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[RP]Cydonia Rising (Characters) 
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Post [RP]Cydonia Rising (Characters)
As suggested by sunphoenix, here is the Cydonia Rising character thread. You will find information about how to make your character here.
Please post your finished characters in this thread, so we can find them much easier.
I will post the background and the stats of the NPCs here, too.

Character generation:
Basic character templates for human and loroi characters: (made by sunphoenix, thx!)
Race: Human {10pts}
{Human-Base} {Lotai 'Untouchable'} Block Power [Source-Psionic: Telepathy, Sixth Sense, Super-senses] = Lvl 5 {10pts}

Race: Loroi {29pts} “Homo Psyche - modified”
Mind +1 {10pts}
Block Power [Source: Psionics; Deplete -3] = Lvl 1 {9pts}
Energy Bonus [+10 Energy Points] = Lvl 2 {4pts}
Mind Shield [Deplete -3] = Lvl 2, +2 Mind, 20pts Mental Armor Rating {1pt}
"Signature Sensing" Sixth Sense [Emotions, Minds; Deplete -3] = Lvl 1, Area {3 Base} [10m r], Range/3 [1km] <+3> {2pts}
"Sanzai" Telepathy [Universal; Deplete -3, Unpredictable -2], Range {1 Base} [10m], Range/3 [1km] <+2> = Lvl 1, +1 Mind, 1 person {3pts}

If you want to participate in the game, please send me your character, his background and his motto/motivation, so I can look into it and discuss possible problems with you.
You can play either a human or a loroi character, but if there are not enough players, I will limit it to one race only (most likely human).

Please keep your character below O5, thanks!

Please use the Navy ranks from that picture for your character (officer): click
(Many thanks to VonWolffe!)

Please use the ranksystem described here.

Possible Character slots (always open for suggestions):

-First Officer: second-in-command, keeps the Cydonia (and its crew) running, helps the Captain, etc...
-Science Officer: responsible for the scanners, examination of alien artifacts/transmissions/etc..., can speak a little trade, ...
-Medical Officer: keeps the crew and their guests healthy as the name suggests
-Communications Officer: fluent trade speaker, handles Cydonias communications, translates, etc...
-Head of Security: responsible for security on board the Cydonia, leads bording partys and away teams, ...
-Chief Engineer: keeps the Cydonia going, repairs broken stuff, etc...
-Helmsmen: steers the ship, calculates the course, pilots shuttles, etc...
Bear in mind that all human characters have at least some basic knowledge of the trade language.

-Mizol: leads the diplomatic mission, ...
-Listel: "science officer", ...
-Teidar: responsible for the security of the diplomatic mission, ...
-Tenoin: helmsman and current shuttlepilot, ...
All loroi characters can speak or at least understand some basic form of English.

List of NPCs:
Edit: Moved here.

List of personal equipment
This is a small list of items that a human or loroi character should have and is open for other suggestions:
-Sidearm (a normal pistol for humans and a blasterpistol for loroi characters)
-Uniform (loroi characters will have their armor)
-Dog tag (only for human characters)
-Boots (no shoegirl on bord, sorry!)
-some form of multitool (only for humans)
-a communication device (only humans)

List of NPCs:
(List will be extended over time.)

-Captain: Jeremiah Blake, age: 65, nationality: British, rank: Captain, 1,68m "tall"
He is the offspring of an old and wealthy British military navy family. This is his last command before retirement and he is known to be a skilled and cautious commander. Maybe a little short (1,68m "tall"), has short gray hair and is known to be old-fashioned (he still prefers glasses instead of a small surgery ). Fancied by his crew, but not liked by his superiors for his sometimes strange ideas and habits (Its an England Class Destroyer! I insist on a tea-time!; and so on...), therefore he was never promoted beyond the rank of Captain. ...
Motto: Keep Calm and Carry On!
Stats: (pending)
Spoiler: show
Body: 4, Mind: 6, Soul: 5 {150pts}

Health Points 45
Energy Points 55
Shock Value 9
Attack Combat Value=5, Defense Combat Value=5, Damage Multiplier=5x {Weapon Attack Level} + ACV

Race: Human
{Human-Base} {Lotai 'Untouchable'} Block Power [Source-Psionic: Telepathy, Sixth Sense, Super-senses] = Lvl 5 {10pts}

Occupation: Captain
Organizational Ties: TCU Military - {Navy} Captain = Lvl 5 {10pts}
Skill: Piloting [Spacecraft] = Lvl 2 {4pts}
Skill: Military Sciences [Tactics] = Lvl 7 {14pts}
Skill: Electronics [Spaceship] = Lvl 5 {10pts}
Skill: Repairs and maintenance [Spaceship] = Lvl 5 {10pts}
Skill: Navigation [Space] = Lvl 2 {4pts}

Other Attributes:
Etiquette: Lvl 5 {5pts} upper class
Gaming: Lvl 2 {2pts} card games
Social science: Lvl 3 {3pts} Psychology
Interrogation: Lvl 2 {4pts} Psychological
Languages: Lvl 2 {2pts} English, Trade
Area Knowledge: Lvl 3 {3pts} ECS-096 Cydonia

Red Tape: Lvl 1 {-1pt} TCA paperwork
Total points: {282}

-Weapons Officer (NPC): Yannick Metzger, age: 22, nationality: German, rank: Ensign, 1,89m tall
He was the best gunner of his year on the academy and is on his first real mission in space. Known for his loose tongue and short temper, he has a knack for getting himself into trouble. He likes 20th century music and is a descent guitar player (he proofs this sometimes by playing for the crew on the messdeck in his free time).
Motto: Aber dennoch hat sich Bolle Janz köstlich amüsiert...
Stats: (pending)
Spoiler: show
Body: 5, Mind: 5, Soul: 5 {150pts}
Health Points 50
Energy Points 50
Shock Value 10

Occupation: Ensign
Organizational Ties: TCU Military - {Navy} Ensign = Lvl 3 {6pts}
Skill: Piloting [Spacecraft] = Lvl 2 {4pts}
Skill: Military Sciences [Tactics] = Lvl 2 {4pts}
Skill: Electronics [Spaceship] = Lvl 5 {10pts}
Skill: Repairs and maintenance [Spaceship] = Lvl 5 {10pts}
Skill: Navigation [Space] = Lvl 2 {4pts}

-Medical Officer: Dr. Haruki Murasaki, age: 38, nationality: Japan, rank: Lieutenant
A skilled surgeon, but after the death of his wife and children in an accident, he left his home and past behind and enlisted in the colonial fleet. He is known to be very polite and disciplined, but his sad past haunts him every night. He often drinks to forget the loss of his family and is believed to be clinically depressive by parts of the crew. Carries his family sword with him (a katana) and is a skilled swordsman, practice fencing with the crew in his free time and is known for his swordsmanship.
Stats: (pending)

-Assistant Doctor: Dr. Jean Noel, male, French, 25 years old, 1,76m tall, short dark hair, green eyes, polite and friendly.

-Science Officer: Kitty Anderson, age: 24, nationality: USA, rank: Ensign
A 175cm skinny brunette with green eyes, born in New York and new to Cydonia. (pending)

-Com Officer: Seo-yeon Cho, age: 19, nationality: Korean, rank: Ensign
About 1,62m "high" and one of the few crewmembers smaller than the captain, has a skinny figure, long almost pitch black dark hair that is always a bit messy. She is Cydonias communications and cryptology expert, but is a shy and quite person on the other side. She is very intelligent, reliable, disciplined and can speak (or at least understad) most human languages and trade. Is one of the youngest in the crew and fresh out of the academy. Simply called "Cho" by Cydonias crew.

-Chief Engineer: Yoel Abramovic, age: 42, nationality: Russian, rank: ??? [seriously not sure about that]
1,82m tall, broad-shouldered male, with short blond hair. A very experienced engineer and skilled mechanic. Takes his duties very seriously and serves on board Cydonia for a very long time. Is known to be friendly and open minded.

-Nurse Angela Costello, age: 22, nationality: USA, rank: ??? [seriously not sure about that]
1,70m tall, long lightly red-blond hair that is usually made in a pigtail that hangs over her shoulder, freckles on her soft face. She is known to be happy almost all the time, therefore smiling most of the day, tries to ease almost everyone around here and tries to find at least one good thing about every situation she might be in. She is however a soft person and is known to get worried about her friends (that includes most of the crew) very easily.

-Corporal Inga Nordstroem: 1,78m tall and skinny woman from Sweden, with shoulder long, white-blond hair and light blue eyes. Those eyes seem to be so cold, that the air becomes a bit frostier around everyone she looks at. No friend of smalltalk. Called the "Ice Queen" by most of the crew for obvious reasons.

-Lieutenant Ester Mahmoud: Lieutenant in Cydonias "night shift" and of persian decent. 1,65m tall, fair brown skin color and long pitchblak hair as well as eyes. Age: 25

-Ensign Fred de Jong: One of Cydonias helmsmen, works usually in "night shift". Freckles and strawberry blond short hair. Age: 22.

