP]Cydonia Rising (Characters)
Nice Character Roeben! :)

But as a suggestion.. you may want to put a label over the various 'spoilers' so you can identify what section covers what portion of the character's capabilities - Attributes, Skills, History, Defects, etc... so you don't have to open all of them or search at random for a particular aspect you want to review!

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[IC] Cydonia Rising/Tempest Sonnidezi Stormrage
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Tue Jun 25, 2013 5:34 am

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Post Re: [RP]Cydonia Rising (Characters)
Completely forgot about that! I'll get it done when I have time. (Have to run at this moment.)

Tue Jun 25, 2013 6:24 am

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Post Re: [RP]Cydonia Rising (Characters)
Hey there all. After I troduced myself to Suederwind i got a character into this.
I can sadly not post the character as the sheet issaved on my computer and I am atm out on the sea. So I will post it later on.

And also please keep in mind that this is the first time I try playing a game such as this. So I will most definitly need help as I try to get my trainwreck going.

And also hi.

Sat Jul 20, 2013 12:38 pm
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Post Re: [RP]Cydonia Rising (Characters)
I wouldn`t worry about it to much, nobody will bite your head off for a mistake. But I can say I am interested to see what you've made.

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Sat Jul 20, 2013 12:59 pm
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Post Re: [RP]Cydonia Rising (Characters)
I can tell you this:

He is more then socially awkward.
He will not be easy to approach nor just casually chat with.

Sat Jul 20, 2013 1:15 pm

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Post Re: [RP]Cydonia Rising (Characters)
Name: Torleif Vätteman

”War. War never changes... but the target does.”

Rank: ex-Sergeant (Swedish OR5)
Role: Private Security

Race: Human, Born and raised on Earth
Gender: Male
Age: 36
Appearance: Tall, hulky build, broad shoulders. (Would seem to fit ”brawn but no brains”-stereotype at first glance)
Whole body scarred.

Height: 204cm
Weight: 138kg

Hair: Dark brown, crew-cut
Facial hair: Full beard.

Eyes: Blue, left eye constantly bloodshot from old injury

Personality: Quiet, doesn't say much (When not under the influence of medical drugs), but hear everything around him.
Avoids crowds and gatherings.

Spoiler: show
Torleif grew up in the most Swedish northern part together with his dad. Saw the ”cities” first when he turned 19. That year brought first sorrow as the ice broke from under him and his father, which also claimed the old mans life.

Looking for an escape now that the last of his family was gone he set his eyes on the ”easy” route; joining the army.
As it would seem he had a knack for the soldier profession. Feeling comfortable with the discipline and the friendships it gave him, he settled, content with where he had wound up.
What started out as normal, but big, grunt soldier ended up wanting more. Not more ranks but more... fighting.

Others would see him as a warmongerer, craving destruction and death around him. But this was not the case. What he wanted was that which came with the fighting; the thrill, adrenaline. The feeling to be alive. Living a harsh and not so fulfilling life as a child/teenager, this is what mattered to him.
The officers didn't complain. Here they got a big, but not stupid young man that had this drive to, well, be the soldier.
They saw a practical man, not raised in luxury, but what most would call poverty in this modern society coupled with survival training. This gave him a good and clear mind to make quick judgements in stressful situations. Which is good when in combat.

One special officer took Torleif under his wing and urged him to apply to the Specialist training and then try out for a very special branch in the army.
Feeling compelled by his commander that reminded him of his father, he did as he was told. And 1,5 year later he found himself as the new guy in a squad of six. Now he was 24 years old.

In the years to come he'd been away on different tours over the world as a part of his squad of six in his nations special branch, ”SOG” (Classified elite force, geared for small covert operations, and later on, ”wetwork”).

Many people around him, escpecially civilians, tend to keep a wide berth around Torleif. Many would call him socially inept as he has only lived his life for one thing, never really bothered about life as it is to others. This would explain his non-existant social life. His friends and family was the squad and their families. Many in that small group wondered why he wouldn't at least try to find a woman so he also could settle down, at least partially.
And to that question he always replied: ”I'm good with this.”
They don't know if he keeps relationships away because the loss of his only family when he was a teenager.
As it is, he has not anything else resembling a social life on the side of his military lifestyle.

