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Author:  sunphoenix [ Fri Jan 25, 2013 11:58 pm ]
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OOC: Opps {blush}! Sorry got Softsapphire's caste wrong..corrected that!

Stormrage is in the middle of preparations... mostly giving her many crewsisters some task so they feel useful and that efforts were being taking to preserve their lives weather they are welcomed by the humans or not. They were still Loroi. Occassionally Stormrage cast a concerned glance the Mizol's direction in the cockpit as she entered intense discussions with the ranking humaniti representative... presumably. There had been a long... truly uncomfortable silence to her reply to their demands. Stormrage was not use to being so completely unable with her own efforts to further the cause of the Loroi peoples. She was a tool of war.. not of words.

As the negotiations dragged on Storm was frankly shocked at Softsapphires explosion of sanzai nervous ranting. It was obvious to Storm she was truly frightened at their situation and far to aware of their predicament... the very intelligent usually are. She was not a warrior... it was not her fault... the battle with the Umiak the loss of their cruiser, all the many deaths and now stranded with no way to call for help save from the relatively unknown aliens... humaniti the only help available... it was too much for her to cope with! The certainty of known species and known situations denied her... was fraying her confidence.

There were several ways Stormrage could handle or calm her down... but she needed to do something that would keep panic from spreading the the rest of her crewsisters... Storm chose a gentle approach...

Speaking gently - avoiding painful sanzai her head practically throbbing, "Please calm sister. Peace, we are not helpless nor are we dead! We live. We are Loroi. We will overcome!"

Stormrage walked over to Softsapphire and gently took her hand and smiled her mind gently touching hers not with any directed thought... but letting her calm, her courage, her sense of pride and the steely certainty of Storm's belief in their ability to survive and triumph no matter the obstacles flow into her senses!

Still holding her hand Storm turned to address all her crewsisters, "Know this crewsisters. Our purpose and mission have not changed. We are a diplomatic delegation sent in polite reply to humaniti's own efforts to open negotiations with our Union. That does not change weather we are on a shuttle, or in a fully armed Union Battleship! We are representatives of the Loroi Union to humaniti... our mission is not changed. We are a peaceful envoy.. and though our means of conveyance is... not grand..." {she turns to look Softsapphire kindly in the eyes smiling at this} "... we STILL bear the authority, dignity and pride of the Loroi Union to treat terms for peaceful and hopefully mutually beneficial relations with humanity."

She gently pats Sofsapphire's hand one last time as she steps away to position herself in front of the airlock gesturing to the humaniti shuttle in the view port holding the attention of her sisters she continues...

Stormrages tone hardens but not in anger.. but pride and honor...

"We are the Loroi, we are not helpless, we are not prisoners, we are not beggars and I will NOT allow humaniti to think or treat us as otherwise! We are not here seeking their help... we are here to represent our Union in opening relations with their species! Our current situation, not withstanding, the Loroi Union does not owe humaniti anything that they can hold over us as a debt! 'But they're rescuing us...!' So what! We did the same to their envoy that does not mean they owe us! The same is the case here... we are an official Envoy and I will demand we be treated with the same respect, dignity and honor that they would most certainly be showing us were we in a Vortex Battleship! We are the Loroi."

"As for the technology of the Loroi - our weapons and our persons; we still belong to the Loroi Union! If humaniti wants our technology and to know us as friendly neighbors and potential allies - they will respectfully negotiate for such knowledge ... they DO NOT get it for FREE... as is the respect and honor due to ANY diplomatic Envoy!"

"Now as for Softsapphires suggestion .. her skill as a Listel are shining through.. I agree that is a most equitable solution as we would also not allow armed aliens who we do not have current diplomatic treaties with to roam any of our vessels! Placing our weapons in a place both the humans and we can monitor them to make sure they are not disturbed is a fine idea..." she smiles at softsapphire, "But your nobly volunteering to do so ... though admirable dear sister, is not needed. You are Listel and will be needed to support Twilightsaber's efforts when the truly detailed negotiations begin. We have Soroin for such tasks."

"In truth the weapons are immaterial as long as their technology is not taken without properly negotiated terms... as you ALL well know... I am FAR more dangerous without a blaster! I have no need of weapons... I am unsheathed.. I AM a WEAPON!"

"My point in insisting on keeping them .. or at least some of them... is a matter of mutual trust and respect. We trust Humaniti not to just kill us all once we are on their ship and respect their wishes to maintain security upon their vessel... well that is a two way trade.. they should be willing to trust us not to attack them and to respect their authority onboard their ship. ANY negotiations under lesser trust and respect is doomed to failure! I don't care if I'm armed or not .. but I do care that they respect my honor to behave civilly and respectfully EVEN if armed onboard their vessel under a flag of diplomacy and negotiation! We cannot know for sure if they are being truthful and must resort to ... 'words'... but if they expect us to trust and believe their... words... then they must do the same! We deserve it and I will demand it!"

Then turning to address Softsapphire again her tone soft once again, "Now do not worry sister.. Twilightsaber understands all this.. we do not need to fret over finding the human ship they will show us where it is... in time.. we must trust to Twilightsaber's skills. I have full confidence in her! Trust me.. I'm sure your skills will be invaluable to the Mizol once face to face negotiations begin as humaniti has the Lotai. We must all be patient... yes even I the weapon.. must sheath myself as well for this is the time for diplomacy. The precariousness of our situation is NOT lost on me.. but we have our duty to do.. regardless of the obstacles presenting themselves. Believe me.. I too want us to accord ourselves for the sake of the Union with dignity and wisely... if we must end unsuccessful... it will be with that dignity and honor intact... I promise!"

Stormrage was not Torrai like her honored mother the Fleet Admiral... but some of that command aura shined in her occasionally she hoped she had reached Softsapphire and had settled her fears. Seeing everyone in activity Stormrage found a seat in the engineering compartment near the plant to sit, rest, and more importantly - stay our of everyone's way... as her skills were.. indeed mostly useless in this situation! When needed she performed her electrokintic skills to test the electrolysis apparatus in case the worse came to worse and an extended amount of time in space was... unavoidable. The activity kept Storm awake as slowly great weariness began to overtake her... the stimulants were fading on her...soon she must sleep...