-Soroin Mallas (NPC): spoken name: beinrezei = "copper spear", age: 20, raised on Deinar
She has red hair, that is dressed in a ponytail. She is the "Captain" of the ship (her first command) and is eager to fight, she therefore is not happy about this mission, but knows when to follow orders from superiors. She is known to have a harsh voice and is short tempered, which leads to ongoing disagreements with the Mizol about the chain of command on board the "Argent Fire". She barely escaped the destruction of her ship and was badly injured.
Stats: (pending)

-Mizol Parat (NPC): spoken name: beganenzit = "twilight saber", age 32, raised on Perrein
She has long currly, dark, night black hair, green eyes, born on Perrein and is the commanding officer of Argent Fires diplomatic mission. Proud of herself, a strong telepath and skilled in various forms of interrogation and seduction, she was elected to lead the mission to the home of this strange aliens. Countless trouble with Argent Fires young and stubborn commanding officer made her sceptical that this mission will be a success.
Stats: (pending)

-"Snow" or sometimes called "Snow white": very young, former Umiak prisoner. About 1,40m short, long straight white hair. Very pale, almost white skin. Born blind, her eyes seem to be of a milky, white color. Used for cybernetic and other experiments by her captors. Remnants of that can easily be seen on her body. Reminds the human crew of a very skinny, about 8 year old girl. She seems to have very strong, but raw and untrained psychic powers. Memories of her torment still haunt her in her sleep.

Forum RP: Cydonia Rising
[RP]Cydonia Rising [IC]

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Post Re: [RP]Cydonia Rising (Characters)
Lt Cmdr Hadrid Ferox First officer

"Well, turns out that trying to create something much simpler is, ironically, much more difficult. In the end we are always forced to compromise."

Hadrid was born in 14/12/2136 along with his twin sister Samantha(he is older by 20 minutes) in a small town 'Faragat' on Aldea. From birth he was raised in an atmosphere of equality and respect. His father firstly flag officer and later captain of ECS-102 Pellew, despite the obligations tried to spend with his children all his spare time. Hadrid grew normally and quickly became an independent taking over some household chores and the constant care of his sister.
In 2154 he graduated from the prestigious secondary technical school, showing great skill and promising prepositions. His plans were temporarily halted by mandatory military service, where he spent single year in Marines corps(45th Combat engineers regiment). After the return, seeing no future in a small town he submitted ​​the papers on SMTA(Space military-technical academy). Shortly after recruitment he got on the list of first 10 best cadets.
During those years Hadrid showed high physical and mental efficiencies, passing the stages without much toil. He took active role in many R&D projects which made him "famous" in academy walls. His greatest achievement was new frigate project in which he participated among 40 staff of the academy. During the design, Hadrid invented many unique solutions used in ship's systems which he patented with help of Professor, Ph.D in astrophysics Marcus Wolfgang. Although ship's design received positive opinion it was never build or prototyped. Many say that it was political decision under pressure of earth's lobbyists.
In 2157 he finished his first degree in "Spaceship's mechanical and electromechanical systems" and was promoted to 2Lt Cmdr with recommendation to continue studying at "Tactical Analysis and Bridge operation" additional faculty which he made in 2158.
After the graduation, Hadrid quickly found him self aboard ECS-096 Cydonia, firstly as a second engineer only to be promoted to Flag officer with rank of Lieutenant Commander in 2160.

Important dates
Spoiler: show
Hadrid is born - 2136
Finished secondary school - 2154
Finished Marines corps training - 2155
Finished STM academy with first degree - 2157
Finished STM academy with second degree - 2158
Joins a crew of ECS-096 Cydonia as second engineer - 2158
Promotion to Flag officer - 2160
MIA status of "ECS-102 Pellew" during "Naam incident" - 2160

Basic info
Spoiler: show
Name: Hadrid Ferox
Name meaning, for loroi: ( Wild stone spirit)
Rank: Lt Cmdr (Lieutenant Commander) - O-4
Role: First officer
Rate: Human* Aldean
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Appearance: Tall,athletic
HT: 182cm
WT: 84kg
Hair: Brown Faux hawk
Eyes: Blue
Alignment: LawfulGood
Personality: Friendly and open minded Likes to speak his mind
Hobby: books reading, table war games, manufacture in metal
Religion; Atheist
Politics: Liberal
Flaws: easy to offend (But he quickly forgets mover on.)

Shipboard Feedback
Spoiler: show
Hadrid Ferox service aboard Cydonia as second engineer made him work on every major and less important problems. His friendly attitude and great knowledge made him popular companion for conversations and off duty activities. Since 2160 and promotion to first officer Hadrid become one of most reliable officers at ship's hold. He practices 'open door' policy for all crew members vastly used since first announcement.

"Respectful family background, good schools and good grades. A career that ascended smoothly, and plateaued at flag officer. He's like an old cargo freighter - sure, steady, reliable..." - Cpt. J.Blake, Quarterly staff report(QSR)

Stats (320pt)
Spoiler: show
Body: 5, Mind: 5, Soul: 5 {150pts}
Health Points = 50
Shock Value = 10
Energy Points = 50
Attack Combat Value = 5+1; Defense Combat Value = 5+1; Damage Multiplier = 5 x {Weapon Attack Level} + ACV
- ACV: Unarmed [6+1], Pistols [8+1], Rifles [9+1]
- DCV: Unarmed [6+1], Ranged-Personal [8+1]
Movement {per round} / m {kph}:
* Walk {Body - m/turn} = 5m {Indefinite}; Jog {Body x 1.5m/turn} = 7.5m {long}; Run {Body x 2m/turn} = 10m {moderate}; Sprint {Body x3m/turn} = 15m {short}
* Jump = 2m LT x 1m HT/Back {standing}; 3.75m LT [Body check TN12] {run}
* Swim/Crawl = 1m {long}; Swim/Crawl = 2m {short}

Race: Human {10pts}
{Human-Base} {Lotai 'Untouchable'} Block Power [Source-Psionic: Telepathy, Sixth Sense, Super-senses] = Lvl 5 {10pts}

Occupation: First officer {56pts}
Organizational Ties: ADF Military - {Navy} Lieutenant Commander - OF-3 = Lvl 4 {8pts}
Skill: Piloting [Spacecraft] = Lvl 2 {4pts}
Skill: Military Sciences [Tactics] = Lvl 5 {10pts}
Skill: Mechanic [Spaceship] = Lvl 5 {10pts}
Skill: Electronics [Spaceship] = Lvl 5 {10pts}
Skill: Repairs and maintenance [Spaceship] = Lvl 5 {10pts}
Skill: Navigation [Space] = Lvl 2 {4pts}

Other Attributes: {102pts}
Melee Attack [Unarmed] = Lvl 2 {6pts} Krav maga
Combat Techniques = Brutal = Lvl 2 {6pts}
Melee Defense [Unarmed] = Lvl 2 {6pts} Krav maga
Ranged Attack [Pistols] = Lvl 2 {6pts}
Ranged Attack [Rife] = Lvl 3 {9pts}
Ranged Defense [Personal] = Lvl 2 {6pts}
Attack Combat Mastery {+1 All combat attack rolls - +1ACV per level} = Lvl 1 {10pts}
Defensive Combat Mastery {+1 All combat defensive rolls - +1DCV per level} = Lvl 1 {10pts}
Extra Actions {additional combat actions in one combat turn +1/level} = Lvl 1 {15pts}
Extra Defenses {additional defensive rolls in one combat turn +1/level} = Lvl 1 {5pts}
Skill: Craftsmen [Metal working] = Lvl 2 {2pt}
Skill: Shipwright [Spaceships] = level 5 {5pt}
Skill: Domestic Arts [Cooking] = Lvl 4 {4pt} - Aldean cuisine
Skill: Electronics [Communications, Sensors] = Lvl 2 {4pt}
Skill: Languages [Trade, English-Native, Slavic, Germanic ] = Lvl 3 {4pts}
Skill: Physical Sciences ['Aerospace' Engineering] = Lvl 5 {5pt}
Skill: Research & Development [Mechanical, Electromechanical, Optoelectronic] = Lvl 3 {3pt}
Skill: Quantum Physical Sciences = Lvl 5 {5pt) spent 5xp
Skill: Computers = Lvl 3+2 {10pt} spent 4xp
Skill: Demolitions = Lvl 3 {3pt}

Equipment, only personal one, standard insures not added
Spoiler: show
1. Handgun:
Magnum revolver. The weapon uses a side break action rather than conventional swing-out cylinder for reloading which makes reload faster. Hadrid holds this gun in his locker in his cabin rather that in armory. = Item, Lvl 4 Weapon, <8 pts>
Lvl 1 Range, 50m, effective 25m, <1 pts>, Lmtd Shots - 7rounds [-0];
Amber laser sight = Item, Accurate 2 'Weapon Variable' <2pts>, Detectable-Sight [-1]; Total Cost: {'0' 1pt}
Amber Trijicon sights = Item, Accurate 1 'Weapon Variable' <1pts>, ; Total Cost: {'0' 1pt}
Modular holster(can be fixed at modular systems or used as traditional under arm holster)
5x Fast reloaders

2. Several books, discs with music, films personal photos etc.

3. ... ldari4.png
Hadrid's Gear -[spoiler]Hadrid's 'Custom' Combat Dropsuit - Total Cost: '68' {34pts}
- Armor Lvl 11 'Custom-Fit' "Composite-Plate Hardsuit"{22 [27w/TI, 47 vs Fire, 33 vs Impact/Bullets] pts - Protection} <22pts>
- 'Thermal Insulating' 'Custom-Fit' Armor Lvl 5 {+5pts Protection, +20pts Protection 'fire-only'},
Emphasised - Fire/Incendiary <-2> <8pts>
- 'Shock Resistant Impact Gel Padding' 'Custom-Fit' Armor Lvl 3 {+6pts Protection - Physical Impact/Ballistic-only}, Optimized - Physical Impact/Ballistic <-4> <2pts>
* "Custom-Fit" Armor = Increases Armor +1Level {already figured in}
- Features [Comm-link, Thermal Optics, Tactical H.U.D., Auto-Seal ] <4pts>
- {Light} 'Powered Exoskeleton' Jumping/1 = 3x Normal distances <2pts>
- {Light} 'Powered Exoskeleton' BODY +2 [Unique Restriction: Only for Hand to Hand Dam, Body checks, NOT ACV -5] = +10 Health, +2 Shock, +1ACV{Damage Bonus-only} <15pts>
- Special Defense [Flare <2>, Freezing Cold <2>, Lack of Air <2>, Low Pressure <2>, Radiation <1>] <18pts>
- 'EMU Pack' Space Flight Lvl1 = 100kph <2pts>; Unique Defect - Limited fuel <-1>; <1pt>
* Defects:
Special Requirement = Complex Maintenance, Re-Charge/Refuel [40hrs Power] <-2pts>
Unique Defect"Custom Fitted" = -4 Any actions if worn by anyone not Very close to Hadrid's build and weight <-2pts>

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Post Re: [RP]Cydonia Rising (Characters)
Teidar Sezon Sonnidezi 'Stormrage' <-- Post Color #40BF00
Martial Artist 'Teidar' {Female} [Points 320 ‘393’] / Experience: Earned: 73 / Spent: 58
Position: Expeditionary Squad 1 - {Loroi} Teidar
Background: Born in battle to a famous Loroi Fleet Admiral. Raised to be a solider … only meeting her mother two or three times. Desperately wishes to gain her mother’s respect and notice. Very much needful of love and closeness in her life… something that her duties as a ‘Unsheathed’ have keep far from her. Known to be a somewhat troublesome soldier as her… "hot pants", lecherous drives get her into trouble more often than not. A VERY capable warrior and spectacularly dangerous with her powerful electrokinetic talents!