Mostly on his scarce spare time he was out doing what he liked the most in his whole life;
bowhunting and fishing. Activities his father taught him when he was alive. It was when he was out in the woods he felt closest to his deceased father. But those moments soon became very scarce.

But later on in his life came the feeling that there must be something more than military life out there for him . That was when he set his sights on space.
The first time he decided something after going into service was when he looked up to the stars and told himself that that's where he will go someday.

Still. Army life was all he knew, and how he was to find a way out in space he didn't know. Until he found Shenuda Heavy Industries.

Private security... more like private army. But nonetheless; this would be his ticket to the stars.
SHI saw the resumé he sent in and got him to the office where he later signed a contract.
”Well. Working for the nation to working for one man. And me telling myself I would never become a mercenary... Great character, TL.”

But, it got him where he wanted; to the ”Cold Dark”, space. And on the plus side, they gave him new, almost luxurious armor and also put a gun in his hand, albeit a funny looking thing.
”I'll manage.” -was what went through his head.
Though the payment and all it's zeroes never crossed his mind.

His latests assignement while hired by SHI was security detail on a newly constructed space station/fuel station. Why he were sent there he did not know. But he did know there was much hush hush and lots of highly intelligent... scientists? On a fuel station?

But that didn't matter very long. Soon he would be thrown in to a new form of conflict. One not even his years doing ”unethical” work could've prepared him for.

Spoiler: show
Race: Human 10pts
{Human-Base} {Lotai 'Untouchable'} Block Power [Source-Psionic: Telepathy, Sixth Sense, Super-senses] = Lvl 5 {10pts}

Stats: 190pts

Skills: 23pts
(2per)Acrobatics [Military honed reflexes]: Lvl 2 (4)
(2per)Stealth [Covert operations]: Lvl 3 (6)
(1per)Demolition [Field work]: Lvl 3 (3)
(2per)Powerlifting [Inborn physical fitness]: Lvl 1 (2)
(2per)Computers: Lvl 2 (4)
(2per)Military science [Special forces tactics]: 2 (4)

Attributes: 88pts
(2per)Combat technique: [Precise aim]: Lvl 4 (8)
(3per)Melee attack [Unarmed]: Lvl 2 (6)
(3per)Melee defence [Unarmed]: Lvl 2 (6)
(3per)Ranged attack: [Kinetic weapons]: Lv 4 (12)
(3per)Ranged attack: [Energy weapons]: Lv 4 (12)
(3per)Ranged defence [Personal]: Lvl 4 (12)
(4per)Massive Damage – [Focused – Guns]: Lvl 2 (8)
(2per)Hightened Awareness: Lvl 1 (2)
(2per)Hightened Senses [Hearing]: Lvl 1 (2)
(15per)Extra actions: Lvl 1 (15)
(5per)Extra defences: Lvl 1 (5)

Defects: -13pts
Marked: -3 (Scarred, whole left side and the face.)
Skeleton in the closet: -4 (Wants to keep his former occupation, wetwork etc, secret)
Recurring Nightmares: -1 (Dream of when his father disappeared under the ice infront of him)
Owned: -2 (Legal contract that binds him to SHI)
Sensory impairment [Taste]: -3 (Lost in chemically hazardous combat theater)

Spoiler: show
SHI PA Exosuit - Total Cost: '107' {49pts}
- Armor Lvl 12 "Ceramic Armor" {As per BESM 3rdED p. 168}" = {24["32" AS:1 & TI; 44 vs Fire, ] pts - Protection} <24pts>
- 'Thermal Insulating' Armor Lvl 4 = {+4pts Protection, +16pts Protection 'fire-only'},
Emphasised - Fire/Incendiary <-2> <6pts>
- Features [Comm-link, Thermal Optics, Tactical H.U.D., Auto-Seal, Multi-tool Hand Attachments] <5pts>
- 'Powered Exoskeleton' Jumping/1 = 3x Normal distances <2pts>
- Special Defense [Flare <2>, Freezing Cold <2>, Lack of Air <2>, Low Pressure <2>, Radiation <1>] <18pts>
- 2x Supersense/2 [IR, Radar] = 100m <8pts>
- 'Powered Exoskeleton' Superstrength/1 = 1 ton, +1 Dam MP Unarmed & Melee <4pts>
- 'Maneuver Thruster Pack' Space Flight Lvl1 = 100kph <2pts>; Unique Defect - Limited fuel <-1>; <1pt>
+ Weapons:

SHI 8cm CLC 'Chemical Laser Charge' CS 'Crew Served' Laser Cannon - Gyro-steady Mount {Primary} = Item
[Concentration -1 {No Move or Defense}, Equipment -1 {bulky and heavy Gyro-Stabilizer Arm Mounting}], Lvl 7 Weapon <14pts>, Lvl 3 Range 1km <3pt>, Autofire/3 'Pulse Laser' [+1 hit per 2{3} Over DCV] <3pts>, Penetrating/2 [-8pts Armor Protection] <2pt>; Ammo [60pulses] <-0pt>, Unreliable 'Overheat/Cool-down phase' [On ACV roll 2 or 3 'Jam/Malfunction'] <-1pt>; <19pts>
- Gryo-Stabilizer Arm = Item, Combat Technique [Steady Hand/2 <4pts>, Dead Eye/2 <4pts>], Accuracy [+1AV - Only Autofire hits] <1pt>; <9pts>
15mm Gyroc 'Zero-G' Grenade Launcher 'Shoulder Mounted' {Alternate} = Item, {As Grenade} Weapon <??pts>, Lvl 2 Range 100m <2pts>, Autofire "NATO 3-rd Bursts" [+1 hit per 3 Over DCV {3hits max/burst}] <3pts>; Ammo [12rds, 4-3rd 'NATO' Bursts] <+5pt 'Neg.' Ammo Restriction on single Grenade & Inaccurate>; <'7' 4pts>
Payload -
2x Drums [ 1x HEAP < '+8' 4pts>, 1x HE < '+6' 3pts>
* Defects:
Awkward Size/1 [3m HT, 950kg, Lift Cap x10, Dam Mod +4, Armor +4pts Protection, -1DCV vs Ranged/ACV melee, Range/Speed x2 <-4pts>
Special Requirement = Complex Maintenance, Re-Charge/Refuel [10hrs Power] <-4pts>
Weak Point = Power Cell Pack / Fuel Tanks / Ammo Case [-6 Ext. Called Shot] <-2pts>

Munitions:Gyroc Grenades -
+ Gyroc HEAP = Item, Lvl 8 Weapon <16pts>, Area/1 [1m r] <1pt>, Penetrating/2 [-8 Armor Prot.] <+2>; Ammo/4 [1shot/destroyed] <-4>; Total: '15' {+8pts}
+ Gyroc HE = Item, Lvl 7 Weapon <14pts>, Area/4 [30m r] <2pts>; Ammo/4 [1shot/destroyed] <-4>; Total: '12' {+6pts}

10mm Caseless Gauss, Auto Pistol {Pistol, Heavy} {As per BESM 3rdED p. 167 'modified'} = Item, Lvl {4}5 "Light APEX Ammo" Weapon <{8}10pts>, Lvl 2 Range, 100m, <2 pts>, Penetrating/1 "Light APEX Ammo" [-4pts Armor Protection] <1pt>; Ammo [10rounds] <-0pts>; Total Cost: '13' {7pts}
- Note: APEX is included { Penetrating, and Lvl 5 Weapon}. Normal 10m Caseless [No Penetrating, and Lvl 4 Weapon]

Allocated points: 298/320

Mon Jul 22, 2013 8:40 am
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Post Re: [RP]Cydonia Rising (Characters)
Gah, Sorry. I could not add this to my character profile.. But I did not want to loose this 'Side-Story link to this Fan Work.

"Outside the Forum Studio {Behind the Scenes}"

[IC] Deep Strike 'Lt' Kamielle Lynn
[IC] Cydonia Rising/Tempest Sonnidezi Stormrage
[IC] Incursion Maiannon Golden Hair
[IC] TdSmR Athen Rourke

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Post Re: [RP]Cydonia Rising (Characters)
That was cool project. I wish we could return to it. Maybe Jericho is up to the task ?

Sun Sep 01, 2019 3:49 am
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