{Just a little longer.. I must see to it my sisters are safe.. then I can fall... but NOT YET...!!}

As it turned out. It was not necessary. A Soroin called her to the cockpit to hear the results of Twilightsaber's negotiations.

Stormrage was more than satisfied. She only nodded in and smiled silent acceptance.

At Softsapphire's words Stormrage's expression looked hurt.

He voice was... much softer... obviously fatigue was clawing at her and the head wound starting to impair her, "Softsapphire, you have me wrong. Right or wrong.. you are my crewsister... I WILL NEVER abandon you! I would NEVER kill a sister... for simply making a mistake! We all do eventually... I am my crewsister's weapon. My life is forfeit in your defense! I would be happy to die in defense of your life..."

Author:  Yiuel [ Sat Jan 26, 2013 7:33 am ]
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sunphoenix wrote:
"Softsapphire, you have me wrong. Right or wrong.. you are my crewsister... I WILL NEVER abandon you! I would NEVER kill a sister... for simply making a mistake! We all do eventually... I am my crewsister's weapon. My life is forfeit in your defense! I would be happy to die in defense of your life..."

"Thank you for your concern, but if this turns out bad, it would not be a simple mistake. It would be a major catastrophy. Not only for us, but for all Loroi. If they turn on us, there is no way to know what will happen, but it certainly could turn ugly. I just trust myself enough to be sure this will not be a failure.

And while I am Listel, I stay a Listel, a knowledge-eater. I can calculate things and handle concepts the same way you handle your weapons and safety procedures. I am not combat personnel. But if your duty calls for my death, you will have to allow it. I know you will do what is best to save us all whatever happens, but remember that if anything the Loroi as a whole, my survival is lower in your priorities if my survival is part of the threat. But about that we shall talk when you can rest."

Author:  Suederwind [ Sat Jan 26, 2013 9:35 am ]
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OOC: One more for the Loroi side. At first I wanted to add it to the last post, but I decided to expand it a little. I will be out of the city for the weekend, but I will try to read and answer any PMs you write me, I try to post a few smaller storyparts, too.]

Parat Twilightsaber was tired from their escape and the long negotiations with the human Captain, nervertheless she watched out out of the front windows, as the human ship got closer. To her relief the human ship was bigger than she first had thought. Almost the since of the Argent Fire, although it looked somehow strange and clumsy to her eye. The ships hull was covered in gray and only small parts had been marked in red and white color. This ship was definitely different from that human scout vessel, which remains she had helped to analyze. She could see that it was heavier armored and those turrets for sure hold some form of weapon within.

{Hm... they look like some form of Massdriver and Laser to me. Some of them aim at us... That Captain still doesn´t trust us. Can´t blame him for that, would have done the same thing...} She kept thinking for herself.

She hoped that the humans would keep their word and did not plan to do anything else, than what they had promised.
Slowly the shuttle turned around now, and a large door was opened, leading to what appeared to be the hangar of that human ship. The human shuttle landed first and theirs came in shortly after. She could see a line of humans that awaited them, some of them clearly armed and all in those eva suits she had seen earlier. She could feel as the shuttle touched the surface of the hangar and a lamp turned from yellow to orange and finally to green. The sensors showed that the hangar doors had closed and there was even breathable air now, outside the shuttle.

[Sisters, its time to leave the shuttle now. Keep your suits on, as long as the humans say so. Paiad, if you feel able to, help those humans to check if there are any for them hazardous bacteria or viruses on us. Softsapphire, maybe you can help her with that.]

{Time to meet the neighbours...} she couldn´t help thinking.

[Everyone ready? If yes, open that airlock...]

Author:  sunphoenix [ Sat Jan 26, 2013 12:15 pm ]
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Yiuel wrote:
"Thank you for your concern, but if this turns out bad, it would not be a simple mistake. It would be a major catastrophy. Not only for us, but for all Loroi. If they turn on us, there is no way to know what will happen, but it certainly could turn ugly. I just trust myself enough to be sure this will not be a failure."

Stormrage only replies soft and disturbingly cryptic..., "...do not worry sister. I have... taken precautions. The humaniti negotiators had best be... trustworthy for their sake."

At Mizol Twilightsaber's direction Stromrage powers up the shuttledrives to follow the humaniti craft to its mothership...


Stormrage leaves the pilot's seat powering down the drives of the "Slipper" and setting its security access protocols and failsafe from the console.

She strode back to the main airlock and did a chem-sniff scan of the atmosphere outside the shuttle... waiting for the shuttle's external environmental sensors to declare the outside atmosphere free of any anomalous readings. Satisfied Stormrage seals her combat vaccsuit. Stormrages own signature sense pick up Twilightsaber's personal emotions and her uncertainty at the bargain she has struck...ostensibly with the humaniti representatives. Stepping over to the removed weapons locker bolstered with her telekinesis she lifts the locker onto her shoulder... incongruous with her petite shapely feminine form and triggers the atomospheric pumps from inside the shuttle storing its own atmosphere... following Twilightsaber's uncertainty... just in case.

Stormrage tirggers the airlock opening both doors and she clambers down the unfolding ramp to the hanger deck with the weapons locker hefted upon her shoulder. She smiles with a inner jest as appearing to be far stronger than she would seem.

{Let the humans ponder that!}

She sanzais to her sisters to hold momentarily as she walks over to the side setting the heavy weapons locker down next to two marines with a shuddering thump...on the decks. Stepping around the locker she very slowly pulls a datacard... that favors a 'metal guitar pick'{?} and swipes it in the security scanner on the locker and lights flash amber the door unlocking. Opening the locker she shows all present the small array of four blaster sidearm pistols, two blaster rifles, three swords and a pair of ornate daggers.

Making sure all can see them first she closes the locker and swipes the datacard again locking the locker light glowing red again.

Stepping back she gestures to the holstered blaster pistol at her left shapely hip and slowly deliberately draws it with her off hand and ejects its powercell. Showing the marines it is unloaded... she holsters it and places the energy cell in a belt pouch of her vacc armor.

Turning she walks back to the ramps and takes up a position of honor to the left side of it... none of the males present can miss the unconscious sway of her very shapely hips...even clad in armor.