Description -
Spoiler: show
Spoken name: {Teidar} Sonnidezi 'pronounced So-Knee-day-zee'
Name Meaning: {Storm-Rage}
Caste/Rank: Teidar 'Unsheathed' O3 CPT
Race: Loroi
Gender: Female
Appearance: HT 5'10" {175cm}, WT 135lbs {61.36kg}, Age: 19, Hair - Pale Blonde twin-braids near nape of neck, Eyes - Emerald Green; Beautiful and cat like in grace.
Picture -

Personality: Bold and Passionate. Somewhat rash and tends to deep sexual appetites especially after combat.
Abilities/Skills: Solider – Unsheathed, Martial Arts, 1hd Melee, Firearms-Pistols, Gunnery, Psionic Combat;

Stats: {378pts}
Spoiler: show
Body: 6, Mind: 4 {5}, Soul: 7 {170pts}
ACV = 6; DCV = 6; Dam MP = 5 x {Weapon Attack Lvl} + ACV
- ACV: Unarmed/Pistols/Psionic Attacks [8]
- DCV: Unarmed/Ranged-Personal [8]
- Damage: Psionic Attacks Dam MP 7 {w/Amplifier Weapon level - Dam MP 10 <6 VPP>}; Unarmed Weapon Lvl 2
- Initiative: +6
- Perception: +1 Mind/Body {Perception checks}
Movement {per round} / m {kph}:
* Walk = 6m {Indefinite}; Jog = 9m {long}; Run = 12m {moderate}; Sprint = 18m {short}
* Jump = 2m LT x 1m HT/Back {standing}; 3.75m LT [Body check TN12] {run}
* Swim/Crawl = 1m {long}; Swim/Crawl = 2m {short}
Health Points = 65 {75}
Shock Value = 15
Energy Points = 55 {65}

Race: Loroi {31pts} “Homo Psyche - modified”
Mind +1 {10pts}
Block Power [Source: Psionics; Deplete -3] = Lvl 1 {9pts}
Energy Bonus [+10 Energy Points] = Lvl 2 {4pts}
Mind Shield [Deplete -3] = Lvl 2, +2 Mind, 20pts Mental Armor Rating {1pt}
"Signature Sensing" Sixth Sense [Emotions, Minds; Deplete -3] = Lvl 1, Area {3 Base} [10m r], Range/3 [1km] <+3> {2pts}
"Sanzai" Telepathy [Universal; Deplete -3, Unpredictable -2], Range {2 Base} [100m], Targets {2 Base};
Range/3 [100km] <+2>, Targets/2 [10 persons] <+2> = Lvl 2, +2 Mind, 10 person {5pts +6xp}
+ w/Amplifier: Telepathy = +Lvl 3 {Lvl 5}, +5 Mind <18 VPP>

Occupation: Loroi Teidar {139pts} "Martial Artist - modified"
Combat Technique [Blind-Fighting <2>, Brutal/2 {Unarmed Weapon Lvl2} <4>,
Critical Strike {by 12 2xdam, by 18 3xdam} <2>, Deflection {Ranged Attacks} <2>,
Leap Attack {Higher Intv, +1Dam MP 'miss -3DCV/1turn'} <2> Lightning Reflexes/2 {+6Intv} <4>,
Reflection {1 action - any target in range} <2>] {18pts}
Extra Actions = Lvl 1 {15pts}
Extra Defenses = Lvl 1 {5pts}
Heightened Awareness = Lvl 1 {2pts}
Massive Damage {Psionic Attacks} = Lvl 2 {8pts}
Melee Attack {Unarmed} = Lvl 2 {3pts +3xp}
Melee Defense {Unarmed} = Lvl 2 {3pts +3xp}
Organizational Ties: Loroi Military - Teidar, Sezon Special Forces, Rank O3 CPT “cobalt blue” uniform = Lvl 3 {6pts}

Teidar Psionic Combat Training:
"Electrotelempathy" Computer Scanning [Deplete -3, Unpredictable -2] Range {1 Base} [10cm] = Lvl 2, Lvl+Mind check,
1 meter radius {3pts xp}
- Stormrage has FINALLY learned to parse through the electronic signals emitted by operating CPUs to understand the flow of data in computers and make sense of the data-streams... linking her nervous system with that of computer processors. However the results can be unpredictable.. and she might be subject to malicious virus or malware ...just like the computer she is interfacing with potentially resulting in headaches, loss of short-term memory or unconsciousness.
"TK Flight" Flight [Deplete -3] = Lvl 1, 10kph <+5xp>
Environmental Influence: Electricity [Deplete -3], Area {3 Base} = Lvl 1, 1 Environment - Electricity; +Area/2 '5' [100m r] <+2>, Range/2 [100m] <+2> {3pts}
+ w/Amplifier: Environmental Influence = +Lvl 3 {Lvl 4}, +3 Environments {Magnetism/ Light/ Fire & Heat}; <6 VPP>
”Electro-Static / Telekinetic Shield” Force Field [Deplete -3, Detectible: sight 'arcing lightning'/smell 'ozone' -1]
= Lvl 3, 12pts Armor Rating, Regenerating <+1>, Air-Tight <+1xp>, Area/1 [1m radius] <+1> {7 '8' pts}
"Electrokinetic Senses" Sixth Sense [Electricity, Magnetism; Deplete -3] = Lvl 1, Area {3 Base} [10m r],
Range/3 [1km] <+3> <+2xp>
"Photo-Electric Ion Sail" Space Flight [Deplete -2, Detectable {EM Radar Signature-Large{1} & Visible-Bright 'Light Wings'{2}] = Lvl 2, 1,000kph <+1xp>
- By emitting a large eletrokinetic field Stormrage can erect a solar sail of energy catching free photons and ions from starlight to propel her through the Zero-G of space at significant speeds
Telekinesis [Deplete -3], Range {1 Base} = Lvl 2, 10kg, 100m, Flight 10m/turn {5pts +8xp}
+ w/Amplifier: Telekinesis = +Lvl 3 {Lvl 5}, 10,000kg, 100kg-hurled object {Weapon Lvl2, Range/2 '100m'} <24 VPP>
“Lightning Barrage” Weapon-Primary [Deplete -1] = Lvl 2, Area/4 [30m rad] <+4>, Range/2 [100m] <+2> {9pts}
“Lightning Bolt” Weapon-Alternate [Deplete -1] = Lvl 3, Range/2 [100m] <+2> {3pts ‘half-cost’}
“Lightning Sheath” Weapon-Alternate [Deplete -1] = Lvl 2, Aura/2 <+2>, Area/1 [1m rad] <+1> {3pt ‘half-cost’}
“Electro-Stun” Weapon-Alternate [Deplete -1] = Lvl 2, Area/2 [3m rad] <+2>, Range/1 [10m] <+1>, Stun <+1> {3pt ‘half-cost’}
“EMP Blast” Weapon-Alternate [Deplete -1] = Lvl 2, Range/2 [100m] <+2>, Area/3 [10m rad] <+3>,
Exclusive/1 [Electronic Devices-Only] <-1>, Shieldless <-1> {2pt ‘half-cost’}
“Railgun” Weapon-Alternate [Deplete -1, Detectible -2 {3x Senses: flashy lightning buildup, thunderclap-loud mach speed projectile round, electromagnetic radio distortion/radar return}, Consumable -2 {metal coin or 10mm gauss round}; <(Object) Gauss Rifle -2, Hands-2hd 'Rifle' -1, Backblast-Lv2 -1>] = Lvl 2{4} <4 {8} pts> , Penetrating/3 [-12pts Protection Armor] <+3>, Range/3 [1km] <+3>; Shieldless <-1> {2pts ‘half-cost’ xp}
* TCA Approved Only
- This power can be used 'barehanded' with some small metal coin of "bullet", but is MUCH more effect with a slightly modified Standard Issued TCA Gauss Rifle.. so Sonni would have to have their permission to use one of their Gauss rifles.. slightly modified to use the enhanced damage she could get using a weapon focus for this electrokinetic power.
Ranged Attack {Psionic Attacks} = Lvl 2 {6pts}
Ranged Attack {Energy Pistols} = Lvl 2 {6pts}
Ranged Defense {Personal} = Lvl 2 {6pts}
Skill: Acrobatics [Tumbling] = Lvl 2 {2pts}
Skill: Etiquette [Upper Class] = Lvl 2 {2pts}
Skill: Interrogation [Psychological] = Lvl 1 {2pts}
Skill: Intimidation [Political] = Lvl 1 {2pts}
Skill: Military Science [Strategy, Tactics, Teamwork] = Lvl 2 {2pts +3xp}
Tough = Lvl 2 [+10 health] {4pts}

