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Umbra will not rest until he conquers Earth!Welcome to the world of the 23rd century.
...a time of robots and aliens...
...and of destruction and terror. Can the Galactic Patrol, defender of the United Planets, stop the evil computer Umbra? You bet they can! They have Mighty Orbots, Champion of the Universe!

Mighty Orbots was a "transforming robots" animated series that ran on American television Saturday mornings for a single season in 1984-1985. Click below to learn more.

Site Updates
02 April 2018: Check out this comic adaptation of the Orbots/Transformers fanfic "Mistaken Identities"!

28 April 2018: A commercial DVD release of the Mighty Orbots series is now available!

06 April 2014: Check out this early TMS demo of Mighty Orbots (then called "Broots")!

17 April 2007: I added some concept art and animation model sheets to the Archive section. Also, you can see Mighty Orbots on YouTube!

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