Sanzaing, {You may now exit Mizol Twilightsaber... this is now your battle.}

...to the loroi though Stormrage seems confident... but she is broadcasting in her sanzai her dizzying pain and fatigue bleeding through her own mental defenses... its not intentional but she is reaching the limits of her endurance... both physical and mental.

Author:  Charlie [ Sat Jan 26, 2013 3:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: [RP]Cydonia Rising [IC]

Charlie was still at attention when the shuttle dropped in ever so slowly for a landing, the shuttle itself looked almost delicate, no, elegant. As if form was as important as function, nothing in the human fleet looked anything close to as nice as that small shuttle.

Charlie depolarized his helmet to better see with his own eyes the small shuttle land. It wasn`t long before the engine sounds became still and silence reigned.

The fear grew at the bottom on Charlie `s stomach as the air lock opened, something worse than even the most terrible nightmare stepped out.

A human, or the refection of one.

The Lorai women was near as Charlie could tell almost human looking, but something not quite human. This shocking development slowed Charlie`s mind to paste, he could barley think.

He pondered this fact for an age, only forced back in to reality with a thump under is armored boots.

He remembered she was carrying something, what was it, some kind of box.

Now that the box was next to him he could see what it was, a steel weapons locker. It looked to be of considerable weight, enough to give Charlie a good workout, and she had been carrying it causally on her shoulder with on hand.

He a scant time, because on his slowed mind, to see what was in side; four hand gun type weapons, two rifles, three swords and two daggers. Before the Lorai women closed the box and tagged it to a data card.

In this time Charlie was studying her face, pretty almost human.

She took a step back and pointed to the hand gun on her hip, for a fleeting moment Charlie thought he was about to get shot. He though that he should at least open fire on the women, not go noiselessly into the night.

But his slower than tar brain told him that she was showing him the gun and not making threats.
She ejected some kind of power cell and placed into a pocket on her armor.

She promptly walked back to her craft, not caring about the marines in the least. When she was going Charlie noted that if she was human she would be attractive, he also noted something seemed off he could not put a finger on it but of thing was wrong with her ( Biological Sciences - Physiology And Medical 2 )

Author:  Dragoon [ Sat Jan 26, 2013 8:36 pm ]
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As the Loroi Moved out into the landing bay and presented the case with their weapons, and locked it up he Stepped forward and stood next tot he lieutenant as he signed off on the case.
He watched the one who had been given permission to retain her weapon. he sized her up first and foremost, she carried herself like a warrior, proud, he had a feeling she wasn't at all worried about him and his entire team.
He paused for a moment, women in armor was not new, but he scanned the ranks of the lori for just a second, they were all fit, and even in their close fitting armor, he could tell they were female, all of them.
He was a tall, physically fit and heavily muscled man, but he'd be an idiot to assume the smaller slighter woman couldn't handle themselves even without sidearms.

" Sergeant William Roland Steen." Roland introduced himself with a crisp salute toward the woman that seemed ot be leading the group. [{trade}" I am your escort, Honored to Welcome you aboard ma'am. If you need anything ask your escort and they will pass it on to our officers. We will be going through decontamination as a precaution Ma'am it isn't hazardous."]

Author:  Senanthes [ Sun Jan 27, 2013 12:32 am ]
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Finally released from the confines of the human shuttle, Nelopaio exits the hatch onto the hangar deck, looking around at the scene at hand... The shadow of dried blood still clings to one side of her face, just below the amplifier that serves as an artificial telepathic larnyx... Sensing the fatigue of her sisters, in particular Sezon Stormrage, she starts across the deck, still in her EVA suit, her movements marred only by a slight limp...

Without bothering to say a word, she moves to stand with her fellow officers, her stance crisp and straight, but somehow lacking the entirety of the sharp edge of either the Teidar or the Mizol present. Her amplifier warms slightly against her cheek as she sends through Sanzai, ("Glad to see you've caught up Sezon. It was getting boring in there.") the specifically directed sending tinged with a certain good humor that Stormrage may or may not have become familiar with during their time on the Argent Fire. Sensing the weight of her crushing fatigue, she flicks her amethyst eyes towards her sister in arms, widening the range of her mental speech to be heard by those close at hand... ("My apologies for my absence, sister... You've done well in seeing to the well-being of the crew.") she offers, an earnest compliment in the thought.

Author:  Suederwind [ Sun Jan 27, 2013 1:39 pm ]
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[OOC: So, finally I´m back home and can add something new here. If there are any comments, questions, whatsoever, feel free to PM me. Thanks!]

Parat Twilightsaber stepped out of the shuttle, shortly after followed by her sisters. She nodded slightly in the direction of Stormrage and Nelopaio who stand close to the human soldiers that formed some form of honor guard. She could feel Stormrages tiredness and was alarmed somehow, she hoped that she didn´t overstrains herself. It was a relieve to her, that Nelopaio was well and not a dead body drifting somewhere in outer space.

Spoiler: show
{Nelopaio, it is good to see you again. It looks like they threated you well.}
she used her sanzai.

She looked down to that case with their weapons and hoped that this was a wise decision. However, she still had to talk to that Captain immediately and clear out some possible problems.
The other sisters had now left the shuttle, most of them were standing. Only that young pregnant sister and Copperspear had been placed on two stretchers and are examined by a human, a male as it seams.

For the human players:
Spoiler: show
Dr. Murasaki: [They appear to be clean, but that one girl is pregnant and the other... Well, I need to examine both in sickbay as soon as possible.]

Two other humans were scanning the other sisters and those two, together with that male, were dressed in white eva suits with a red cross on them. Apparently they were medics and checked if there were any hazardous substances, bacteria, viruses or else on or in the sisters. As they came to Mazil Paiad, they suddenly stopped and repeated their scans over and over again and looked in the direction of that man, speaking to him over their radios, as it seamed. Even without humans being able to sanzai, she knew from the look on their faces that they were deeply worried.

For the human players:
Spoiler: show
[Dr. Murasaki, this one appears to be ill. She is infected with some form of... Escherichia coli... How is that even possible?]
one of the Nurses* asked.