Other Attributes: {9pts}
Aura of Inspiration = Lvl 2; 1 action to use, Military Science [Teamwork]+Soul [TN# 12], 2/per 'session'
'Military Science - Teamwork' {8pts xp}
+ 'Dramatic Feat' = +1 to Dice Rolls/ per 10 Energy Points spent
+ Resist Fear/Despair = Add Aura of Inspire to Stat Rolls {Vs Fear, Intimidation, morale loss}
Features: Appearance/3 ‘Very Attractive’ {3pts}
Skill: Computer [Artificial Intelligence, Electronic Warfare, Intrusion/Security] = Lvl 2 {2pts +4xp}
- Spending time Dealing with an interfacing with the CHI Station A.I. has given Sonni new insight into Terran datasystems and security systems... how they work and interface.
Skill: Electronics [Sensors] = Lvl 1 {+2pts xp}
Skill: Language [English, Trade Loroi, Sanzai Communication-Native] = Lvl2 {2pts}
Skill: Medical [Emergency Response] = Lvl 1 {+2pts xp}
Skill: Performance Arts [Singing] = Lvl 1 {+1pt xp}
Skill: Piloting [Spacecraft] = Lvl 1 {2pts}
Skill: Seduction [Male] = Lvl 2 {+3 Appearance} {2pts +2xp}
- Sonni has never spent as much time around males of a 'compatible' species than she has onboard the Cydonia.. it has given her a lot of time to ponder how they think and what appeals to them.

Equipment: [ 55pts ]
Spoiler: show
Heavy "Hotshot" Blaster Pistol w/Electrolaser 'stun-setting' = Item, Lvl 4 Weapon <8 pts>, Lvl 2 Range [100m] <2 pts>, Penetrating/2 [-8 Armor Prot.] <+2>, Piercing/1 [-8 Force Prot.] <+1>, Stun [Rec Body in HP/10min] <+1>; Total Cost: {7pts}
Loroi Bioplas Armor = Item, Lvl 12 Armor, 24pts AR, <24pts>; Total Cost: {12pts}

PSI Amplifier Helmet = Power Variation, Lvl 3 {Environmental Influence, Telepathy, Telekinesis, Weapon} - 24 Variation Power Points <VPP>; Total Cost: {12pts}
- Telepathy Can only add 2 Lvls from Psi-Amp, but now Mind Shield Adds +1 Lvl
- Environmental Influence Can now only Add 2 Lvls from Psi-Amp, but Sonni gains a new Weapon Attack...
{Offensive Sending} Weapon-Alternate [Deplete -1, Backlash 'Psychic Trauma' -2 {Soul TN# 12 or double energy cost & possible memory loss, disorientation} ] = Lvl2 <8pts>, Psychic - no Armor/FF <+6>, Range/3 [1km] <+3>, Stun - Cannot kill target only render unconscious <+1>; {8pts ‘half-cost’}
- Variation Power Points <VPP>, reduced to 16points available

Loroi Combat Vacc-Suit = Item, Lvl 15 Armor, 30pts AR <30pts> / Features [Comm-link, UV Optics, Tactical H.U.D., Auto-Seal ] <4pt> / Special Defense [Freezing Cold/2, Lack of Air/2 {10hrs}, Low Pressure/2, Radiation/1] <14pts>;
- 'Custom' POWER 'Taser' GAUNTLETS = Item [Deplete -3], Lvl 0 Weapon, Incapacitating/5 [Body or Soul check - TN9 {-5} or uncon. 1hour] <+5>, Aura/2 <+2>; Total Cost: {24pts}

Defects: {-26pts}
Spoiler: show
Easily Distracted Lecherous [-2]
Easily Distracted Very interested in Humans… especially their 1:1 gender ratio… [-2]
Guy Magnet [-2]
Race{Ism}: Loroi are Mistrusted by the Galactic Society ‘Bad Reputation’ [-4]
Marked: Loroi [-1]
Marked: “Eyes Glow brightly Silver when Psionics in use" [-2]
Nemesis Teidar Sezon Tononinzil ‘Deathwind’, Commanding Officer {Disappointed in her lecherous nature – looking to get her removed from duty permanently} [-1]
Owned: Loroi Military - Teidar {Sezon} [-4]
Recurring Nightmares - Survivor of destroyed Loroi cruiser "Deathwind", decorated for her valor but pained by the loss of close friends from her training lost with the ship and not handling the death of close friends well [-2]
Skeleton In the Closet – Involved in Romantic Relationship with Teidar Malirtin 'Shining-Silver'[-4]
Unique Defect: Proud & Driven – Upholds Loroi honor and superiority demanding respect and obedience by client races, wants the respect & notice of her Mother { Torrai Soshret Lomisonni ‘Bright-Storm’ – Mother, Loroi Admiral Fleet Commander}[-2]

Cydonia Rising Notes -
Spoiler: show
Stormrage Fire Team 'Dark'
Human Marine - Charles Aldridge
Soroin Loroi - Ashe-eyes {color=#808040} - blaster pistol, Yellow Sun {color=#FFBF00} - blaster rifle
Nelopaio Fire Team 'Bright'
Mizol Loroi - Malidasaria
Soroin Loroi - Cloudsong{color=#4000FF} - blaster rifle, Leaping-flame {color=#FF0000} - blaster pistol
Sisto-liper "Snow-White"

Stormrage {Tempest} GURPS:
Spoiler: show

Stormrage {Cydonia} GURPS:
Spoiler: show

Tempest Game -
Spoiler: show
Skills – {12} +30/+20
[spoiler]Defense – 5rk
Firearms – 4rk
Martial Arts – 4rk

Sanzai Skills -
Send/Recieve - 4rk
Mind Shield - 4rk
Signature Detection - 3rk

Advanced Sanzai -
Thought Detection - 4rk
Mind Reading - 4rk
Telekinesis {Electrokinesis} Control – 6rk
Telekinesis {Electrokinesis} Power - 6rk

Languages -
Loroi Trade - 2rk
English - 2rk

Special Abilities {2} / Flaw {1}


Background -
Life Changing Events – {5}
{Childhood} Mother leads leads a Loroi Fleet Element to a significant victory, large shoes to fill and much is expected of Stormrage as she was born in battle.
{Adolescent} Raised to be a Unsheathed warrior intense combat and disciplining
{Adulthood} Achieves ‘Teidar’ rank and assigned to the Loroi war front. Known by her superiors to be of a Lecherous demeanor but is respected as an efficient and capable warrior.
{Tempest Expedition 1} Survivor of destroyed Loroi cruiser, decorated for her valor but pained by the loss of close friends from her training lost with the ship.
{Tempest Expedition 2} Not handling the death of close friends well she indulges in… amorous indiscretions. Reprimanded for her lecherous indiscretions and assigned to Operation: Tempest Expedition

Relationships Goals & Secrets –
{Blood} Torrai Soshret Lomisonni ‘Bright-Storm’ – Mother, Loroi Admiral Fleet Commander
{Romance} Teidar Malirtin 'Shining-Silver' – Close friend {M.I.A.}
{Association} Teidar Sezon Tononinzil ‘Deathwind’, Commanding Officer {Disappointed in her lecherous nature – looking to get her removed from duty permanently}
{Goal 1} Make her mother proud of her and gain her respect and attention.
- She is not even sure her mother knows her name.
{Goal 2} Meet her father and learn his name.
{Secret} Very interested in Humans… especially their 1:1 gender ratio…

Bennies –
General : 3

{Updated - 04/17/2011} - 09:33:00 PM

Tempest Game - 'Teidar' Sezon Sonnidezi 'Stormrage' - Blade Squad / Fire Team {3}
Spoiler: show
Teidar Berairodai 'Crimson-Cloud' [Red Haired] <-- Post Color {FF0000}
- Sanzai: Snd/Rcve 4, MndShld 4, SgntrDtctn 3; Adv. Sanzai: ThghtDtct 3, MndRd 3, TKCon 5, TKPwr 5
{Biokinesis: Psychic Healer 4}
Teidar Remirnelo 'Dark-Sun' [Raven Haired] <-- Post Color {000080}
- Sanzai: Snd/Rcve 4, MndShld 4, SgntrDtctn 4; Adv. Sanzai: ThghtDtct 4, MndRd 4, TKCon 5, TKPwr 6 {Cryokinesis}
Teidar Tininzil 'Silver-Wind' [White Haired] <-- Post Color {80BFBF}
- Sanzai: Snd/Rcve 4, MndShld 4, SgntrDtctn 4; Adv. Sanzai: ThghtDtct 3, MndRd 4, TKCon 7, TKPwr 5


[IC] Deep Strike 'Lt' Kamielle Lynn
[IC] Cydonia Rising/Tempest Sonnidezi Stormrage
[IC] Incursion Maiannon Golden Hair
[IC] TdSmR Athen Rourke

" can't conquer a free man; the most you can do is Kill him."

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Post Re: [RP]Cydonia Rising (Characters)
Listel Saszel Softsapphire
Loroi, Age : 40
Height : 180 cm
Weight : 79 kg
Position : Chief Scientific Adviser
Total 318 Points

"I am soft. We all have failings. Yet, when you make sure NOT to use them, you can create a formidable team."

