Data File Uploaded: Thursday, October 24 2002

Here is a 3D map of the stars of local space. The Terran Colonial Authority is responsible for some 40 star systems, spanning an area about 35 light years across. Only six worlds in four of these systems (the yellow G-type stars Sol, Alpha Centauri, Tau Ceti and 82 Eridani) have planetary colonies, but numerous others have small outposts, both temporary and permanent. Usual commercial jump routes are indicated in green.  

Right-drag to rotate map. Left-click on a star to select. //-->
Right-drag to rotate map. Left-click on a star to select.

Click here to reset the map. If you click on an individual star, you can see the star name (if it isn't listed on the map) and the name of inhabited planets (if any). If a star is selected, you can click the "=" button to center the map on that star. Use the "+" and "-" buttons in conjunction with "?" to zoom in and out, or change scope. Map applet powered by ChView.

This map is based on actual star location data. To reduce clutter, I've removed many small stars not along the major trade routes, but I've included a few of the brighter, more distant stars (like Altair) for location reference.

Unfortunately, this Java applet doesn't work probably in many modern browsers. Here is a static version of the map.