[I have no idea! If she can walk, she should follow us to sickbay and we will see there what we can do for her.]

After that discussion with the male, one of the medics, a female with lightly red-blond hair and freckles on her face, leaned her helmet on that of Mazil Paiad and shouted in trade, so that she could hear her:
[ I´m Angela Costello, a medic. Are you able to walk a short distance? If yes, please follow us when the examinations are over to the sickbay, we will treat you there. If not, we will get a stretcher for you. But please leave your helmet on. Okay?]

After the examinations where finished and all Loroi, except three, where declared clean. Only those three should keep their helmets on, the others were allowed to remove them and the humans (except the medics and Dr. Murasaki) did so as well.
Twilightsaber breathed the air of the human ship for the first time. It smelled of metal, grease, some unknown chemicals and a few other things she wasn´t sure of. Not pleasant as the air on a loroi ship or station and somehow it was much to warm here for her taste.
She looked around in the faces of those humans.

{Indeed, many males her... I hope those young sisters can keep themselves out of trouble...} she thought for a moment and then started to speak to the humans (in trade):

[Who is the commanding officer?]

* Is that the correct term?

Author:  Charlie [ Sun Jan 27, 2013 2:47 pm ]
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Lost in thought at the smallness of the universe and the sameness of the guests, Charlie could only ponder at the these things as the medics went about their business.

At the medics instruction Charlie gave twist to his helmet and removed it. It gave a slight hiss and let in the smell of men and steel, the smell of home.

Charlie stepped forward and offered a crisp salute, towards the black haired female who asked a question.

In Trade:
[Ma'am, the commanding officer of this vessel is Captain Jeremiah Blake. It may please you to know that he is on his way. If you would like, I can page him via the intercom as to find out his present location and estimated time to arrival.]

Author:  bunnyboy [ Sun Jan 27, 2013 3:31 pm ]
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The seriousness how humans scanned them, did make little impression on Paiad.
{They live so near each other that they know how to protect themselves from the epidemics. Or perhaps it is from the experience.}
She cooperated with the human medics, when they probed through her spacesuit and their worried faces of the results wasn't surprise to her.
For the human medic Angela, she answered. "I'm am called Paiad. I understand and I follow."
Paiad was tired, but she wanted to look human's medical facilities before surrendering on their care. The surgery she made on to Copperspear was successful and she wouldn't lose her in the humans hands. The operation ended only little before landing and Copperspear wasn't in danger of dying anymore, but it would be still hours or days, before Copperspear is strong enough to wake up.
Medical +4, Mind +6 (2d6+10=18)

Even with her determination, she did had to take a hold of the hand belonging the female human, before they arrived on their destination.

Author:  Beliskner [ Mon Jan 28, 2013 1:50 am ]
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Hadrid was totally pissed off by this situation. He complained about almost everything concerning safely to the captain. Each time he heard back the same bullshit. He restrain himself to give specific orders to dock crew and then he moved away ignoring whole theater. Firstly he checked seals and ventilation system personally and when Loroi shuttle landed he was luring next to deck doors with his weapon on standby.

When Dr. Murasaki stated that there was no hazardous objects in air and everyone removed their helmets, Hadrid stayed in his with visor polarized and dimmed.

Author:  sunphoenix [ Mon Jan 28, 2013 3:34 am ]
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Stormrage waited for Twilightsaber to disembark the shuttle... then deliberately and slowly s everyone could see walked over to the ambassador and handed her the security card key to the weapons locker... relinquishing her access to the weapons locker to the ambassador.

Stormrage waits for the humans to remove their helmets before unsealing and removing hers, {Well here goes.. trust has to go two ways... lets hope the Humans are not willing to posion so many of their crew just to get at us!}

Removing her helm reveals a strikingly lovely woman with soft blonde hair with twin little braids at either side of the nape of her neck, and hair that hangs just a little above her shoulders held in place by a Head-piece like tiara at her brow. She has deep intense emerald green eyes. She appears to be human... except for her skin which is a light tinge of blue and she has long shapely pointed ears!
For all the humans to see her and the other aliens... the Loroi were something out of fantasy... 'Elves'... or her perhaps out of pop-culture of decades past 'Blue Vulcans'... and ALL of them were lovely women... not ONE male among them! Its oddly the strangest thing to see all these lovely space-elf woman gathered in the hangerbay... all of them effectively at human mercy!

To those that were on the bridge they recognize the blonde elf woman from the EVA journey to the probe. It it then that it is noticed that a patch of her hair in the back of her head is matted with blood and some cursory attempt has been taken to treat a severe head injury.

Stormrage walks over to the medics and speaks, "I am Teidar Sezon Sonnidezi. Teidar Sezon, my rank, is equivalent to a elite soldier commander. My name Sonnidezi means 'Storm-Rage'. I am in need of medical attention .. I have suffered a concussion that has been... mostly untreated. I am very weary... ... please help?"

Her voice is soft and her expression and posture show she is only staying on her feet by sheer force of will.

Author:  Suederwind [ Mon Jan 28, 2013 3:52 pm ]
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[OOC: Ok, next post. I hope its ok. I am not sure if the music fits this time... Music:Link]

Twilightsaber looked directly into the eyes of this brown haired male, standing in front of her and performing this "ritual" called a salute. It still shocked her to see him and the others males carrying weapons and wearing some form of armor, like real warriors. Seeing this was very unfamiliar to her and it simply doesn´t feel right. Males needed to be protected and not protect others. More confusing to her was, that she could indeed not feel any of those humans, not even the one directly in front of her. That reports had been right, they surely had a very strong lotai.

[I am Mizol Parat Twilightsaber. What is your Name? Are you the one in charge here at the moment?]

She had to admit to herself, that she was a bit confused by the situation. Didn´t they know where their Captain was?
However, just as she asked that herself, the door of the hangar opened and an older male, accompanied by two of these human soldiers walked in. He was smaller than she had imagined and much older, wearing a black uniform and some kind of crude optical aid on his nose. As he stood directly in front of her, she could see, that he looked very old to her eyes. A Loroi male would be probably in his 400´s to reach this aging level.
However, the male saluted to her and said:

[Welcome aboard Cydonia, you all. I´m Captain Blake, the commanding Officer of this ship. I assume that you are the Mizol Parat?]