Spoiler: show

Softsapphire has a pathetic name. When she was born to her Listel mother, nothing strange was to be seen. But as the few years of childhood passed, it was clear to her guardians that she was not geared for anything even remotely related to war. When, at night, she was looking upon the stars, she would wander into the the depths of her memories. During the day, she would look around, touching and feeling everything around here. This was all Listel-like enough. Yet, while she had the Loroi tradition of being straightforward, with every single person she met, she was happy. This made her sound rather dense to everyone, explaining her nickname of old, Softsapphire (what should have been a stone, but failed as soft, and saphir-like, so blue, so of the lowest rank possible).

But her guardians failed to see her potential; She kept the surname, but she proved to be one sharp mind. When she finally was sent to the Academy, she proved to be an excellent scientific researcher. She chose her field discreetly; she decided to study the Loroi telepathic system, wanting to be sure to be able to understand each mind she could touch. Later in her career, she finally released her secret in advancement : "I am soft. We all have failings. Yet, when you make sure NOT to use them, you can create a formidable team." When in the Academy, instead of her general tendency to be empathic with every thing she saw, she always used her strong curiosity to observe everything. Using her indepth knowledge of telepathy, she was quick to see the best of her teammates. This made her an excellent team leader.

She did not rose quickly among her ranks; she was cordially detested by her superiors to be able to use even the most dim of her staff. But after many, many years, she finally reached her current rank, only a few "months" before the unfortunate incident with humaniti.

As a Saszet renowned for her insatiable curiosity, when news came to the Listel board of the incident, she was chosen to meet up with fellow Tozet Eilis to gather any information. She was chosen for many reasons (including one of the most refined knowledge of Sanzai), but Softsapphire knew very well that the foremost reason why she was chosen is to get her out as long as possible so she wouldn't bother anyone else, especially the Elders. But she was still content, as she would have a chance to observe something new, especially humaniti's curious forbidding mind.

She eventually met with Tozet Eilis. That is when she saw her first humaniti. "A male?" did she ask Tozet. "Yes, it seems normal." They exchanged as much detail as possible. During her stay near the human, she also did much observing. Nothing abnormal, unless you count the telepathic blindness. At last, the decision was made to send a diplomatic ship to humaniti. And because of the importance of the mission, they said a Saszet would be necessary. And the obvious choice, again, was Softsaphir, due to everything she knew from Eilis but also her specialization. And, "Sure, I will stay away from your damn councils. At least, I'll get to witness History itself."

She ultimately embarked, after creating her own team, filled with ranks from all sciences possibily relevant to the current diplomatic mission. She herself would be there to understand why the loroi mind cannot detect humaniti mind. And she knew (well, she feels that in any soul she had searched) that this new species probably had an awesome point, and she would be there to make sure the loroi can use it in their struggle. But that last part was her own initiative.

She survived the incident, but not her team...

Character Points Description
Spoiler: show
{40}Body 4
{70}Mind 7
{50}Soul 5

{29}TEMPLATE : Loroi Race
{10}Mind Stat +1
{9}Block Power {Source : Psionics; Deplete -3} Lvl 1
{4}Energy Bonus Lvl 2 [+10 Energy Points]
{1}Mind Shield Lvl 2 {Deplete -3}
{2}Sixth Sence Lvl 1 {Emotions, Minde; Deplete -3, Area 10m, Range 1km +3}
{3}Telepathy (Sanzai) {Universal; Deplete -3; Unpredictable -2; Area 10m; Range 1km +2}
{21}Trained Telepath
{6}Mind Shield +3 Lvl
{15}Telepathy (Sanzai) +2 {Communicate with 10 people at the same time +3}
{9}TEMPLATE : Listel clan
{3}Features {Eidetic memory, Lightning calculato, Speed reading}
{4}Heightened Awareness Lvl 2
{2}Combat Technique (Judge opponent)
{20}TEMPLATE : Listel Saszel
{10}Organizational Ties (Listel) Lvl 5
{10}Wealth Lvl 2 {1M$ worth}
{15}Extra Actions Lvl 1
{3}Ranged Attack Lvl 1 (Blastor pistol)
{3}Melee Attack Lvl 1 (Longsword)
{3}Melee Defense Lvl 1 (Longsword)

{8}Biological sciences (Physiology) Lvl 4
{2}Cultural arts (History) Lvl 2
{1}Etiquette (Upper class) Lvl 1
{8}Interrogation (Psychological) Lvl 4
{4}Languages (English (Alex's dialect), Trade (Loroi), 4 other languages, Sanzai communication)
{4}Performing arts (Musical Instrument, Singing and Public Speech +1) Lvl 3
{8}Physical sciences Lvl 4 (Biochemistry)
{4}Social sciences Lvl 4 (Psychology)

{6}Armour Lvl 6
{3}Ceremonial longsword [Weapon Lvl 3]
{5}Blaster pistor [See BESM guide, Weapon Lvl 4]
{8}Personal Computer [Features (Cellphone, Personal Computer, ID Verifier, Weather Proofing) +4; Supersense Lvl 3 {X-Ray like, 1m range} +6; Supersense Lvl 3 {Infrared, 1km} +6]
{0}Loroi Instrument Music

{-4}Ism (Race) -4 {As Loroi, mistrusted by Galactic Soceity, Bad Reputation; Among Loroi, distrusted for too friendly attitude with non-Loroi}
{-2} Marked (Loroi) -2 {Loroi features, hard to conceal}

la nɔtʀʏltsɪmœ ʀɛv, dɛ ʒã puʀ la pʀɔtɛʒe
nu vœnõ dõkœ dœ tupaʀtu, puʀ ɛtʀœ sa ɡʀãdaʀme
dœ la site pʀɔtɛktœʀ, dœ sœ ʀɛvœ defãsœʀ
ynjõ dœ la fɔʀsœ dœ tus, nu vwasijalɔʀ lɛzɔʀiɔnɪt

- The Chant of A Certain Army

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Post Re: [RP]Cydonia Rising (Characters)
1st Lieutenant Eric Wolffe <-- Post Color
Marine Combat Officer [Points 320]
Position: Close Protection and General Duties Officer, Cydonia Head of Security, 25th Marine Regiment

"Any problem can be solved with the proper amount of force. You just need to work out what kind of force to use and where to best apply it."

Background: Joining the Marines as soon as he left high school, Wolffe entered the military as an NCM and earned his way up from the bottom rung. He learned early the value of discipline, comraderie, and loyalty. He had found his niche in life, claiming that he had never had a bad day in the forces. Wolffe was later deployed for two nine month combat tours.

After coming home from his second tour of duty at the age of 24 Wolffe mustered out of the Corps, taking the opportunity to pursue a higher education with the money he had saved. Taking only three years to secure a degree in Psychology of all things, Wolffe also took the opportunity to study the Orgus and their Trade Language. With a degree in hand Wolffe remustered in the Marines as an officer.

While many of his courses and experiences as an NCM did him no good once in the officer route, he became popular with his subordinates as being understanding and relaxed about the division of ranks. His fluency and knowledge with the Trade Language made him a good candidate for a posting with the Navy, as it was still an uncommon skill among Marine officers. Having been 'one of the guys' for so many years, now 1st Lieutenant Wolffe finds more in common with his men than he does with the big brass he often rubs shoulders with. His recent posting to the Cydonia at the age of 29 is one that he approaches with eager professionalism.

Description -
Spoiler: show
Spoken name: 1stLt Eric Wolffe
Name Meaning: {Honorable Ruler of Beasts}
ERIC; In Scandinavian, the name Eric means- Honorable Ruler. Other origins for the name Eric include - Scandinavian, Danish.The name Eric is most often used as a male name.
WOLFFE; Alternate spelling of Wolf. The wolf was native throughout the forests of Europe, including Britain, until comparatively recently. In ancient and medieval times it played an important role in Germanic mythology, being regarded as one of the sacred beasts of Woden. Wolves are also often depicted as beasts to be feared in early folklore. This name is widespread throughout northern, central, and eastern Europe, as well as in Britain and German-speaking countries.
Call Sign: New to his Command on the Cydonia, 1stLt Wolffe has yet to be given a callsign, and defaults to 'Seven' or his position in the boarding party.
Title/Rank: Marine 1st Lieutenant - O2 1stLt
Race: Human - Earth - Born in a small town in the Canadian north.
Gender: Male
Appearance: HT 5'10" {178cm}, WT 190lbs {86kg}, Hair - Black, Eye - Deep Blue; Average height with a muscular build. Very professional and always well groomed. His right cheek is marked by a long shrapnel scar from his jawline to the bridge of his nose.
Picture -

Personality: Direct, Professional and Dedicated. Believes in leading by example and taking care of his men above all else. Expects others to meet the standard that he has set for himself. He prides himself on the fact that he has never had a Marine killed in action under his command.
Motivation: 1stLt Wolffe is motivated by loyalty to his subordinates, wanting to do right by them and make sure they come home from deployment every time.
Abilities/Skills: Martial Arts-Marine Hand-to-Hand, Melee-Military Sabre, Firearms-Rifles, Firearms-Heavy Weapons, Administration, Tactics

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Post Re: [RP]Cydonia Rising (Characters)
Paiad ("the one who aims"), Doranzer Mazil (virology expert)
Color AA6633

Paiad was always interested more of theory than practical work and within her caste, she fitted better in research than caring patients. So she specialized on area, what would have given work safety without disturbances, but instead she was rewarded with order to get in ship, which was sended to take contact with new found alien race.

She is medium size, though little rounder than most loroi, she has dark grey skin and chocolate colored hair.