[Thank you Captain Blake. We are very happy about the help of you and your crew. I´m Mizol Parat Twilightsaber, but it is adequate to call me Parat Twilightsaber.]

[Very well, Parat Twilightsaber. I think we should discuss the imminent things in my office. Those two marines will bring you there, I will be there a few moments later.]
He pointed at the two guards and the Parat answered:

[I agree on that proposal and we meet us there. Mallas Sunbloom, I leave the rest here up to you. Please take good care of the sisters.]

After she had looked back to Sunbloom for a moment, she followed that guards trough the door.

Captain Blake looked around in that mess of alien woman that filled his shuttlebay. He never had thought that something like this could happen to him. Nevertheless, he had to clear this situation. Some of these woman looked to be in pretty bad shape and the good old Doc nodded in his direction.

[Dr Murasaki, bring those who are injured to the sickbay and Sergeant Aldridge, please take care they get there in one piece. Understood?]

Then he saw his First Officer, obviously kind of pissed of.

{I know he doesn´t like this decision, I don´t like it either, but this is way bigger than Cydonia alone. He has to understand that... The others, too.}

[Who of you is Mallas Sunbloom?]

He said this and looked in the ranks of the blue skinned alien woman in front of him until one of them reacted and stepped closer to him.

[I am pleased to meet you, Mallas Sunbloom. I assume you and your "sisters" will need some well deserved rest now. Sergeant Steen, would you and the rest of your squad please bring them to the guest quarters? They should be ready by now. Please do not leave them until Parat Twilightsaber and I reached an agreement on what to do next. Sergeant Steen and his men will take care of that. You are not our prisoners, but our guests and there will be food, water and beds for you there.]

After that final group went off and the hangar was as good as empty, he looked over to his First Officer, still lurking around and checking some valves and seals, with his helmet still on and polarized. He know that Hadrid could be a pain in the ass sometimes and he knew all to well, that ignoring him was not the best idea, as he most of the time had some point. He slowly got closer, stood behind him and as he was sure that they were alone in the hangar, he said:

[Hadrid, I know that you do not like this situation. I don´t feel all that well, too. But thats one of the reasons why we are out here: to make contact with one of the sides of this war, the Orgus told us about. And I´m very glad, that this are not those bug like Umiak... What do you think? I need my first Officer in that situation we are in at the moment and you know that.]

Author:  Charlie [ Mon Jan 28, 2013 6:06 pm ]
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OOC: Challenge Accepted?

In trade:
[I am Mizol Parat Twilightsaber. What is your Name? Are you the one in charge here at the moment?]

Charlie was going to reply but the Captain virtually appeared out thin air behind him, it occured to Charlie that he was not observant enough to hear the doors open and close events must be getting to him more than he though.

Charlie waited as the Captain and Mizol Parat Twilightsaber, correction Parat Twilightsaber, spoke in trade. Exchanging pleasantries mainly.

Parat Twilightsaber left with the two marines that accompanied the captain.

[Dr Murasaki, bring those who are injured to the sickbay and Sergeant Aldridge, please take care they get there in one piece. Understood?]

[Yes, sir.]

Charlie saluted Captain Blake, but he had already turned, Charlie doubted the captain saw or heard him as he was busy speaking to the group of Lorai women looking for a one Mallas Sunbloom.

Charlie waited a moment longer and moved towards Sergeant Roland Steen, the captain was give him orders but by the time Charlie got near near to Roland the captain was finished and seemed to be looking for someone else.

[Roland. Wait up. Remember when you beat me last week? I still do. I want a rematch, when I'm done with my tour group in the medical bay, let me know when and if you can make it. Look I have to go now, but don`t forget.]

Charlie sprinted to catch up to Dr Murasaki`s group along with Angela Costello and the other medics. With them were three Lorai, non of which he knew their names but Charlie recognized the one rescued by Sergeant Roland. Not much to see beyond that everyone medics and Lorai alike remained inside their EVA suits, Charlie was the only not wearing a helmet.

Charlie gave a walking salute to the Doctor.

[Lieutenant?... Doctor Murasaki? The captain ordered me to remain with the three Lorai. I have some medical training if you need I may be of some small assistance, or just let me know and I'll stay out of your way. Do you want me to seal up my suit?]

Author:  Hālian [ Mon Jan 28, 2013 7:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: [RP]Cydonia Rising [IC]

Mizol Losat Malidasaria slowly removes her helmet, revealing another blue-skinned, pointy-eared face, this one with tied-back black and blue hair that disappears into her suit and -- most strikingly -- two differently-colored eyes: one amber and the other one grey.

She steps forward, turning to Sgt. Steen as he walks over to the assemblage of Loroi, and speaks to him in English.

"Greetings. My name is Mizol Losat Malidasaria. Mizol Losat denotes respectively my caste and rank, the latter being directly below that of Parat Benganenzit. My spoken name translates as 'Thoughtvenom', although I much prefer its native form."

Author:  Beliskner [ Mon Jan 28, 2013 11:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: [RP]Cydonia Rising [IC]

Seeing empty dockbay Hadrid removed his helmet when the captain addressed him.

[I think we are playing dangerous game, Sir.] Hadrid shot back with hearable irony.

[Yes, but that's why we need to stay focused at our goal.] Captain said, [I will try to find out more about our guests.]

[Well... good luck with that Sir. Meanwhile I will relieve myself, my shift ended officially 2 hours ago. I could use a nap.]

[Very well but before you do that, check at ours guests. They should all be housing the guest rooms for the moment.]

[As you wish sir.] Hadrid saluted and both went back to elevator from where they departed.

Hadrid left at Deck 2, where he went to armory to retain his rifle and EVA suit. He didn't need it anymore...

He left armory dressed in his bridge officer uniform with black hoodie* on and revolver holster fixed at his left thigh.
He moved across the deck where he reached main doors leading to guest apartments guarded by two soldiers from security detail. Seeing First officer approaching they saluted. He saluted back and said:

[Sergeant Steen, what is the situation?]

* black tactical hoody, there are visible name, blood type, ship's insignia and his rank patches all over it.

Author:  Dragoon [ Mon Jan 28, 2013 11:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: [RP]Cydonia Rising [IC]

To Mizol Malidasaria.
roland raised an eyebrow he had to admit the Lori were better looking than he expected from aliens. He wondered what other similarities they had with Humans other than their looks

[{trade] "Mizol, I'm a sergeant...higher than a soldier lower than an officer. I am second in command of the marines aboard the Cydonia."]Roland removed his helmet as it seemed the medics were fairly satisfied there was nothing infectious in the air. He glanced around curiously for a moment then gave a slight shrug as if dismissing a question.[{Trade} My name translates roughly to "Will to protect the great land of stone".... Roland will do if you like....or Sergeant Steen."
Roland was not a very handsome man, his features were rough and angular, and his nose was broken more than once. He smiled slightly, as he hung his helmet off the hook on the side of the belt. " I can arrange showers and clean uniforms for you and your team if you like."

[{Over radio} I'm with Mizol Malidasaria, Just arrived at Guest quarters sir. So far nothing out of the ordinary. Other than the fact they are all ...way too human looking...Someone back at exobiology is going to have a stroke when they find out there are other human...ish races out here.."]

Edit: had to adjust some things to fit intot he sequence of events

Author:  Yiuel [ Tue Jan 29, 2013 5:36 am ]
Post subject:  Re: [RP]Cydonia Rising [IC]

Softsapphire's experience was one she had never seen before. She see the humans, she could hear them. All of those senses were activated. But her sanzai senses were completely dead. She could notice her sisters, but nothing would "register" with the humans. As a proud scientist, she knew very well that she could not extrapolate from a single individual; the fact that random humans not specifically chosen to meet with telepathic loroi were all sanzai-dead was the proof she needed to fairly clearly establish the truth of their lotai.

Softsapphire was not her first experience with non-loroi people. But they all at least registered. This time, she could not rely at all on her sanzai abilities to notice even a slight emotional change. But, at least, she had a great experience with non-sanzaiing species, so while she felt blind not being able to sense them in that specific way, she was still in known woods when dealing with all the facial expressions and non-verbal cues.

Her first contact was thus a rather silent one. When removing her helmet showing her face with her long pale whitish green hair, she remained silent until someone approached her. She decided to observe humans, using all her skills to see if their interactions were honest (something she knew was uncommon among non-sanzai people) and if not, to what degree. She also decided to look at crew interaction. The presence of males was not as baffling to her than most of her sisters, but she was curious to see how a 1 to 1 male to female ratio species' relations could evolve, especially how they relate on closed spaceships.

All the while, she still kept Stormrage in her sight, to make sure of her wellbeing. Among the crew, Softsapphire believed that Stormrage would be the one who will most need the counsellor skills she had developped with time.

(OOC:If any human is curious about me, who seems to be really looking at all humans intently, to the point that someone could feel like a lab rat, just send me a PM with what you say. After we have had some interaction (or need the DM's input), we can post it here.)

Author:  sunphoenix [ Tue Jan 29, 2013 6:04 am ]
Post subject:  Re: [RP]Cydonia Rising [IC]

Stormrage is not use to projecting anything but strength being seen as injured and in need of help is... unnerving and embarrassing to her. So she follows the medics with her sisters in silence taking up a position beside the pregnant crewsister in her opinion the most delicate of the Loroi present. Making sure she is treated gently and her child not endangered.

At the medbay Storm is sat at a bunch while the medics check over her head to see if any stitches are needed but find some form a aerosol fast flesh has already been applied to her cut scalp and the blood in her hair is superficial she is not currently bleeding... though they wonder at what was used to seal such a large cut so well. Taking a sample of the 'sprayed on flesh', discretely, and with some analysis it is revealed to be some from of bioplastic that though organic is not actually alive but as part of its function is absorbs the blood from the healing wound and metabolizes it to keep its seal until natural healing takes place and the source of nutrients is gone then it likely would just dry up and peel of like a layer of latex! The materials bio-engineering to produce this substance has the medics squealing inside in excitement at such technical genius! Discretely as possible they take another sample of the material when they examine her and store it for the bio-engineers back home to examine!

Of course they took samples of the blood in her hair! Even a cursory examination revealed the loroi had a DNA structure that was completely different and the blood was blue which might be why they all appear bluish in skin tone. Their DNA and biochemistry were completely different and likely an exotic form of hemocyanin causing their blood's coloring and respiration cycle. Just from these few samples.. the scientists would have years of research!

But indeed Storm's head injury has the medics concerned.. it was quite severe from the large knot forming she was most certainly suffering from a concussion. So they applied a ice pack to reduce the swelling and told her to make sure there was no internal damage they needed to perform a MRI scan of her to make sure.

Storm was too tired and groggy to question overmuch... even when they told her she must get out of the armor plated vacc-suit she was wearing as its metal would interfere with their scanner and be dangerous near the machine.

So they walked her to a exam room and had her undress. Of course they did not tell her she was being monitored.
Storm removed her Vacc-suit its armor plates piled neatly as she could manage with her holsterd and unloaded blaster on top of the pile.

She wore only her Teidar Gold and Greytoned Bioplas crewsuit. The medics found a new discovery... the crew suit she wore was similar to all the same crew uniforms that they were discovering ALL the Loroi wore under their vacc-suits. These were an even more advanced form of that wondrous wound sealant they had sampled from Storm. A synthetic Bioplastic that not only reacted to external stimuli hardening into armor when needed but also cleaning the loroi and absorbing their body wastes and heat to keep itself maintained. It kept them warm and cooled at the same time like a second skin! A miraculous level of technological achievement... it was likely the loroi almost never took these off! There would be little need to!

However, Storm's Teidar suit was a little too armored with metal attachments for her to go into the MRI machine safely and the medics gently requested she remove it. To which her response was a sour look of impatience. The medics started to explain that the MRI machine produced powerful magnetic pulses that would ..damage her suit or perhaps the machine where she to be clad in her ...crew suit with it on...

Storm only listened part ways then waved them off as she complied returning her to the exam room they handed her a pair of exam-robes to wear for dignity. Storm was too tired to argue at how primitive their tech was and the ice pack was lessening the throbbing ache in her head. So she complied...