Spoiler: show
{50}Body 5
{50}Mind 5 (6)
{50}Soul 5

{29}TEMPLATE : Loroi Race
{10}Mind Stat +1
{9}Block Power {Source : Psionics; Deplete -3} Lvl 1
{4}Energy Bonus Lvl 2 [+10 Energy Points]
{1}Mind Shield Lvl 2 {Deplete -3}
{2}Sixth Sence Lvl 1 {Emotions, Minde; Deplete -3, Area 10m, Range 1km +3}
{3}Telepathy (Sanzai) {Universal; Deplete -3; Unpredictable -2; Area 10m; Range 1km +2}

{6}TEMPLATE : Doranzer Mazil (Virology & Poisons Specialist)
{4}Organizational Ties (Doranzel) Lvl 2
{2}Tough Lvl 2 [+10 HP] {Only against poisons and viruses -2?}

{7}Telekinesis Lvl 1 {Range limited on touch/one inch -1}
{6}Shield Lvl 2 [Defense Bonus +2, Armor 12] {Deplete -3; Requires intense Concentration -4}
{2}Special Movement (Wall Crawling) {Enviromental Restriction: Only in microgravity -2}

{2}Administration (Military) Lvl 2
{2}Artisan (Folding) Lvl 2
{12}Biological Sciences (Bacteria/Viruses) Lvl 4
{6}Computers (Databases) Lvl 2
{3}Languages (English (Alex's dialect), Trade (Loroi), Sanzai communication)
{8}Medical (Diagnosis) Lvl 4
{4}Poisons Lvl 4 (Alien origin)
{6}Police Sciences Lvl 3 (Forensics)
{2}Sleight of Hands Lvl 2 (Stage Magic)

{6}Armour Lvl 6
{1}Magnifying Goggles


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Post Re: [RP]Cydonia Rising (Characters)
Hopefully I didn't screw up too hard. (Also note that I use «guillemets» for telepathy and <chevrons> for unsanzaied thought.)

Mizol Losat Malidasaria (Thoughtvenom) (Post colour: #0087BD)
Spy [Female, 320 pts]
Race: Loroi
Gender: Female
Caste/Rank: Mizol Losat
Position: Expeditionary Squad II - [Loroi] Mizol

«What's mine is mine, and what's yours is negotiable

Appearance: Age 139, 201 cm (6'7"), 90 kg (198 lb), hair: knee-length jet-black ponytail with blood-blue highlights; eyes: left amber, right grey
Background: Malidasaria was born with empathic powers unheard-of to most Loroi, causing her to uncontrollably feel -- or in some cases even project -- the emotions of those around her. Over the years, this has caused "mind burn", a type of mental scar tissue caused by overstimulation of her psychic powers. In order to prevent her empathy making her vulnerable, Malidasaria projects a cold, emotionless, intimidating front and has hardened her mental defences.

Spoiler: show
(190) Stats
(60) Body 6
(70) Mind 7/8
(60) Soul 6/7
Attack CV 7
Defense CV 7
Damage Multiplier 5
Health Points 70
Energy Points 75
Shock Value 14

(65) Attributes
(18) Block Power II (Psionics; Deplete 3)
(10) Mind +1
(10) Soul +1
(6) Organizational Ties III (Diplomat/US E9 SGM equivalent/NATO OR-9 equivalent)
(6) Ranged Attack II (Energy Rifle)
(6) Heightened Awareness III
(3) Telepathy I ("Sanzai"; Universal; Deplete 3; Unpredictable 2; Range 1/10m; Range 3/1km; +1 Mind; 1 person)
(2) Combat Technique I (Steady Hand)
(3) Sixth Sense II (Emotions, Minds; Deplete 4; Area 4/100m; Range 4/10km)

(79) Skills
(3) Administration III (Government)
(6) Computers III (Networks)
(2) Controlled Breathing II (Cyclic Breathing)
(4) Electronics II (Security)
(3) Etiquette III (Upper Class)
(5) Forgery V (Electronic Documents, Paper Documents, Handwriting)
(8) Interrogation IV (Psychological)
(8) Intimidation IV (Political)
(3) Languages III (Telepathy (n), Loroi Trade, English)
(6) Military Sciences III (Hardware Recognition, Intelligence Analysis)
(6) Navigation III (Air, Space, Highway)
(6) Seduction III (Political)
(15) Stealth V (Camouflage, Silent Movement)
(1) Writing V (Technical)
(3) Extra Specializations (6)

(-14) Defects
(-4) Ism (Racism: Loroi)
(-4) Owned (Loroi military)
(-3) Deplete (Psionic; -30 Energy Points or -1 Energy Point/minute)
(-2) Backlash (Psionic; if roll fails by 6 or more)
(-1) Marked (Loroi)

(55) Equipment
(22) Combat Vacuum Suit (Armor XV, AR 30pts, Features: Radio, Special Defense (Freezing Cold, Lack of Air 2/10hrs, Low Pressure/2, Radiation/1)
(12) Loroi Bioplas Armor (Armor, AR 24pts)
(9) Blaster Rifle (Weapon V, Range 3/1km, Penetration 2 (-8 Armor Protection), Piercing 1 (-8 Force Protection), Stun (Recover HP equal to Body stat every 10 minutes))
(3) Katana (Weapon)
(9) Personal Computer (Features: Cellphone, Personal Computer, ID Verifier, Weatherproof; Supersense III (X-Ray, Range 1/10m) +6, Supersense III (Infrared, Range 3/1km) +6

Don't delay, join today!

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Post Re: [RP]Cydonia Rising (Characters)
weight 200
Heavy Built muscular, and weather beaten.
Dark hair, blue eyes.
angular, and rough features. Broken nose, It's obviously been broken more than once from the look of it.

Dry sense of humor, tends to be laid back speaks simply and directly. Sometimes when angry or aggravated it shows plainly for a bit until he reigns it in and returns to his no nonsense. about the only emotion he doesnt try to control is humor, his dry sense of humor and off kilter jokes tend to come out under stress.

Spoiler: show
Okay here is my rough, basically combat, hand to hand combat pilot and drive are his skills,
Built him as a pretty tough guy in a fight which is what i assumed they were looking for in a marine.

If you don't object bought one item... basically a machine pistol, with a stun weapon built into it.

Body 7 70
Mind 5 50
Soul 6 60
Stat total 180
Helth Points: 65
Energy Points: 55
Shock value: 23
Combat value: 6
Defense combat value 6
Attack combat value 12
Melee combat value 15

Combat techniques 8
two weapons
Lethal Blow

Race: Human {10pts}
{Human-Base} {Lotai 'Untouchable'}
Block Power
Telepathy, Sixth Sense, Super-senses]
= Lvl 5 {10pts}

Attack Combat master 6 60
Melle attack 3 12
Attribute Total 90
computer 2 4
Driving 4 8
piloting (spaceship) 4(5) 4
interogations(phys) 2(3) 4
intimidation 4 8

Gaming (card games) 1(2) 1
Languages 4 4
English (free)
Loroi Trade 1 1
military science 2 4

Skills Total 38

Total points spent 319
Including weapon...see below for weapon

machine pistol
Lvl 2 weapon 4
autofire 9
Range rank 2 100m 4

alternate weapon( stun pulse)
Lvl 0
Incapacitating 3 rounds 6 (3 points)
range ranks one 10m 2
total cost 22
Item discounted cost 11

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Post Re: [RP]Cydonia Rising (Characters)
Does he have a name?

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Post Re: [RP]Cydonia Rising (Characters)
D'oh...... :oops:

William Roland Steen
Sergeant Steen I suppose..

I am not sure what his exact rank would be...Suppose that's up to the GM.

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Wasn't there some kind of backgroundstory for that char? I thought you have sended me something like that a while ago.
You wanted to play an Non-commissioned officer, if I remember correctly? The rank could be a bit of a problem, but how does Corporal sound to you? From what I know this is a relativly low rank, I hope thats ok. :?

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Sergeant might be better....

Usually a squad is led by a sergeant...since thees not that many marines on board sergeant would be about right.

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Then, thats fine with me. Please add those informations to your character post. Thanks!

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Name: William Roland Steen "Roland"

He introduces himself with his full name

Father: Edmund Phillip Steen, British, old family very respectable. even headed, thoughtful, a little too by the numbers, serious lack of curiosity.

mother Alexa Redmond Steen, American, Native american family, mostly known for military service, and people ending up in prison. Temperamental, by the book, not much of a sense of humor.

raised on Mars

the combinations of names since it seems to be important to Loroi..means

William = the will to protect
Roland = the Brave land
Steen = Stone

The will to protect the Great land of stone

Background grew up on mars, has spent most of his life dealing with low and now pressures and wearing a protective Suit/vacc suit.

father was an engineer, specializing in Zero Gee construction and engineering. Mother was a Marine pilot.

He attended High school and did two years in college ( engineering prep) on an ROTC ( or equivalent program) scholarship before he was forced to drop school when his mother and father were severely injured in an industrial accident and he had to leave school to help take care of them

Instead of going back to school he Enlisted and served in the ground side forces doing colony security and criminal/rider suppression work.After he had a few live fire situations, and was promoted to First Sergeant and received a few commendations for bravery ( Or calculated stupidity as he puts it.) he applied for and received permission to transfer to the Fleet, and then the scout corp.

receiving training in ship board combat, boarding and seizure, as well as Zero gee and vacuum combat training...he was assigned to the ship to supply a combat experienced NCO, to help wit the day to day end of the job... the Chief gives the orders, the NCOs carry them out and see to the details...

Friendly, dry, sometimes biting sense of humor...punctuated with a few truly dreadful puns.
Calm under pressure, and has a lot of the Keep your chin up approach. If things get bad set yer jaw, square your shoulders and keep going...