Much to the scientist's excitement... Music
Storm undressed and indeed she wore nothing under her bioplas armor. The monitoring staff learned that indeed Loroi were not just skin deep on the surface human-like they were very human-like! They way they moved to balance when standing, the ripple of muscle groups under their skin, the structure and bend of skeleton, the way she balanced on the balls of her feet - even how her throat flashed at her breathing. She was a cool shade of blue with smooth unblemished skin, long delicate looking pointed ears and long fingers... and ALL blue! To the female staff members it was a bit unnerving how physically attractive the loroi.. or at least this one was and the reaction the male crew members had to the very female being before them disrobing. Eliciting some very dangerous scowls at the male staff from the female medics, 'Yeah buster that look had better be for science!' The loroi had very little if any body hair and almost no flab whatsoever. Not large breasted, the norm being about a B-cup. They were mammals and apparently gave birth to live young that they nursed. Storm's shortish blonde hair with the little braids at the nape of her neck being the norm of the loroi females... all possessed of luxuriant exotically colored hair that made many of the female staff green with envy!

Storm put on the exam-robes and exited the exam room nonethewiser she had been monitored the whole time. The medics led her to the MRI machine. and told her to lay down on the table while the large circular machine was warmed up.

In the MRI machine the doctors only needed a head scan but didn't tell Storm that the machine could be limited to only that as they ran her entire body through the scanner to get a total internal scan of the loroi form. The revelations were shocking! The loroi had very similar organs and organ placement smaller in some cases but remarkable the same! Brain, lungs, heart, intestines smaller though, and definitely all the working structures of a young human woman ovaries, uterus mammary glands. Her muscles were all in the similar places anchored to her skeleton with cartilage... though they were seemingly more effeciently arranged.. no flab at all! An interesting note about her reproductive organs noted that likely she had likely very long cycles of infertility for internally she had a structure for perhaps storing genetic material from a mating and keeping it viable from long perioids. So.. no monthly period cycle like human females... something the female doctors felt enviously was cheating. Though something of note the lymph glands system and endocrine organs were much smaller than a human norm and the Loroi body temperature was much less than a human! The doctors noted the Loroi on a whole must find the temperature of the "Cydonia" to be almost ...tropical in relation to what their used to. All in all the Loroi as best could be conjectured had Very efficient internal organs noticeably moreso than humans as if designed to improve on every facet of human physiology.. a warrior race meant for battle!

But for her head injury there was no actual internal bleeding her injury was healing fine no clots of blood though she had indeed a hairline fracture and would need to be monitored for a few days.

To the scientist that examined her vacc-suit while she was occupied ... another marvel was discovered. The armor plating was not any material they were familiar with though there were little flecks of material from from some other portion of the suit not obvious that were embedded in the surface as if the vacc-suit had been subjected to the fringe of an explosion. A material analysis of these flecks of armor revealed it was a advance cerametal...the closest approximation was a Bi-phase Carbide compound of some sort. Literally a manufactured diamond armor 5 to 10 times stronger than steel and only a fraction of the weight!

The Loroi had amazing materials technology.. again as many of the fleck that could be collected were cleaned off the armor and stored for later scientific analysis!

Author:  Suederwind [ Tue Jan 29, 2013 7:23 am ]
Post subject:  Re: [RP]Cydonia Rising [IC]

[A pure OOC post this time, I hope this makes the current situation more clear to you.
First: Where is everyone?
Thoughtvenom, Softsapphire, Nelopaio, Steen and (soon) Ferox are at or in the guest quarters. Those quarters have been prepared for these visitors: there are a bit more cramped than usual: 4 beds in each cabin, spare cloths (a jumpsuit on every bed, they might not fit everyone), food (basic emergency rations) and water.
Paiad, Stormrage, Charlie and Dr. Murasaki are in the sickbay, with them are that young and pregnant Loroi, Copperspear and the medics from before.
Twilightsaber waits in the Captains Office till Blake returns and they will have a little conversation off screen.

Second: How much time is left?
Time till ECS-170 Alberta arrives: ~36 hours
I hope that I didn´t forget anyone. :oops: ]

Author:  Suederwind [ Tue Jan 29, 2013 1:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: [RP]Cydonia Rising [IC]

At the guest quarters:
Spoiler: show
Bomber walked through the main corridor of the guest quarters and looked into every room as he walked by. These "guests" looked a bit confused to him. Some were looking at the water bottles in their rooms, as if they had never seen something like that before. Another of these females looked into a mirror and started tapping on the edges and spoke something like "access media files... hello?" and then turned around to him and asked why this computer terminal was deactivated. It took him about ten minutes to explain to her that this mirror was just that, a mirror and no computer monitor. Some of the others were sitting on the filed beds, placed in the rooms for them and looked at him as if he were a ghost. Strangely there was not a single male with them, only females.

{Strange... very strange... Maybe the Seargent knows whats going on...}

[i]Well, all of this might not have been this... strange if there wasn´t this alien female, constantly following and observing him. Every time he looked over his shoulder, she tried to hied it, but he was not tricked that easiely. She didn´t look unattractive to him, if she would be a human she would look kind of lovely to him, but right at the moment she gazed directly at him. With that strange smile that Dr. Murasaki saves only for the most unexpected cases that require extensive tests.
And there... again!

{Is there something wrong with my face? Is she to shy to speak with me or drill a hole in my skull just by looking?}

What should he do?
Hadrid was on his way to the guest quarters, to meet with Steen and that "Mallas Nelopaio". Shortly before he arrived, his com-unit peeped and Captain Blake was speaking to him:

[Ferox, please take care that none of our guests leaves their quarters, at least for the moment and check if they need anything else. There will be a meeting in conference room 2 in about an hour, all higher officers should be there. We will discuss what to do next there. Please take care that the others are there as well.]