Motivations: a desire to see whats beyond the human systems. he's had to suppress his own curiosity most of his life doing what needs to be done, earning a living, doing his duty..he saw the scout corps as a chance to serve his Planet, and satisfy that curiosity...unfortunately the only part of the universe he's seen so far is one isolated system, and the walls of the ship.

Motto:"Officers and Politicians get the credit...we do the work. "

Hand to hand combat
Combat Knives
Can man a heavy weapon if he needs to...probably his cross training would be as a gunner..if needed/allowed
Zero Gee combat
damage control

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Soroin Mallas Nelopaio (Sunbloom)
Background: Born and raised as a Teidar due to her telekinetic potential, Nelopaio hails from Maia, and her family is of no particular note. Since her passage into the ranks proper, Nelopaio has distinguished herself on several occasions, the last of which left an indelible mark in the form of a head injury that rendered her telekinetic abilities dangerously unstable... Having earned enough favor among her superiors, she was transferred to the Soroin caste following her recovery, though she still requires the use of a modified amp that allows her Sanzai to be heard, albeit with an odd undertone. Clashing repeatedly with her captain during her reassignment, Nelopaio was eventually assigned 'staff duties' for nearly a year before a stroke of arguably good luck saw her aboard the Argent Fire...

Spoiler: show
Spoken Name: Nelopaio (Sunbloom)
Caste/Rank: Soroin Mallas (O4 LTCDR equivelent)
Race: Loroi
Gender: Female
Appearance: HT 5'6", WT 94lbs, Hair-White (VERY pale blue, actually), Eyes - Amethyst. She is attractive, with sharp features and hair worn relatively short, with a complicated spiked style.

Personality: Steadfast and calm. Quick thinking and resourceful. Sometimes has a tendancy to read more into what she sees than there actually is. She is rather embarrassed about her 'injury' and actually prefers to speak out loud when possible. She has an extremely melodic, musical voice. By contrast, her modified-amp fed Sanzai has an 'echo' effect to it that other Loroi find disconcerting. Despite her innate stoicism at times, Nelopaio is known to have a playful streak when the mood strikes her, as well as a well developed sense of humor. She is known to adhere to the Barsam religion, and practitions certain varieties of archaic Loroi martial arts.

Spoiler: show
(360 pts. total, 43 equipment, 317 skills and attributes)

(50)Body 5
(60)Mind 6 (7)
(60)Soul 6

(29)TEMPLATE : Loroi Race
(10)Mind Stat +1
(9)Block Power (Source : Psionics; Deplete -3) Lvl 1
(4)Energy Bonus Lvl 2 (+10 Energy Points)
(1)Mind Shield Lvl 2 (Deplete -3)
(2)Sixth Sence Lvl 1 (Emotions, Mind; Deplete -3, Area 10m, Range 1km +3)
(3)Telepathy (Sanzai) (Universal; Deplete -3; Unpredictable -2; Area 10m; Range 1km +2)

(63) Attributes
(8) Organizational Ties IV (Soroin Mallas/US O4 equivalent)
(8) Aura of Inspiration II
(9) Melee Attack III (Unarmed)
(9) Melee Defense III (Unarmed)
(9) Melee Attack III (Dagger)
(9) Melee Defense III (Dagger)
(6) Ranged Attack III (Energy Pistol)
(6) Ranged Attack III (Psionic)
(6) Ranged Defense III (Personal)
(4) Combat Technique IV (Lethal Blow, Lightning Reflexes, Critical Strike, Leap Attack)
(4) Feature IV (Beautiful)
(2) Feature II (Alluring Voice)
(1) Telekinesis II (Deplete -3, Unpredictable -2)

(70) Skills
(3) Administration III (Military)
(4) Area Knowledge IV (Maia)
(6) Computers III (Operations)
(3) Cultural Arts III (Loroi Mythology)
(3) Etiquette III (Upper Class)
(6) Foreign Culture III (Barsam Religion)
(6) Interrogation III (Psychological)
(6) Intimidation III (Personal)
(3) Languages III (Loroi Trade, Barsam, English, Sanzai Communication- native)
(6) Military Sciences IV (Tactics)
(6) Navigation III (Space)
(6) Piloting III (Starships)
(9) Stealth III (Silent Movement)
(3) Wilderness Survival III

(-15) Defects
(-4) Ism (Loroi)
(-4) Owned (Loroi Military)
(-3) Deplete (Psionic; -30 Energy Points or -1 Energy Point/minute)
(-2) Marked (Loroi, very obvious)
(-1) Nemesis (Former commanding officer)
(-1) Unique Defect (Sanzai requires a modified amplifier, giving it a slightly buzzing undertone when used)

Spoiler: show
(43) Equipment
(22) Combat Vacuum Suit (Armor XV, AR 30pts, Features: Radio, Special Defense (Freezing Cold, Lack of Air 2/10hrs, Low Pressure/2, Radiation/1)
(12) Loroi Bioplas Armor (Armor, AR 24pts)
(7) Heavy Blaster Pistol w/ Electrolaser (Weapon IV, Range 100m, Penetration 2 (-8 Armor Protection), Piercing 1 (-8 Force Protection), Stun (Recover HP equal to Body stat every 10 minutes))
(2) Dagger (Weapon)

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Post Re: [RP]Cydonia Rising (Characters)
EDIT: Fixed some errors and made it a lot cleaner looking.

Sergeant Charles ''Charlie'' Aldridge
Writing Color: ( #808000 )

-- Meaning of name --
Spoiler: show
The name Charles is derived from the common Germanic element hari meaning army or warrior.

The Anglo-Saxon name Aldridge comes from the Old English personal name Aldrich, meaning old ruler.

The name would mean; Army or Warrior of the Old Ruler.

-- Basic Information (1) --
Spoiler: show
RACE: Homo Sapien
SEX: Male
RANK: Sargent
BODY BUILD: Very Heavy Build
WEIGHT: 103 kg / 226.6 lb
HEIGHT: 184 Cm / 6.5 Feet
FACIAL STRUCTURE: Square jaw with a hard face
ETHNICITY: Caucasian
HAIR COLOR: Dark Brown
HAIR STYLE: Close cut

-- Psychological Profile (2) --
Spoiler: show
RELIGION: Christian

Psychological Profile: Ethical-Sensory Intratim - ISFj
Charlie is at heart an idealist, he seem to always see the best in people. This however has lead him to having a few bad experiences with people of dubious intentions leaveing him with trust issues around new people. Charlie is incorrectly perceived as cold due to the fact he makes friends slowly because he is so shy around new people. He tends to trust anyone new rather slowly and has trouble making new friends. Once trust and by extension friendship is established however, Charlie would endure any torment or hardship for his friends.

Charlie enjoys the stability provided by military life, this is due to his father having made such an impression on him. He is likely to stay a career soldier for the rest of his life.

Charlie actively dislikes been in command, this is also due to is father whom Charlie followed like a good soldier. This fact of that Charlie displayed small amounts of indecision over while commanding larger forces kept Charlie out of Officer programs. This indecision, however doesn`t net seem a factor when Charlie is leading smaller Squad sized units.

Charlie intensely dislike bullies, Officers whom abuse their power. Those hurt physically or Psychologically others.

Charlie strives to be the good guy and often goes the extra mile to keep people happy.

-- Statistical Information (3) --
Spoiler: show
STATS (3-a): 170
SKILLS (3-b): 75
ATTRIBUTES (3-c): 23
FEATURES (3-e): 2

-- STATS (3-a) --
Spoiler: show
MIND: 7 (70)
BODY: 5 (50)
SOUL: 5 (50)


-- SKILLS (3-b) --
Spoiler: show
Area Knowledge III: ECS-096 Cydonia (3)
Artisan I: Metal working (2)
Boating I: Small Boats (2)
Biological Sciences I: Human Physiology (2)
Computers IV: Software - Hardware - Databases - Security - Networks (8)
Demolitions III: Bomb Disposal (3)
Driving II: AFV - Car - Motorcycle - Small Truck (4)
Electronics IV: Shipboard network maintenance and repair (8)
Etiquette III: Affluent family - Upper Class (3)
Languages III: English - Afrikaans - Xhosa - Trade (3)
Mechanics III: Spaceship repair (6)
Mechanics II: AFV repair (4)
Medical II: Emergency Medical Response (4)
Military Sciences II: Infantry Tactical Training (4)
Navigation I: Space (2)
Physical Sciences III: Mechanical Engineering (6)
Piloting I: Loroi Shuttle (4)
Wilderness Survival I: Hazardous conditions survival training (1)
Climbing I: Walls/Repelling (2)
Stealth I: Camouflage (3)
Swimming I: Scuba (1)


-- ATTRIBUTES (3-c) --
Spoiler: show
Organisational Ties II: TCA: Sergeant (4)
Tough I: Add +5 to HP (2)
Lotai V: Block Power: Source-Psionic; Telepathy, Sixth Sense, Super-senses (10)
Combat Technique II: Brutal (4)
Wealth III: Three Million Colonial Pounds (3)


-- COMBAT SKILLS (3-d) --
Spoiler: show
Gun Combat IV: Infantry Weaponry (12)
Ranged Defense IV: Tactical Training (12)
Unarmed Attack IV: Boxing (12)
Unarmed Defense IV: Boxing (12)
Attack Combat Mastery I: Marine Combat training (10)
Defensive Combat Mastery I: Marine Combat training (10)


-- FEATURES (3-e) --
Spoiler: show
Light Sleeper I: Easily woken by noise (1)
Speed Reading I: Faster than normal reading speed (1)


-- Backround Information (4) --
Spoiler: show
Born into an upper affluent family in the year 2136 on the 13th of October, Charles was the first born of Christopher and Anglea Aldridge.
The Aldridge family could trace it`s lineage to French nobility. In the early 1900s the Aldridge family arrived in South African. The Aldridge family made their original fortune as a mining company, later to invest in construction and land development. The family wealth has only grown in the years. The Aldridge family has always had a militaristic sense about them, there has been at least one soldier in the family since arriving in South Africa.
Charlie`s farther Christopher Aldridge, a Lieutenant-General at Dequar Headquarters in Pretoria, afforded the very best education for Charlie.

At age 7 he was found to be possessed of slightly above average learning speed, his sister Amy was born a that year. Even from a early age Charlie was very protective of his sister.

By age 14 he was bought forward a grade having already mastered English, Afrikaans and Xhosa as well as being gifted with computer systems. Charlie took a very broad spectrum of subjects. He also took up the family sport Boxing.

Two additional languages: Afrikaans and Xhosa
Mechanical Theory
Information Technologies
Biological Sciences
Military History

By age 17 he graduated with distinctions in Applied Computer Theory, Mathematics and Physical Sciences.

Soon after he enlisted in the South African National Defense Force and was soon found to excel in BASIC Training. He was moved out of BASIC to South African Armored Corps, and trained on IFV operation and repair.
Charlie also continued boxing while in the SANDF and by the end of his term of three years service he was extremely good.

Once his three year Military service was completed he was given a paid scholarship to the prestigious University of Pretoria as he had served a full term his education was fully sponsored by the government.
He earned his Bachelor's degree in both Applied Computer Theory and Mathematics.
Charlie set his sights on the TCA, perhaps the most prestigious force in human history. If he could get in there he would be among the best humanity had to offer.
Charlie`s farther used someone his political connections get him noticed by a TCA recruitment scout, this however did not guarantee selection just got Charlie the chance. Charlie did make it through the gruelling selection process.
Charlie was accepted and taken to a TCA Luna base for Low Gravity combat training and later Micro Gravity combat training, then later trained as a Combat Marine. Charlie was assigned to the ECS-096 Cydonia because of his flexibility, wide skill set and high intelligence.

-- Family (5) --
Spoiler: show
Farther: Christopher Aldridge, a Lieutenant-General at Dequar Headquarters in Pretoria. A very good officer, and leader of men. He had an open door policy and cared about his men. As a farther, he was caring and a good provider. Charlie got most of his sense and morals directly from his farther. Stern and yet forgiving, Charlie learned a lot from his farther. How to entertain important guests and etiquette, military sciences and theory and most of all a Chivalry sense. Charlie tried most in his life to make his farther proud.

Mother: Angla Aldridge, a tax account for the South African Revenue Service, a loving mother and excellent teacher. Charlie`s progress from a early age was influenced by his mothers skill with numbers, giving him later in life a much better start. Charlie`s gentler side is said to come from his mother.

Sister: Amy Aldridge, 7 years younger and still in school. Charlie is very protive of her, and would go to any lengths to help his baby sister.

-- Certifications and Training (6) --
Spoiler: show
High School Distinctions:
Applied Computer Theory
Mechanical Theory

Other subjects
Two additional languages: Afrikaans and Xhosa
Biological Sciences
Military History

BASIC Infantry Training
Hazardous conditions survival training: Jungle and Veld
Emergency Medical Response training

South African Armored Corps:
Operation and repair of IFVs
Trade license: Engineer`s assistant

Licenses acquired:
A1 ( Motor bike )
EB ( Light motor car )
Military Licenses acquired:
EC1 ( Truck under 16000 kg )
FA2 ( Forklift )
IFV ( Infantry fighting vehicle )

University of Pretoria:
Bachelor's degrees:
Applied Computer Theory

Terran Colonial Authority:
Low Gravity combat training
Micro Gravity combat training
Trade Language ( Written and spoken )
In-Ship combat training
Hazardous conditions survival training: Full Vacuum and Low Pressure Environments
Basic damage control operations

-- Personal Equipment (7) --
Spoiler: show
Nexus data storage and reading device
Titanium Ring inscribed with "C. Aldridge" and "the II" inscribed at a later date right next to C. Aldridge.

No sorcery lies beyond my grasp. - Rubick, the Grand Magus

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I think you have forgotten his rank or did I miss anything?

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Suederwind wrote:
I think you have forgotten his rank or did I miss anything?

My mistake, I'll correct it at once.

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No problem! :)

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Post Re: [RP]Cydonia Rising (Characters)
Well charlie Looks like Roland has found a good sparring partner :D

How bout a round down in cargo bay four after all this settles down.

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Dragoon wrote:
Well charlie Looks like Roland has found a good sparring partner :D

How bout a round down in cargo bay four after all this settles down.

From one Sergeant to another, lets get this face punching started!

Once everything is relatively calm, we'll show off to the ladies...

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Hi, let me introduce my character. I'll jump into the game momentarily.


1st name: Ctirad (of ancient Slavic origin, means “honourable advice”, pronounced roughly as TSTI-raad)
Surname: Black (anglicised because the character is annoyed by people mangling the original ‘Černý’. Prefers to be addressed as “Mr. Black” or simply by his rank).
Race: Human
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Central European
Appearance: 187 cm tall, a bit lanky, short medium brown hair, green eyes, longish face, thin goatee.
Rank: Lieutenant (Junior Grade) in the Scout Corps
Colour: 804080

Motto: "I'll accomplish great things if the others just leave me alone."

Born in Bohemia, Earth, to middle class parents. Showed signs of genius-level intelligence very early on in his life, which opened him doors to elite schools and, later, universities. After earning multiple doctoral degrees from various European universities, he was invited to join the TCA Academy. He took the opportunity since it was the easiest way to get to space where he thought he could put his education to a good use. He first served in the Terran Scout Corps, where he proved to be an effective scientist; however, his dismissive and slightly arrogant attitude toward people of lesser intellect often led him to conflicts with his superiors and he received a few reprimands. In the end, the Scout Corps was more than happy to “lend” Black to the Colonial Navy for the duration of the Cydonia’s mission.

Personal advantages:
‘Genius’ - PhDs in astrophysics, planetology, xenobiology, and comparative linguistics; lesser degrees in history, literature, and cultural studies.
Speaks fluent Trade, very apt at learning languages;
Eidetic memory.

Personal disadvantages:
Introverted and shy (especially around females);
Arrogant (tendency to nitpick, lecture others, and ignore the authority of people whom he considers intellectually inferior);
Geeky, passionate about science (he readily ignores rules when he deems them too obstructive to his research objectives).

Position on Cydonia:
“Science specialist”. Due to his primary affiliation with the Scout Corps, the crew of Cydonia is suspicious of him, and his personality has won him few friends. Mostly keeps to himself in the science lab. Although he holds an officer rank, he is outside the standard chain of command and his authority, if any, is derived from Cpt. Blake, who has so far tried to accommodate him (partly due to the fact that there was little else to do for the past 3 months than run scans of the system and study its planets).


Character stat sheet (WIP):

Spoiler: show

(160) Stats:
(40) Body – 4
(70) Mind – 7
(50) Soul – 5

Derived Values:
Combat Attack Value: 5
Combat Defence Value: 5
Damage Multiplier: 5
Health Points: 45
Energy Points: 85 (60+25)
Shock Value: 9

(49) Attributes:
(10) Race: Human
(20) Enhanced [Mind +2]: Genius
(10) Energy bonus: Workaholic – Lvl 5
(3) Features: Eidetic Memory, Speed Reading, Lightning Calculator
(6) Organisational Ties: Scout Corps – Lvl 3
??? (53) Unknown power {I really don’t know what to do with the remaining points…}

(58) Skills:
(4) Biological Sciences: Xenobiology – Lvl 4
(6) Computers: Programming – Lvl 3
(4) Cultural Arts: History – Lvl 4
(4) Cultural Arts: Literature – Lvl 4
(6) Electronics: Sensors – Lvl 3
(2) Gaming: Computer Games – Lvl 2
(4) Language: Trade – Lvl 4 (Fluent)
(6) Medical: Pathology – Lvl 3
(4) Navigation: Space – Lvl 2
(5) Physical Sciences: Astronomy/Astrophysics – Lvl 5
(5) Physical Sciences: Planetology – Lvl 5
(5) Social Sciences: Linguistics – Lvl 5
(3) Writing: Academic – Lvl 3

(-7) Defects:
(-1) Red Tape: “Science officer” on board a military vessel
(-2) –ism: Geek/nerdy
(-2) Phobia: Social, doesn’t like to be among too many people
(-2) Skeleton in the Closet: Still a virgin :-D

(7) Items:
(15) Hazmat suit

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Post Re: [RP]Cydonia Rising (Characters)
Victor_D wrote:

(-2) Phobia: Social, doesn’t like to be among too many people
(-2) Skeleton in the Closet: Still a virgin :-D

I too detest crowds, as for your skeleton I would point out to have a skeleton you would need to have bones; in this case you have a lack of bones/boneings.

And yet, this mildly deterring lack of luck haunts me.

No sorcery lies beyond my grasp. - Rubick, the Grand Magus

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Post Re: [RP]Cydonia Rising (Characters)
Mr. Black will be a good foil to Softy :P

la nɔtʀʏltsɪmœ ʀɛv, dɛ ʒã puʀ la pʀɔtɛʒe
nu vœnõ dõkœ dœ tupaʀtu, puʀ ɛtʀœ sa ɡʀãdaʀme
dœ la site pʀɔtɛktœʀ, dœ sœ ʀɛvœ defãsœʀ
ynjõ dœ la fɔʀsœ dœ tus, nu vwasijalɔʀ lɛzɔʀiɔnɪt

- The Chant of A Certain Army

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Post Re: [RP]Cydonia Rising (Characters)
Oh gods... :lol:

Sat Feb 02, 2013 10:20 am
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