On the Medbay:

Spoiler: show
Dr. Murasaki looked over the results from that MRI scan from that blond alien that called herself Stormrage in his office. He was absolutely shocked by this results! The size and shape of her bones, organs, etc... was well in human limits. As if there was no difference, but only on first sight. Her DNA and blood samples were something completely different. He had never seen something like this before and that made he feel very uncomfortable, as he was surly no stupid marine.
He let the computer search for something even remotely comparable to this blood sample in the ships database. Still full of doubt, he watched those images of that females body again. If there weren´t that blue skin and the pointy ears, she would look very beautiful to him, her body was surly looking attractive. But this was no peepshow, he was a professional and studied those pictures exactly...
A loud beep draw his attention to the computer terminal on his desk. There was finally a result, he knew there would be something comparable in that database, but as he looked on the screen he had to take a deep breath and started to read again and again and again. Then he spoke to himself:

[That has to be a joke! Their blood is similar to that from Horseshoe crabs?! How can that be?]

Costello looked through the only half closed door and said with a worried face, unusual to her normally happy character:

[Are you... ok, Doc?]

[Yes... Uhm... Don´t worry... I´m fine.]

He couldn´t look up from those results. Blood based on hemocyanin... Now that is something special!

[Doctor, could you please look after that pregnant one? She says that she can´t sleep because of the pain...]

He really had forgotten about the others, after this exciting results. Time to get back to work!

[I will be there in just a moment, Costello!]

But what could he really do for her? The usual painkillers wouldn´t work on her, because of their totally different body chemistry. He hoped that one of the other femals could help him...

Author:  Charlie [ Tue Jan 29, 2013 3:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: [RP]Cydonia Rising [IC]

Charlie had tried several times to speak to Dr. Murasaki on the way to and even at the medical bay, he had been waved off an equal number of times. He did not blame Murasaki over much, there had been a few tales by scuttle butt as to his extra curricular activities none of them pretty. Charlie judged a man by his actions and Dr. Murasaki was very intent on his job, if nothing else.

Charlie moved towards the door and stood near the entrence.
Putting his helmet on the ground along with his rifle, and watched the goings on, he wanted to help but being still fully clad in the EVA suit made him think twice he would just get in the way of the professionals.

Charlie watched as the medics and the good doctor examined the Lorai women who lifted the heavy locker, the head wound she had did not seem that bad from where Charlie was standing, but as head wounds go looks can be deceiving. The medical team took an conspicuous amount time to examine it, even considering the seriousness of the injury. . Then they shared conspiratorial glances and went back to examine it again. Charlie suspected they were getting the maximum number of samples while providing care.

When next Charlie saw her, as she had gone in to a another room, the armored women had became a jump suited one. As she approached the MRI machine, she was waved off back to the room. Charlie briefly saw the jump suit, form fitting and advanced looking.

Charlie`s mind continued to process short term memory in to long term memory as he pondered everything he was learning about Humanities new friends. There was going to be a lot of debriefing, as they try to wring every last bit of information out of me, after all this.

When next he saw her she was in a medical robe, Charlie thought once again these Lorai were amazingly human like. The most obvious differences were the shade of blue she seemed to be and the pointed ears. Her arms and legs looked to be fit, she looked quite fit just not fit enough to carry that locker. This bothered Charlie, their muscles must be quite a bit stronger.

Dr. Murasaki walked off into a back room, and was there for a few minutes while the MRI was spinning up.

Angela Costello stood by the door to where Dr. Murasaki and said something to him but Charlie was to far away to hear what.

Tired of being a post, Charlie walked towards Costello.

Angela Costello with her soft red-blond hair and freckles, was the one medical tech that Charlie liked.

The few times he went for a booster shot Charlie was happy to talk to Angela, naturally a happy person she made the experience less tedious.

As he approached he gently taped her shoulder with is index finger.

In English:
[Ms. Costello, is there some you need? Or something you need done? I'd understand if there nothing I can do, but if there is just let me know. I'll be right over there.]

Charlie pointed at the door.

[The captain told me to keep watch over our guests.]

Author:  Suederwind [ Tue Jan 29, 2013 4:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: [RP]Cydonia Rising [IC]

[Ms. Costello, is there some you need? Or something you need done? I'd understand if there nothing I can do, but if there is just let me know. I'll be right over there.]

Charlie pointed at the door.

[The captain told me to keep watch over our guests.]

Angela turned around and looked at the marine, only known as "Charlie" to everyone in sickbay. She knew before, from the times he had been here, that he was kind of handsome. She smiled at him and said after a brief moment in which she thought what to say:

[Hello Charlie. There is indeed something you might help us with...]

she slightly nodded in the direction of that pregnant Loroi female, that laid on one of the stretchers on medbay.

[We are not fully sure whats wrong with her, even after we examined her multiple times. She is in terrible pain as it seems and we still haven´t found some kind of painkiller that would work on them. She somehow doesn´t speak, but we noticed that she... calms down and relax when a... man... is close to her. Maybe you can talk to her a bit and try to ease her pain? You know, the old fashioned way... Hold her hand and such things?]

On that last sentence she blinked with her eye and somehow had to blush. She wasn´t sure if he got that undertone...

Author:  bunnyboy [ Tue Jan 29, 2013 4:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: [RP]Cydonia Rising [IC]

Paiad flinched when she noticed new human.
{When did he come in? How long I have been sitting in here?}
She recognized the room was same where she sat down, but couldn't remember what happened after that.
{I must be more sick and tired than I thought.}
She tried to stand up, but her legs didn't follow her will. Her stomach feeled heavy and she asked in weak voice.
"I need carbon, water and my suit removed before it's too late. Alone if possible."

Author:  Suederwind [ Tue Jan 29, 2013 5:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: [RP]Cydonia Rising [IC]

She tried to stand up, but her legs didn't follow her will. Her stomach feeled heavy and she asked in weak voice.
"I need carbon, water and my suit removed before it's too late. Alone if possible."

In the blink of an eye on of the other doctors* on medbay was close to her and helped her up. He offered her his hand to hold on, looked at her with his friendly face and said:

[You shouldn´t stand up on your own. You are to weak for walking alone at the moment. I´m sorry that I could not help you earlier, but please take my hand, I bring you to a containment room. You can remove your suit there and I will give you a medicine. I hope that it will help you.]

[OOC: * That would be Dr. Noel, male, French, 25 years old, 1,76 tall, short dark hair, green eyes and a assistant doctor aboard Cydonia.]

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